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I have in my possession a 52 min dvd recording of my late Grandfather
documenting his amazing personal stories surviving/escaping from Poland
during the Holocaust. He told me and my family many of the stories
throughout our lives but this (Yiddish) recording is a gem as it captures
his expressions, emotions, and perhaps even untold details.

Over a year ago I decided to try to find help in an effort to have this
translated to English and transcribed (ultimately to have English
subtitles to his recorded video/voice). My hope was to complete the
project and surprise my family (extended family of over 25 cousins who
don’t know his story very well) and ultimately provide them with copies of
the video so that they can carry his stories and remember his incredible

It’s been very difficult to find someone who would consider modest charges
for these services, despite the content and nature of the project and I
simply haven’t been able to afford it.I finally found a kind woman who
hashelped with the translation for a reasonable price and found the
dialect to be similar to her own.The next step:I’m hoping that I can find
someone who could help with the transcription. I can pay for the service
but am somewhat limited.I’ve contacted most major organizations, seeked
out survivors that might be able to help, and graduate language programs
with no success.

If you or someone you know might be able to help I would love to hear from
you. Please feel free to email me with any thoughts or suggestions.

Thank you.

c/o kopjik@gmail.com



Polish poet Binem Heller.

Copyright quest

Magdalena Ruta am going to publish soon a bilingual (Polish-Yiddish) anthology of
Yiddish poetry written and published in post-war Poland (1945-1968)

Nisht oyf di taykhn fun Bovl (Not by the rivers of Babylon).

She want to reclaim all selected poems from oblivion and this is why she would like to identify and contact the copywright owners of the following poets:
Pesakh BINETSKI; Nakhum BOMZE Paltyel CYBULSKI (Tsibulski); Khayim Leyb FUKS; Gute GUTERMAN; Binem HELLER; Volf Hersh IVAN; Yitskhok YANASOVITSH; Moyshe KNAPHEYS; Rokhl KORN; Mendel MAN; Leyb MORGENTOY; Leyb OLITSKI; Elye (Eliasz) RAYZMAN; Hadase RUBIN; Jeshaye SHPIGIEL; Avrom ZAK; Mohshe ZALTSMAN; Yankev (Jakub) ZONSHAYN and Reyzl ZHYKHLINSKI (YCHLINSKI)
If you know any copywrighter owners of these poets, let her know, so that she
could contact them to get their permission to publish the selected poems.

Contact: Magdalena Ruta, chief editor: magdalena.ruta@uj.edu.pl or dlamagdaleny@gmail.com

“Without Jews” by Binem Heller



Einat Amitay need help!

He found an archive of Yiddish letters in Israel belonging to Fania Bergstein and her family and now want volunteers who are willing to help him translating the letters and postcards.

The letters are in Yiddish (mostly), Polish, Russian, Hebrew and English.

The site – where the letters, some information about the
project and some details about the Bergstein family can be found is here:


You may contact Einat for more information

Einat Amitay <einat.amitay@gmail.com>




Y. L. Peres

I want to acquire copyright

I am publishing an anthology of Litvak texts and need to secure
permissions to reprint numerous texts. Any information about the holders
of copyright for the following texts would be much appreciated. I realize
that many of the texts listed predate the copyright limit of 1943, but
some may have special arrangements; I would be grateful for any aid.

Marc Chagall.

  1. Sholem Yankev Abramovitsh, Shloyme reb khayims (5 pages)
  2. Peretz Hirshbeyn, Mayne kinder-yorn (12 pages)
  3. Hirsh Glik, “Zog nisht keynmol [Partizaner himen]”
  4. Israel Mendelovitsh, Aleyn in vald (4 pages)
  5. Isaac Meir Dik, “Di behole” (complete)
  6. Y.L. Peretz, “Tsvishn tsvey barg”
  7. Der Tunkler, “Dos kapitl vilne in mayn leben” (2 pages),
  8. Der Tunkler, “Yidishistn” (2 pages)
  9. Ber Borokhov, “Hebreismus militans” (complete)
  10. H. Leyvik, “Ergets vayt” (complete)
  11. Marc Chagall, “Di vilne shul” (complete, 1/2 page)
  12. Bela Chagall, “Di ershte bagegenish” (eight pages)
  13. Efrayim-Leyb Volfson, “Vilne” (complete)
  14. Shmerke Katsherginsky, “Yid, du partizaner” (complete)
  15. Khayim Grade, Di agune (9 pages)
  16. Avrom Sutskever, “Di blayene platn fun roms drukeray” (complete),
  17. Avrom Sutskever, “Yidishe gas” (complete),
  18. Avrom Sutskever, “Shpiltsayg” (complete),
  19. Avrom Sutskever, “Vilne” (complete),
  20. Leyzer Volf, “Montefiore in vilne” (complete)
  21. Izi Kharik, “Lider vegen Lider 1 & 4” (complete)
  22. Hirsh Reles, “Gebitn di yoytsres” (complete)

Best regards chaver Frakes

Write to: kopjik@gmail.com

Avroham Sutzkever.



I am looking for the Yiddish Text of a song, of which I have only a Hungarian title: “Szl a kakas mr”, which means (?) “der krayendiker han”. Who can help me?

Ron Manheim

Write to: kopjik@gmail.com



The song Szal a Kakas Mar was composed by the Kalever Rebbe in Hungarian.

Perets Mett




Marcella Semprich.

On a recent visit to the Marcella Sembrich Museum in Bolton Landing, NY, the Artistic Director said he had heard that Sholem Aleichem’s novel “Wandering Stars” (blonzhende shteren) was based upon the opera singer’s life and asked me if I could find out more about a possible connection.
Marcella Sembrich was born in Galicia in 1858 (near Lemberg) to a poor, non-Jewish family and later achieved international fame as a soprano. If someone could let me know of any direct connection between her life and Sholem Aleichem’s novel, it would be greatly appreciated.

Sonia Gollance

Write to: kopjik@gmail.com


An unknown famous Yid

Schmuel K. have e-mailed KOPJIK this photo of a birthday dinner 1977

for a well known Yiddishist (his name is neither known to him or us)

He is/was probably living in Kovno/Kaunas in Lithuania.

The black and white photo shows him with his relatives surrounding him.


Information about the man or the relatives can be mailed to kopjik@gmail.com


On the back of the above photo is the following text in handwritten Yiddish:

Some of the words are not easy to read –

some of them appear dubious.

A full translation of the text

will be appreciated by our user too. E-mail:






A friend owns a copy of Abraham Sutzkever’s poem SIBIR in which he has a
handwritten Yiddish dedication that she is unable to translate.

Can any of KOPJIK INTERNATIONAL DAILY YIDDISH Edition’s readers translate it for me into English and send the translation to kopjik@gmail.com that it can be read here?

Irwin Mayers



Information about the content of this note – presumably written sometime between 1945 and 1963 in Copenhagen by an unknown elderly lady is wanted by KOPJIK INTERNATIONAL DAILY YIDDISH Edition, kopjik@gmail.com




Information about the mr. Shloyme Bastomsky who wrote this letter in Yiddish in Vilnius – probably sometime

between 1905 and 1943 is wanted by KOPJIK INTERNATIONAL DAILY YIDDISH Edition, kopjik@gmail.com


From: Joseph Toltz
Subject: “Ferblayb mit mit”

In a recent interview with the only remaining Sobibor survivor living in
Australia, my interviewee recalled a fragment of a song that she was
taught when working in the very small forced labour knitting room adjacent
to the camp.  I’m wondering if anyone on the list can recognize the origin of this song:

The fragment is:
“Ferblayb mit mir, vas vilstu nisht ferlasn, du hast misht libt
Farvus vilstu verlasn, Blayb mit mir, ish bin so elen vir shtayn”

This is transcribed from her singing, so I may have gotten the spelling a
little fermisht [mixed up]. Private answers gratefully received.
Many thanks!

Joseph Toltz
PhD candidate and tutor, University of Sydney

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