Jews read portions of the Torah, the Pentateuch, each week. By the time they come to this day of the year, when they have finished reading the whole scroll and are ready to start all over again. The annual cycle of Torah reading are then complete. It is time to celebrate. Then all the scrolls are brought out so everybody can dance and sing with them in a festive procession. The procession of the Torah scrolls is called Hakofesh.


Simkhes Toyre em todo o mundo


Simchestoyre songs

 Simchestoire songs




Kinder mir hobn simkhas toyre 
Simkhas toyre oyf der gantser velt
Toyre iz di beste skhoyre
Azoy hot der rebe mit unts geknelt.

Simkhes Toyre (Simkhat Torah)


Simkhes-toyre Lyrics

with The Klezmatics

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Vus zol men tien yidn
Az es iz aza min klug!
Vus zol men tien mentshn?
Esn darf men yedn tug!
Az der mugn vil nisht visn,
Fin kayn geto zakh,
Nor er shrayt in er farlangt
Tsi esn zeyer a sakh.

S’geyt der libe vinter
S’falt a shrek a moyre,
M’et nokh pirim zitsn in di sikes,
S’vet zayn simkhes toyre,
Indzer prezes khayim
Iz a mentsh a giter,
M’et nokh in di geto esn
Zemelekh mit piter.

What shall we do, Jews

When there is such tragedy?

What shall we do, people?

We have to eat, every day!

Because the stomach doesn’t want to know

Anything about our ghetto business

It only screams and demands

To eat and eat some more.

Here comes our beloved winter,

Bringing fear and terror,

We’ll sit in the sukkah for Purim

And celebrate Simchat Torah.

Our president Khayim

Is a good man,

And we’ll eat in the ghetto

Rolls with butter.

composed by Yankele Hershkowitz in the ghetto.



Lekoved simkhes-toyre


It is a custom to eat stuffed cabbage on Simchestoireh,

because the rolled shape of the cabbage rolls resembles

the scrolls of the Toyreh.

Find the recipe and other dishes here.


Quiz about Simchestoireh

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