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Shamir died at age 96 (30.6.2011)

Susanne Bier (28.2.2011)

Vacant job (17.2.2011)

Vacant job in Maryland, USA (16.2.2011)

Yiddish Dictionaries (15.2.2011)

Yiddish in Sweden (14.2.2011)

New Yiddish Journal (14.2.2011)

Yiddish in Israel (12.2.2011)

Yiddish Cinema (12.2.2011)

Yiddish in Canada (10.2.2011)

Yiddish in Poland (10.2.2011)

Yiddish in USA (10.2.2011)

Dutch Jews want fast punishment for anti-semitism (31.1.2011)

Yiddish in Hungary (31.1.2011)

Do Germany protect old nazi’s? (28.1.2011)

Topf & Sons ovens to Auschwitz (27.1.2011)



Earlier news can 0nly be accessed with password.

Latest news

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