Yiddish in Uruguay



Judíos en Uruguay #2

אידן אין אורוגוויי # 2




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Jews in Uruguay #1



On Thursday 13.05.2010 at 19.30 opens an exhibition of José Gurvich, the famous Uruguayan artist born in Lithuania, based in Uruguay, dedicated to exploring the Jewish identity. Gurvich Lived in three periods During one year in Kibbutz Ramot Menashe and painted, made pottery , etc. The exhibition is displayed on three floors of the Museum. It is a monographic exhibition only with Jewish themes. The museum is Located in Constitution Square, Old City, Montevideo.

Gurvich Exhibition


On Thursday 13 at 19.30 opens an exhibition of José Gurvich, the famous Uruguayan artist born in Lithuania, based in Uruguay, dedicated to exploring their Jewish identity. Gurvich lived in three periods during a year in Kibbutz Ramot Menashe and painted, made pottery, murals, on issues of the kibbutz, the Bible, and Javer Javer of the Holidays, Shabbat, the pogrom, among many topics. The exhibiciónse displays on all three floors of the Museum.

It is a monographic exhibition only Jewish theme. The museum is located in Constitution Square, Old City, Montevideo.
We wait.

גורוויטש עקסהיביטיאָן

19.30 בייַ אויף דאנערשטאג 13 אָפּענס אַן אויסשטעלונג פון יוסף גורוויטש, די באַרימט ורוגוייַאַן קינסטלער געבוירן אין ליטע, באזירט אין אורוגוויי, דעדאַקייטאַד צו יקספּלאָרינג זייער ייִדיש אידענטיטעט. גורוויטש געלעבט אין דרייַ פּיריאַדז בעשאַס אַ יאָר אין קיבוץ ראַמאָט מנשה און פּייניד, געמאכט טעפּערייַ, מיוראַלז , אויף ענינים פון דעם קיבוץ, די ביבל, און דזשאַווער דזשאַווער פון די האָלידייַס, שבת, דעם פּאָגראָם, צווישן פילע סוגיות. לאַ עקסהיביסי or נסע דיפּלויד אין די דרייַ פלאָרז פון דער מוזיי. עס איז אַ מאָנאָגראַפיק אויסשטעלונג בלויז אידישע טעמע.
דער מוזיי איז ליגן אין קאָנסטיטוטיאָן קוואדראט, אַלטע שטאָט, מאָנטעווידעאָ.
מיר וואַרטן.


צי האָט איר וויסן אַז עס זענען געווען אידישע פּייראַץ אין די קאַריבבעאַן?

ווער איז געווען דער ערשטער באַזעצער פון

דרום אַמעריקאַ


צי האָט איר וויסן אַז אין די 17 יאָרהונדערט, 25% “

פון די באַפעלקערונג פון בוענאס איירעס זענען “ניו קריסטן”


קאַפּיטאַן קופּיק די וגלי

Captain Kopjik the vicious.


Did You Know That There Were Jewish pirates in the Caribbean?

Who Was the first settler of Brazil?

Did You Know That In The Seventeenth Century, 25% of the Population of Buenos Aires were “New Christians”?

If you want to know more, we invite you to the conference Ambassador Dori Goren That Give at Catholic University of Uruguay on “The role of the Jewish Converts in the construction of the New World,” TODAY TUESDAY 05/04/2010, 20:00 between’ and 21: 30 pm at the headquarters of the University, Avda October 8, 2738. Free admission.



I am looking for People who want to Adhere to work in the area of disability in the community.

There is much to do and it Helps very rewarding.

Diana Wysokika

I am looking for people who want to adhere to work in the area of disability in the community. There is much to do and it helps very rewarding. can pass through the community and see how they work or groups, avodati and wily.

Uruguayan Jewish community



On 27 January, the Standing Committee of the Legislative Branch,

in session on the occasion of Internacinal Day Tribute to the victims of the Holocaust

adopted a resolution which recommends that the Uruguayan government integration

the Task Force of Remembrance, and Research of the Holocaust Tribute

to which governments have already joined our continent.
On February 4 was formally the Parliamentary Group of the State Support

Israel and Peace in the Middle East. Were signatories to the call for this important

acontecimeinto the General Assembly President Rodolfo Nin Novoa, Senator Margarita Percovich,

Ruperto Senators Long and Isaac Alfie and Rep. Ivan Posadas.

They were invited to sign the Memorandum of Association the Zionist Organization of Uruguay and the Jewish Central Committee of Uruguay.


Jews in Uruguay





On the Uruguayan who died in the Holocaust, by Dr. Juan Raul Ferreira.
One day a survivor spoke of Uruguayans in the fields … For a long tried to get some data and nothing. Say if a survivor of Uruguay. No citizen but born in Uruguay and a survivor who lives in Brazil. Thus began the search for other identities. Life is a long history, the mine was allowed to cross with that of Eve. There I went to the Chancellor, then Gonzalo Fernandez and told him the story. Those days Gonzalo asked to take charge of the issue to Ambassador Bernardo Greiver, today Ambassador of Uruguay in Israel. Saving detail, we found the item that a photocopy of Naciomiento keep on your desktop.

By having it in my hands I wept. Not sure why but explain what happened. Bernardo well placed in the hands of the President to hours of his trip this important document. I have where a copy for the museum of the Holocaust.

The mayor Ehrlich responded quickly to the request we will do next to entnonces Ambassador of Israel Barnea Joel and thus was born the monolith and the plate. Such a twist of fate the day before the opening ceremony, I was operated on emergency and only the British could do something for the press. After the mayor handed me a copy of your generous words.

The day I was discharged, before returning home, I passed by and left a stone monument. I could not answer why. But Anna Balog touched my life in a tremendously special. I remember every day and almost automatically repeat the words:

Welcome to your home dear fellow.

Ex-repressor Manuel Cordero

was extradited to Argentina


SAO PAULO – Brazil has extradited a retired Uruguayan military officer to Argentina, WHERE I is charged with rights abuses During dissidents Against The Southern Cone dictatorships of the 1970s and 1980s, Officials said.

The Brazilian Federal Police in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul Told That Efe Piacentini Manuel Cordero, 71, Was turned over to Argentine Authorities on Saturday to face charges of Rights Violations Committed under the aegis of Operation Condor, a Coordinated Effort by South American Military Regimes to Eliminate Political Opponents.

Lamb HAD Been under house arrest in the southern city of Santana do Livramento for the Past Six Months After Being Arrested in Brazil in 2007.

Brazil’s Supreme Court in August approved to Lamb’s extradition to Argentina, WHERE I is charged in the disappearance of 10 people, the kidnapping of a baby and 32 cases of torture of detainees in 1976 at a clandestine prison.

Also HAD Uruguayan Authorities Asked Brazil to extradite request Lamb But That Was Denied Because the Alleged Crimes Were Committed in Argentina.

The Uruguayan Manuel Cordero retired military, accused of participating in acts of repression in the territory of Argentina in the 1970s, was extradited Saturday to Argentina.

Manuel Cordero

Lamb’s extradition to Argentina had already been decided by the Supreme Court if the measure Brazilian was postponed because of former military lawyers argued that his state of health advised to remain hospitalized in the Brazilian city of Santana do Livramento.

“This Saturday, Cordero was examined by a doctor and taken by ambulance to the city of Uruguaiana (border with Argentina). There, after further examinations, an ambulance was handed over to agents of the Federal Police Argentina,” said a spokesman Federal Police of Brazil.

According to the source, the transfer of Lamb Uruguaiana for delivery to the Argentine authorities was possible because “the hospital where he was received a commitment of the Argentine authorities to continue the treatment. That’s why he was released from the hospital and proceeded to delivery.

The former soldier is accused of being one of the leaders of the “enforced disappearance” of the Uruguayan Adalberto Soba, which occurred in 1976 in Argentina.

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  1. last time I was in Uruguay was with the Yiddish Art Theatre and my father Maurice Schwartz in the middle 1950s. I am considering coming to Uruguay. Where would be a comfortable place for my husband I to live and meet artists and performers?
    Thanks for your advise. Risa Whiting

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