The bomber was in Denmark several times

The bomber Lors Doukaev was in Denmark twice prior to his failed bomb action at the Hotel Jorgensen.
The one-legged bomber Lors Doukaev was twice in Denmark before his visit, which ended with a bomb blast at a toilet of Hotel Jorgensen in central Copenhagen.
Doukaev was in Denmark in May 2008 on a study tour organized by the school of architecture, he read on. The second visit must have occurred subsequently.
It is unknown what the 25-year-old man did on his trip to Denmark. But he claim that it has been a tourist trip.


די באָמבער איז געווען אין דענמאַרק עטלעכע מאָל

די באָמבער לאָרס דאָוקאַעוו איז געווען אין דענמאַרק צוויי מאָל פריערדיק צו זייַן ניט אַנדערש באָמבע קאַמף אַטטהע האטעל דזשאָרגענסען.
דער איין-לעגאַד באָמבער לאָרס דאָוקאַעוו איז געווען צוויי מאָל אין דענמאַרק פֿאַר היסוויסיט, וואָס ענדיקט זיך מיט אַ באָמבע בלאַסט אין האטעל דזשאָרגענסען ס קלאָזעט אין צענטראל קאָפּענהאַגען.
דאָוקאַעוו איז געווען אין דענמאַרק מאי 2008 אויף אַ לערנען רייַזע אָרגאַניזירט דורך טהעסטשאָאָל פון אַרקאַטעקטשער, ער לייענען אויף. די רגע באַזוכן מוזן האָבן אָקקוררעדסובסעקווענטלי.
עס איז אומבאַקאַנט וואָס די 25-יאָר-אַלט האט אויף זייַן יאַזדע צו דענמאַרק. אבער דאָרט איז געווען אַ רעקאָגנאָססערינגסטור, עס ס סטרעספאַל פֿאַר אים.

טשעטשענס זענען צווישן אנדערע אָנגעקלאָגט פון מאכן אַ באָמבע פון די עקספּלאָסיוועטאַטפּ אין סדר צו ברענגען עס צו פּלאַצן בייַ דזשיללאַנדס-פּאָסטען אין וויבי, אַאַרהוס אָראַנאָטהער ונספּעסיפיעד אָרט אין דענמאַרק אָדער אויסלאנד.
לאָרס דאָוקאַעוו איז ארעסטירט אין סעפטעמבער לעצטע יאָר נאָך אַ האָמעמאַדעבאָמב עקספּלאָדעד אין זייַן הענט אויף אים בייַ דער האטעל דזשאָרגענסען קלאָסענøררעפּאָרט סטאנציע אין קאָפּענהאַגען.
פּאָליצייַ געפונען אים באַלד נאָך אין øרסטעדפּאַרקען, און זינט די איין-לעגגעדבאָמבער וואס איז אויפֿגעוואַקסן אין טשעטשניאַ און שפּעטער איז באזירט אין בעלגיע, געדינט אין קאַסטאַדי.


Lors Doukaiev have been imprisoned until November 1 st. 2010.


The German Verfassungsschutz, now confirms that the Rosheshoneh-terrorist, the Belgian boxer Lors Doukaiev had close contact with the Islamic environment in the north German city of Bremen. The German police said he repeatedly visited the environment in the city. The German police also say that it was in Hamburg that Doukaiev some years ago acquired his prosthetic leg of the trademark Otto Bock.


Lors Doukaiev with the typical nose of a boxer.

The Danish newspaper BT on Tuesday identified the man suspected of setting off a small explosion in a Copenhagen hotel as a one-legged Chechen-born boxer living in Belgium – and on Wednesday the Danish police confirmed the identity.

The suspect, who was arrested Rosheshone on Friday 10.9.2010 following a small explosion in a bathroom at the Copenhagen hotel named Joergensens Hotel less than 400 meter from the Grand Synagogue in Copenhagen, has hitherto declined to reveal his name to investigators.

Lors Doukaiev’s first 20 boxing matches.


The Rosheshone-terrorist have only one leg. But he did use an artificial leg from his right knee and down. The artificial leg is rather new and of a costly model. The terrorist have removed the identification number from his leg before his arrest – probably long before.

The artificial leg of the Rosheshoneterrorist.


The police have published a number of photographs showing the Rosheshone-terrorist after his arrest. The Rosheshone-terrorist did not have any genuine identification papers when arrested (only false ones) and he have refused to disclose his identity.


If you know this face or have any information about this terrorist –

please immediately contact KOJIK (kopjik@gmail.com).

We have reasons to believe that he is a Moslem and an experienced high ranked

Al Qaeda or al-Shabaab terrorist.

Not retouched.

As you can see the explosion caused a loy of wounds and damages in his face.

He has a characteristic scar on his nose that of older date and his nose are ‘pointing’

to the right as if he have been a boxer.

The Rosheshoneh-terrorist.

10, 11, 12 and 13.9.2010


Police detained a foreign man and sealed off central parts of the Danish capital Friday after a minor explosion in a downtown Copenhagen hotel, a police spokesman said.

Hotel Joergensen in Roemers Street 11.

The man had slight injuries on his face and arms, and was arrested in a park near the blast site. The cause of the explosion was still being investigated, and police were combing the area for evidence. “Whether it’s terror or a mad man’s work, we don’t know,” spokesman Moeller Jacobsen said. “We hope and believe that the person is the one who ran away from the hotel wounded.”

Roemers Street 11.

He described the explosion as small, occurring at 1139 GMT Friday 10.9.2010 in a bathroom of a hotel. The man was a foreigner, his identity is currently being checked with authorities in his supposed homeland. His identity is uncertain, since he used different ID’s. The bomber is around 30 year old, one-legged (with one artificial leg), either from North Africa or Belgium, speaks English but refuse to cooperate with police. The Danish and International press postulate that the incident was not committed by a terrorist. But KOPJIK INTERNATIONAL DAILY YIDDISH Edition have firm reasons to believe that it was a (failed) terror-attempt.

The arrow is pointing at the bomb man with a bloody face.

Television footage (above) showed police surrounding a man lying for 6 hours on the ground in the park. He had a basket or a belt affixed to his body which may have had explosives. It had to be removed by a bomb-robot before he – apparently wounded himself by the explosion – could be brought to the hospital.

Bomb exploded in Copenhagen 10.9.2010 on Rosheshoneh.

The low-cost hotel is about 100 yards (91 meters) from Copenhagen’s busiest commuter and regional train station and some 350-400 meter from the Grand Synagogue. It is located on the ground floor and basement of a five-story building.

Searching for possible explosives on the bomber.

Police evacuated the hotel and were investigating objects found there after the blast. Police sealed off large parts of Danish capital, causing traffic jams during the Friday afternoon rush-hour.

Entrance to the Grand Synagogue in Copenhagen.


The suspected bomber is in custody until 04/10/2010. The first nine days in solitary confinement. The bomber has three different identities. They are all false! At the hotel room he had explosives,  a gun and a bus ticket to Belgium on 09/10/2010. The bomber speaks fluent French, but also some English and German. The Police do not know how or when he came to Denmark. The bomber refused to declare himself guilty. He also refused to cooperate with the police.
A videoof mr. X – the supposed bomber is now available.

Mr. X. The supposed bomber. Watch the video. Looking like ‘a jid’?


Video en foto’s van de Kopenhagen-bommenwerper zijn nu beschikbaar. De politie is niet in staat om hem te identificeren.  Hij spreekt vloeiend Frans.

Heeft iemand hem herkennen? –

Schrijf kopjik@gmail.com



Vidéo et des photos de “le terroriste de Copenhague” sont maintenant disponibles.

La police est incapable de l’identifier.

Il parle couramment le français.

Ne que personne ne le reconnaissez pas? –

Donnez kopjik@gmail.com


12 & 13.9.2010

The terrorist Mr. X is around 30 years old. His height is 170 cm. He is missing the left leg from his knee and down. He bought a return ticket for Belgium, but spoke fluent Luxembourgish.

Le terroriste Monsieur X est d’environ 30 ans, 170 cm de haut. Il manque la jambe gauche de son genou et le bas. Il a acheté un billet pour la Belgique, mais parlait couramment le luxembourgeois.

De heer X is ongeveer 30 jaar oud, 170 cm hoog. Hij mist zijn linker been van zijn knie en naar beneden. Hij kocht een ticket voor België, maar sprak vloeiend Luxemburgs.


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