Yiddish in POLAND



The Shalom Foundation, Centre for Yiddish Culture ul. Andersa 15 St. 00-159 Warsaw proudly announces: The 10th International Summer Seminar in Yiddish Language and Culture Warsaw, 2–20 July 2012.

Submerge yourself in our intensive Yiddish summer course and a variety of language-related activities in our newly opened, modernly equipped Yiddish Center. Participate in a wide range of afternoon cultural events, lectures and workshops. Discover the pre- and postwar history of Yiddish culture in Poland. Get to know contemporary Jewish life in Poland. Meet native Yiddish speakers from Poland and learn their stories. Visit the once vibrant center of Yiddish culture. Explore the resources of Warsaw archives, libraries and visual collections documenting Jewish life in Poland. For more information, write to: jidysz@shalom.org.pl


The 9th International Summer Seminar in Yiddish Language and Culture Warsaw, 4-22 July 2011 arranged by Center for Yiddish Culture of the Shalom Foundation:

Centrum Kultury Jidysz jidysz@shalom.org.pl

Intensive Yiddish summer course and a variety of language-related activities

in our newly opened, modernly equipped Yiddish Center.

A  wide range of afternoon cultural events, lectures and workshops:

Pre- and postwar history of Yiddish culture in Poland.

Contemporary Jewish life in Poland.

Native Yiddish speakers from Poland and learn their stories.

Visit the once vibrant center of Yiddish culture.

The resources of Warsaw archives, libraries and visual collections

documenting Jewish life in Poland.

All the details, along with on-line application forms are

available at the web site.



Leopold Kozlowski.



31. august ·2010 – 20:00 – 22:30

Zapraszamy na koncert ostatniego klezmera Galicji – LEOPOLDA KOZŁOWSKIEGO i jego przyjaciół: Jacka Cygana, Marty Bizoń, Katarzyny Jamróz, Renaty Świerczyńskiej, Kamila Klimczaka, Andrzeja Roga, Haliny Jarczyk i Jacka Hołubowskiego.
Impreza biletowana, bilety do nabycia w kasie Teatru Żydowskiego od 3 sierpnia 2010 r., tel. 22 850 56 56 oraz www.eBilet.pl

LEOPOLD KOZŁOWSKI – skarb Kazimierza. Ten pianista, kompozytor i dyrygent, toostatni żyjący w Polsce przedwojenny klezmer. Jest absolwentem lwowskiego konserwatorium i Państwowej Wyższej Szkoły Muzycznej w Krakowie. Był m.in. kierownikiem muzycznym Teatru Żydowskiego w Warszawie. Opracował wszystkie polskie wersje musicalu „Skrzypek na dachu”. Jest autorem muzyki teatralnej i filmowej (m.in. do „Austerii”, „Wichrów Wojny”, „Listy Schindlera”). W „Liście Schindlera” zagrał rolę Inwestora.


Enjoy a concert with ”The last klezmer of Galicia” – Leopold Kozlowski and his friends: Jacek Cygan, Marty Bizon, Katarzyna Jamroz, Renata Swierczynski, Kamila Klimczak, Andrzej Roga, Halina Jarczyk and Jack Hołubowskiego.

Leopold Kozlowski – a treasure of Kazimierz. Leopold Kozlowski is a Holocaust survivor.

He is the last Jewish klezmer pianist, composer and conductor in Poland from before the WWII.

He graduated from the Lvov (Lviv) Conservatory and the National Academy of Music in Krakow. He was, inter alia, music director of the Jewish Theatre in Warsaw. He developed the Polish version of the musical “Fiddler on the Roof”. He is the author of music theater and film (including “The inn”, “Winds of War,” “Schindler’s List”). In “Schindler’s List” he played the role of investor.

Tickets can be bought at the box office of the Jewish Theatre of 3 August 2010, tel: 22 850 56 56 and www.eBilet.pl




“Krakow under

Nazi Occupation 1939-1945″

A new exhibition recounting the fate of Poles — both Jews and non-Jews — during World War II opened in southern Poland on Friday at the former factory used by Oskar Schindler.

It opened at the building on Lipowa Street in Krakow in which Schindler ran his factory during the war. He added production of munitions for the German army, which gave the facility special protected status.


“Kraków w latach okupacji hitlerowskiej 1939-1945”

Nowa wystawa, opowiadających o losach Polaków – Żydów i nie-Żydów – podczas II wojny światowej otwarto w południowej Polska w piątek w dawnej fabryce Oskara Schindlera wykorzystywane przez. Jego nazwa to “Kraków w latach okupacji hitlerowskiej 1939-1945”.
Otwarto w budynku przy ulicy Lipowej w Krakowie, w którym prowadził fabrykę Schindlera w czasie wojny. Dodał, produkcji amunicji dla wojska niemieckiego, który wydał specjalny status chronionego obiektu.

SOURCE: http://www.sprawiedliwi.org.pl/?id=265&lang=en



Auschwitz closed

Floods worsen in central Europe,

Flooding in southern Poland has killed at least five people,

and officials closed the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial site

on Tuesday to protect its Holocaust archives and artifacts.

In Poland, nearly 2,000 people were evacuated from their homes and the flooding
claimed two more victims Tuesday, including one of the thousands of firefighters
involved in the rescue efforts.
Three people were reported dead on Monday.
In Krakow, a major bridge was closed as the Vistula River nearly reached it.
At Auschwitz-Birkenau, the former Nazi death camp
that draws about a million visitors a year,
authorities carried historical documents and some artifacts,
including brushes and bowls that belonged to victims,
to the upper floors of old barracks that are used to house exhibits,
said spokesman Jaroslaw Mensfelt.
Mensfelt said the memorial site was closed to visitors,
the first time that has happened due to the threat of floods.
Waters were rising in two nearby rivers,
the Vistula and the Sola.
Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk traveled to the area
and met with angry residents of the flooded village of Proszowki,
near Krakow, who complained of receiving little help.



Seminar in Yiddish Language and Culture

Warsaw on 4-16 July 2010

The 8th International Summer Seminar in Yiddish Language and Culture
Discover the pre- and postwar history of Yiddish culture in Poland, meet native Yiddish speakers from Poland and learn their stories and much more! The seminar is diredted towards students of Polish and foreign universities, cultural practitioners and researchers and promoters of culture of Eastern European Jews, as well as people interested in learning Yiddish.
The program includes: 40 hrs of language instruction+10 hrs of Yiddish tutorial, speaking classes, meetings with native Yiddish speakers from Poland, lectures, various workshops (Yiddish song/music, theater, Jewish cuisine, traditional and modern Jewish calligraphy, reading manuscripts, lectures, film screenings, meetings with native Yiddish speakers), guided tours in Warsaw, visits to museums, Sabbath celebration etc. The seminar will take place in our newly opened, modernly equipped Yiddish center, 1915 Anders Street (corner of Anielewicz) – right in the heart of Jewish Warsaw. The high professional level of course ensures the participation of researchers of history, literature and traditions of Polish Jews and senior lecturers of the Yiddish language.

Cost of the classes is:
-1200 złotych standard fee
-800 złotych reduced fee for students under 30 years of age and for seniors.

WARNING! We anticipate the possibility of exemption from parts of charge. We provide accommodation in a dormitory at the University of Warsaw (in price).

To apply, please fill out the application form, which can be downloaded from http://www.shalom.org.pl

For more information, write to: jidysz@shalom.org.pl

ברוכים הבאים צו די פאָרטנייטלי באַגעגעניש מיט די אידישע שפּראַך און אידישע געשיכטע, ליטעראַטור, קונסט און קולטור, צו זייַן געהאלטן אין ווארשע אויף 4-16 יולי 2010. מיר לאַדן סטודענטן פון פויליש און פרעמד אוניווערסיטעטן, קולטור פּראַקטישנערז און ריסערטשערז און פּראַמאָוטערז פון קולטור פון מזרח אייראפעישע יידן, ווי גוט ווי מענטשן אינטערעסירט אין לערנען ייִדיש.
זומער שולע פון ייִדיש אין ווארשע איז אַ קאַנטיניויישאַן אנגעהויבן אין 2002 און אָרגאַניזירט אַניואַלי דורך דעם צענטער פֿאַר ייִדיש קולטור שלום וויקיפּעדיע אינטערנאַציאָנאַלער זומער סעמינאַר אין ייִדיש שפּראַך סראָדבאָראָוו. דורך מאָווינג די לויף צו ווארשע – דער פאַר – מלחמה וועלט צענטער פון ייִדיש לעבן – די באַטייליקטע וועט האָבן די געלעגנהייט צו ויספאָרשן ערטער פארבונדן מיט געשיכטע און ייִדיש קולטור, באַזוכן מיוזיאַמז, ויספאָרשן די אַרכיוון אין ווארשע, ווי גוט ווי אָנטייל נעמען אין דעם קולטורעלן לעבן פון דער הויפּטשטאָט.
קלאסן וועט ווערן געהאלטן אין די לעקציע זאַל יקוויפּט מיט מאָדערן ניו הויפּטקוואַרטיר ייִדיש קולטור צענטער, 1915 אַנדערס סטריט (ווינקל פון אַניעלעוויקז) – אין די האַרץ פון ייִדיש ווארשע – אַ אָרט אַז מיר האָפן וועט באַלד ווערן אַ וויכטיק פונט אויך אויף די קולטור וועבזייַט פון הייַנטצייַטיק ווארשע.
די פּראָגראַם ינקלודז: לעקטורעשיפּ אין ייִדיש, און (פֿאַר וואַלאַנטירז) נאך קלאסן אין די נאָכמיטאָג (טוטאָריאַל), שמועסן, וואַרשטאַטן (וואַרשטאַט טעאַטער, לידער, קוקינג, קאַליגראַפי, איבערזעצונג, לייענען מאַניאַסקריפּץ), רעפֿעראַטן, פילם סקרינינגז, מיטינגז מיט געבוירענער ייִדיש רעדנער, טריפּס טאָורס און שערד דעם שבת.
די הויך פאַכמאַן מדרגה פון קורס ינשורז דער באַטייליקונג פון ריסערטשערז פון געשיכטע, ליטעראַטור און טראַדיציעס פון פויליש יידן און איבערגעלעבט לעקטשערערז ייִדיש.
פּרייַז פון די קלאסן איז:
-1200 גאָלד סטאַנדאַרט אָפּצאָל
-800 גאָלד רידוסט אָפּצאָל פֿאַר סטודענטן אונטער 30 יאר פון עלטער און סיניערז.
ווארענונג! מיר ריכטנ זיך די מעגלעכקייט פון באַפרייַונג פון טיילן פון אָפּצאָל. מיר צושטעלן אַקקאָממאָדאַטיאָנס אין אַ תּלמיד אין ווארשע אוניווערסיטעט (אין פּרייַז).
צו צולייגן, ביטע פּלאָמבירן אויס אַ אַפּלאַקיישאַן וואָס קענען זייַן דאַונלאָודיד פון http://www.shalom.org.pl
קענען באַקומען מער אינפֿאָרמאַציע דורך שרייַבן צו: jidysz@shalom.org.pl

Andersa 15 (corner of Anielewicza) – place of the seminar.


Cantor Israel Bakon (1910-43):

– Lomir Zich Iberbeten

– Parnosse

– Aheym

– Kinder Yoren

– Der Lamden Reb Sender

– Der Chazzen Und Der Gabe

I am Sruel (Yisroel) Bakon of Chrzanow. Born 1910.

I am a Bobov-Chussid. My only desire is to praise Hakodoishborechi

with all my heart and all my soul. Rabbi Bentzion Halberstam of Bobov,

my Rebbe, was murdered in 1941. I followed him in 1943,

when I went my personal path to eternity through

the infernal gate of Belsec death camp.

May the Lord give his abundant love to amo yisroel. Forever. Amen!

Please don’t forget me and my prayers and my love

to my Lord in heaven and my brethren on earth. Sruel

Israel Bakon was the son of the famous cantor

from Chrzanow Hirsh Leyb Bakon.

He lived in Poland and in Berlin.

In 1938, after “Kristallnacht”, Israel, his wife and his

little son Hersh returned  from Berlin to Kolbuszowa,

Poland. During German occupation (1938) Israel and

his family lived in Kolbuszowa and since September

1941 they were located in the Kolbuszowa ghetto.

In 1943 Israel, his wife and his little son were murdered in Belzec.

Israel recorded various records in Berlin in 1936

by Semer-records label of Hirsh Lewin.











Lech Kaczynski.



Polish President Lech Kaczynski and some of the country’s highest military and civilian leaders died on Saturday when the presidential plane crashed as it came in for a landing in thick fog in western Russia, killing 96.

AJC Executive Director David Harris (U.S.A.),

issued the following statement this morning:

… President Kaczynski, … was a devoted son of Poland,

a courageous activist in the struggle against Communist occupation,

a proud leader of today’s democratic Poland …

Moreover, he was steadfastly devoted to writing a new chapter

in the relationship between Poland and the Jewish people.

He welcomed the renewal of Jewish life in Poland,

was instrumental in the decision to build the Museum

of the History of Polish Jews now being constructed

in Warsaw, and was deeply committed to forging

a strategic link between Poland and Israel.


… פרעזידענט קאַטשינסקי, … איז געווען אַ געטרייַ זון פון פוילן,
אַ בראַווע אַקטיוויסט אין דעם קאמף קעגן קאָמוניסט פאַך,
אַ שטאָלץ פירער פון הייַנט ס דעמאָקראַטיש פוילן …
דערצו, ער איז געווען סטעדפאַסטלי געטרייַ צו שרייַבן אַ נייַ קאַפּיטל
אין די שייכות צווישן פוילן און די אידישע פאלק.
ער וועלקאַמד די רינואַל פון ייִדיש לעבן אין פוילן,
איז ינסטרומענטאַל אין דעם באַשלוס צו בויען דעם מוזיי
פון די געשיכטע פון פויליש יידן איצט זייַענדיק קאַנסטראַקטאַד
אין ווארשע, און איז געווען טיף געזינדיקט צו פאָרדזשינג
אַ סטראַטידזשיק לינק צווישן פוילן און ישראל.


A formerPolish Skinhead Converts To Judaism

A former skinhead Pawel, now Orthodox Jew Pinchas.

A neo-nazi skinhead has converted to Orthodox Judaism after finding out he is of Jewish descent.

“I struggle every day to discard my past ideas,” 22-year-old Pawel explain. “When I look at an old picture of myself as a skinhead, I feel terribly ashamed. Every day I try and do teshuvah [repentance]. Every minute of every day. There is a lot to repent.”

Several people in the White Nationalist movement have left for the other side over the years. New Jersey Klan leader Joe Bednarsky now runs an anti-racist Christian ministry and former Aryan Nations spokesman and recruiter Floyd Cochran is now a leading anti-racist spokesman.

Pawel, who also uses his Hebrew name Pinchas and does not disclose his last name out fear of recrimination from his former skinhead friends, is beyond the pale.

Baptized a Catholic, Pawel embraced the skinhead lifestyle as a form of escape from the Soviet-styled Socialism. “Oy vey, I hate to admit it, but we would beat up local Jewish and Arab kids and homeless people,” Pawel said. “We sang about stupid stuff like Satan and killing people. We believed that Poland should only be for Poles.”

Growing up, Pawel always had a feeling something was not exactly right about his family’s Catholicism. His father was fond of quoting The Old Testament, and his grandfather would drop hints here and there.

“When I once – in my skinhead years – told my grandfather that Jews were bad, he exploded and screamed at me, ‘If I ever hear you say such a thing again under my roof, you will never come back!,’ ”.

At age 18, Pawel joined the army and married a skinhead girl. But at the age of 22,  his wife, Paulina, suspecting that she had Jewish roots, went to a genealogical institute and discovered Pawel’s maternal grandparents on a register of Warsaw Jews, along with her own grandparents. When Pawel confronted his parents, they broke down and told him the truth. His mothers bubbie was Jewish and had survived the war by being hidden in a monastery by a group of nuns. And his fathers zeyde also a Jew, having seven brother and sisters, most of whom had died during the Holocaust.

Example of Polish anti-Semitic graffitti.

He couldn’t look in the mirror for weeks. His parents were the typical offspring of Jewish survivors of the war, who decided to conceal their Jewish identity to try and protect their family.

After weeks of cloistered and tortured reflection, Pawel finally emerged wanting to convert to Orthodox Judaism. He acknowledged that he was drawn to extremes and that his transformation was like being reborn. He even forced himself to reread Adolf Hitlers book Mein Kampf but could not get to the end because he felt physically repulsed.

At age 24, he was circumcised. Two years later, he decided to become an ultra-Orthodox Jew. He and his wife are raising their two children in a Jewish home.

Pawel noted that he was still singled out by the same anti-Semites who once counted him among their ranks. “When younger people see me on the street with my top hat and side curls they sometimes laugh at me,” he said. “But it is the old ladies who are the meanest. Sometimes, they use the language I used when I was a skinhead and say, ‘Get out and go back to your country’ or ‘Jew go home!’ ”

And now he is studying to become a shochet (kosher slaughter). “I am good with knives,” he explained.


Small boy killed in Holocaust

gets Facebook page –

attracting thousands of friends

Heino Zytomirski





WARSAW, Poland – Their childhood is a lost arcadia who may have been able

to find only in books by IB Singer. Tad Taube, Sigmund Rolat and Severin Ashkenazy,

who survived the pogroms, the ghettos to the gas chambers, Hitler,

has only distant memories of woods, lakes and cities in Poland,

to arrive in the U.S. dpve have made a fortune in the promised land.

Nostalgia, heritage and legacy, is d fact that now philanthropically

return to Poland, or to put it at home. Following the Nazi occupation

of Poland began on 1 September 1939, some 3 million Polish

Jews were killed and the few survivors were later persecuted by

the communist regime fell in 1989. Fifty years of pain for the Jews

with Polish roots, currently an unspecified amount in various censuses

is measured from 10 000 to 30 000 people.

Now the generous donation from abroad arrive to fill the great void

in the Jewish legacy lost for years., Identity back in the festival of Jewish

culture in Krakow and in the Museum devoted to the history

of Polish Jews, which will open in 2009.



Już wkrótce!

Coming soon!

באַלד קומענדיק

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