LETTERS to the editor – לעטטערס צו דער רעדאַקטאָר


Constantly Informative with just enough shpitsn! Kopjik is number one jewish journal on the Internet! Thank you for the fun! I love the magazine! “

Stuart Cohn (23. feb. 2010)

From: Zackary Berger 3. dec. 2009.


For technical reasons (our Yiddish printer is on vacation) we had to publish this letter in a rather small size –

you can make it readable by pressing the two keys CTRL and + a number of times (4-5).  (But using a HD LCD-

screen would not harm either.)

From: Zackary Berger 15. dec. 2009.


Comment on a header

One of our users, lets call her SM have on August 6, 2010 while viewing “DI GANTZEH MEGILLEH” commented on our header for the month of August:

“Your site is so full of such great info!

I just don’t think I can continue using it, though.

Call me a prude, but the header image is very offensive to me.”


‘The offensive header’.



Dearest SM.

We didn’t know of course that you was one of our devoted users – and unless you had told us we wouldn’t have known that you had left us either. Now when we know it –  it is maybe to late to answer your complain?

But you deserve an answer. And we do answer your comment anyway, although the answer may become “A GANTZEH MEGILLEH”:


First of all we don’t want to call you a prude – איר האט ס שוין געטאן   עס ס ניט געדארפט .

Secondly we are indeed very sorry that you are no longer among the fast growing number of users of our free info!

Thirdly we are sorry if our present header have affronted you. We did not do this by intention!

On the contrary we expected this header would be instrumental in bringing about “a stimmung fun sumr”, wellness and relaxation in connection with the present season of vacations.

We strongly opposes censorship and self-censorship of any kind on KOPJIK INTERNATIONAL DAILY YIDDISH Edition. We do defend freedom of speech and freedom of information as part of the democratic essentials. Therefore we are not going to censor our header of august 2010 or any other illustration.

Censorship, which is the negation of free speech and freedom of information, is a violation of the fundamental human rights that we are all born with and nobody can deprive us off. Free speech may be felt offending or affronting by someone sometimes. But censorship is offending to the rights of everyone everywhere, poison to democracy and harmful to any society.

We do regularly change our header (at least once a month and sometimes several times a week) and hereby show some of our former headers, in random order:















Although it have never been intended we suppose that all of our headers have offended someone somewhere – and hopefully been appreciated by someone somewhere else too.

Artistic freedom is a part of the concept of democracy too,  just as freedom of speech and freedom of information.

By the way we could hardly think of any header that will not offend someone somewhere. If not a Jew, a Catholic, a Protestant, a Calvinist, a Hindu, a Pagan, a Baha’i’an, a Buddhist, a Confusianist, a Taoist – then one of the 1.5 billion Muslim’s who are so sensitive and almost everyday claim to be offended nowadays.


In a free society YOU do of course have the option and the פרייַהייַט (LIBERTY) to stop using KOPJIK INTERNATIONAL DAILY YIDDISH Edition – but WE, as citizens in a free society, will defend OUR right and OUR פרייַהייַט (FREEDOM) to publish what we find relevant and useful to ‘di iddishe velt’. The preservation 0f free speech, information freedom and artistic freedom is what will after all benefit ‘di iddisher velt’ as such.

On this international internet site and on the sub-internet site of KOPJIK-Denmark we will not imitate the different kind of Fascists (banning music, hair-cuts, skin, words, pictures  etc.), wherever they are terrorizing local people and whatever fancy names they call themselves to hide that they are nothing but fascists …

On the contrary, we will strive to defend and widen the פרייַהייַט (FREEDOM) of people, and to strenghten the LIBERTY and EQUALITY of Jews all over the world and within the Jewish communities  –  thereby furthering what we consider to be true ‘YIDDISHKEYT’.

And feel FREE always to start using KOPJIK INTERNATIONAL DAILY YIDDISH Edition again, as soon as you find another header placed on top of KOPJIK INTERNATIONAL DAILY YIDDISH Edition that do not offend you!

Schanah tovah!

The editors

PART #1      PART #2     PART #3

One comment

  1. I would like to read your story, and I enclosed my password I alway use, but it was rejected pleas tell me why?

    Some pages on KOPJIK INTERNATIONAL are password-protected because
    they are not yet fully finished and they will be inaccessible for you as long as they are under construction (maybe still just ½ finished) or re-construction. The needed password is of course NOT your password,
    but a password of KOPJIK INTERNATIONAL that you will not know or get to know while they are under construction.

    Some pages – still under construction – have anyway been made accessable even though they are not fully finished – or even just started – because we thought that they might be read as they are in spite of
    the missing parts. But as said – others may not yet be fit for reading yet.
    We strive to make all the pages at least bi-lingual (preferable in English and Yiddish). If either the English or the Yiddish text is still missing because our limited translation resources (they are all originally written in Danish) the pages might be closed (password-protected) for that reason as well although the content may be complete in either English or Yiddish. But you may sometimes be able to read pages where parts of it is missing Yiddish or English translation, since we always try to publish the pages as fast and as early as possible.

    Therefore as soon as the page is finished – or that we consider it fit for reading and in a stage where it can be viewed it will become published and accessible to you without any use of a pass-word.

    Be patient, some pages may have a very long production time due to either the complexity of the planned content or to our scarce ressources,
    limited budget (= 0 $ and 0 €) and our need to have just a few hours of sleep at nights.

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