YIDDISH in The Nederlands



2. 2.2011

Dutch Jews want fast punishment

for anti-Semitism

AMSTERDAM (AP) — Jewish groups in the Netherlands are calling for swifter punishment for Holocaust deniers as Parliament debates how to combat rising anti-Semitism.

The Centraal Joods Overleg, an umbrella organization for Jewish groups, says it wants Holocaust deniers punished under rules usually reserved for drunk drivers, shoplifters, or football hooligans — among other measures.

Under the “snelrecht,” or “fast justice” policy, prosecutors offer offenders a choice immediately after their arrest between a fine or a court appearance within two months.





British police officers among one disguised as a religious Jew.

Growing anti-semitism in Holland

Secret television recordings by the Jewish broadcasting company, Joodse Omroep, broadcast at this weekend, showing young men, often of immigrant origin, shouting and making Nazi salutes at a rabbi when he visited certain streets in Amsterdam. have shocked Holland, which prides itself on liberalism and which is the home ofthe Anne Frank museum.

Dutch police-woman dressed like אַ אַרייַננאַרן כאָנטע and as a religious Jew.

Amsterdam police officers already disguise as אַרייַננאַרן כאָנטעת (decoy prostitutes),

אַרייַננאַרן פייגלאַך (decoy gays) and  אַרייַננאַרן באָבעת  (decoy grannies) in operations to deter

street muggings and attacks on homosexuals or the city’s red light district.

Riot police disguised as religious Jews.


Police in the Dutch city of Gouda have claimed the use of officers disguised as apparently frail old age pensioners has helped cut street crime. “If we receive several reports of street robbery in a certain location, we send out the granny. That soon quietens things down.”

Dutch police are now going to use “decoy Jews”, by dressing law policemen in Jewish religious dress such as wearing a yamulkeh, arbakanfes or tzefiln, in an effort to catch anti-Semitic attackers.

Lodewijk Asscher, Amsterdam’s mayor, has ordered the new decoy strategy to cut the number of verbal and physical attacks on Jews, amid fears that anti-Semitic “hate crime” is on the rise.

“Jews in at least six Amsterdam neighbourhoods often cannot cross the street wearing a skullcap without being insulted, spat at or even attacked,” according to local reports.

Mayor Lodewijk Asscher.


Amsterdam police disguise officers

as chontes, feygelach, bobbes  and yeshive boches

(decoy prostitutes, decoy gays, decoy grannies and

decoy hareddim) in order to deter attacks.


Under construction

Zal spoedig komen!

Coming soon!

באַלד קומענדיק

באַלד קומענדיק

Zal spoedig komen!

One comment

  1. Well, most of us saw it coming: that the Muslims would ruin Holland. The free influx of these admittedly Jew-hating communities from every Arab country, permitted and encouraged by a supposedly “liberal” Dutch parliament, has led to the downfall of a beautiful, freedom-loving country. We from the west have no desire to visit Holland anymore, having spent wonderful holidays there in the past.

    In Holland’s desperate desire not to seem “racist”, it has ruined itself. In its ignorance it has equated being anti-Islamic with being racist. Islam is not a race; people of any race can choose to be Islamic. Judaism, on the other hand, is considered a race, a Semitic race, and being anti-Semitic is racist, deeply so. Anti-Semitism is one of the ugliest traits of humanity, & especially of Islam. It denotes total ignorance, because scarcely any of these “holy” Islamists will ever have met a Jew or known a Jewish community. Try reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s “Infidel”, in which she admits to never ever having met a Jew, while being taught to hate all of them. Luckily for everyone, especially her, she was too intelligent to believe the rubbish with which Islam attempted to indoctrinate her.

    It is now too late for Holland to wake up, with one in every four children in that country being Islamic. Very sad indeed.

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