The Annual Yiddish Song Festival

in Cape Town and Cape Town


Cape Town ZING – a CD that is a toe-tapping celebration of Yiddish song.

Cape Town ZING takes you on a nostalgic journey in song.  The recording
was made live at the 9th Annual Leah Todres Yiddish Song Festival on 2
August 2009 at the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town and captures the warmth and
energy of this amazing celebration.

The soloists are Aviva Pelham, Beverley Chiat, Ivor Joffe, Dragana
Jevtovic,David Gordon, Richard Gore and Caely Levy with the klezmer band
Playing With Fire under the direction of Matthew Reid.  A warm and
wonderful bonus is the contribution of 60 children forming the Herzlia
Yiddish Festival Choir and the teenagers of the Herzlia Vocal Ensemble.
The collection of songs takes you from Eastern Europe and Russia to the
USA, Argentina, England and South Africa.

Since 2001, the Annual Yiddish Song Festival in Cape Town, South Africa,
has rekindled a very special spark and has brought to life the remarkable
treasury of Yiddish song.  This recording has the following 18 numbers:

Arum dem fayer – Aviva Pelham, Ivor Joffe, Beverley Chiat, David Gordon,
Dragana Jevtovic, Richard Gore, Caely Levy & Herzlia Vocal Ensemble * Belz

David Gordon * Rumania, Rumania – Ivor Joffe * Vilna – Aviva Pelham *
Budapest – Richard Gore * Korobushka (The Peddler) – Dragana Jevtovic *
Beigelach (Bublitchki) – Beverley Chiat * Rozhinkes mit mandlen – Herzlia
Yiddish Song Festival Choir, soloist Lucy Zelesniak * Ale brider – Herzlia
Yiddish Song Festival Choir * Lid fun Titanik – Aviva Pelham * Benzyn –
Joffe * Bay mir bistu shein -Caely Levy and soloists * Tzena, Tzena –
Playing with Fire  * Farges mikh nit – Beverley Chiat * Dayna – Dragana
Jevtovic & David Gordon * Reviewing the Situation – Ivor Joffe & Herzlia
Vocal Ensemble * A Hard Day’s Night – Herzlia Vocal Ensemble * Mir leben
eibik – Full Company

The A Team – Irma Kesler, Sandy Segal, Aviva Pelham, Dragana Jevtovic, Matthew Reid, Fay Singer, Richard Gore, Beverley Chiat, Ivor Joffe, Caely Levy

TO ORDER contact: cjsa@icon.co.za
SPECIAL USA OFFER: This CD plus a DVD of the 2007 Annual Yiddish Song
Festival titled ‘Sholem, Sholem – Songs From The Heart’ for only $30.  Now
that’s a m’zhia!

Coming soon!

באַלד קומענדיק

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