A kleyne mogendovid



The summer programme will offer students intensive language courses
catering to the elementary and intermediate/advanced levels. Language
classes will be predominantly conducted in Yiddish. The morning classes
will be complemented with a broad range of language enrichment activities
including :

– Singing workshop with Shura Lipovsky
– Recitation workshop with Rafaël Goldwaser
– Lectures on specialised subjects
– Yiddish film
– Visit to Jewish sites (museum, synagogues, monuments).

Our teaching staff includes professors from Belgium, France and England :

– Helen BEER    University College, London, University of London
– Yitskhok NIBORSK,Y    INALCO – Paris
– Sonia DRATWA-PINKUSOWITZ,  Institut d’Etudes du Judaïsme – ULB
– Annick PRIME-MARGULES, Maison de la Culture Yiddish  , Bibliothèque
Médem, Paris

The cost for the two-week program is 450 euros (or 320 euros for full time
university students). As places are limited, only applications with full
payment will ensure participation in the programme.

Applications must be received no later than June 15th 2014 and sent to the
following address :

Institut d’Etudes du Judaïsme
Séminaire Yiddish
17 Av. F. Roosevelt
B- 1050 Bruxelles

*iej@ulb.ac.be <iej@ulb.ac.be> *
Payments should be made to the following banc account :
Bank ING : BE29 3101 5185 1364

For further information, please contact:
Institut d’Etudes du Judaïsme – ULB
Séminaire Yiddish
17 Av. F. Roosevelt, B- 1050 Bruxelles
Tel: 00 32 2 650 33 48 – Fax: 00 32 2 650 33 47
*iej@ulb.ac.be <iej@ulb.ac.be> *internet:
<http://www.ulb.ac.be/facs/philo/judaisme> *
Name :
Address :
Country :
Phone & Fax :
E-mail :
Please include a brief description of your previous exposure to Yiddish
on a separate page :


Drey mogendovidlach (mikro)

Shabbat services are held twice a month, with both Friday night and Saturday morning services. Our aim is to make everyone feel at home, whatever their knowledge of Hebrew or of attending services elsewhere. In short, our keywords are ‘welcome’ and ‘inclusiveness’. No Jewish event is complete without food, so our Friday night services are followed by kiddush and dinner. Everyone brings a dish to share. Visitors are welcome. Services begin at 7 p.m. Shabbat morning services retain the traditional structure. Most start at 10 a.m. They include a study of the weekly torah portion, either through discussion or the sermon. Services are designed to be inclusive and encourage members of all ages to participate. They provide good training for our bar and bat mitzvah students. The IJC celebrates the main Jewish festivals, not only Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Services remain informal; participation and questioning are encouraged. Children are well catered for with special activities. On Purim and Chanukah, the community gathers for large celebrations. It also holds a communal seder at Passover.

Devrait venir bientôt !

Zal spoedig komen!

Coming soon!

באַלד קומענדיק

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