The Ulrik Linvald case


An old non-existing photo of a man, named Ulrik Linvald, that you have never heard about hereafter.


This case is so secret that you don’t even know about it! Not only YOU have never

heard of it – neither have the chairman of the Jewish community of Denmark,

Finn Schwarz, nor have “MT’s repræsentantskab”!

Maybe  even the secretary general Ulrik Linvald himself know anything about it

and would deny its existence if you asked him to tell about it!

And YOU- even if you have prior read KOPJIK INTERNATIONAL’s

articles about the case during the latest days – YOU know nothing

about the case, since it is non-existent!


This is the nice guy “nogle administrative ændringer”,

that YOU think you have read about – but HAVE NOT!.


This is a non-existent photo of a guy, named Ulrik Linvald, that you might have known as the secretary general of the Jewish Community of Denmark – but you are wrong. KOPJIK INTERNATIONAL DAILY YIDDISH Edition have asked the chairman of the board of the Jewish Community, called “MT’s repræsentantskab” to get his file, but in vain, since “MT’s repræsentantskab”, which are wisest board in the entire ‘kehilleh’ have refused to even speak about this man who is so ‘trefeh’ that he is spoken about as just a secret  ‘personalesag’ (a personnel matter). To the public he is known only by his secret codename which is “nogle administrative ændringer’ (= ‘some administrative changes’) and YOU of course are supposed to never know anything about that non-existent person or those “administrative changes” in detail. The chairman never speaks about personnel matters and never will. The “MT’s repræsentantskab” never speaks about personnel matters either and never will. YOU, as a paying member of  “the democratic” institution of The Jewish Community” (Det Jødiske Troessamfund i Danmark) are of course not entitled to speak about the former secretary general Ulrik Linvald either! Hush hush!

You have never known him (even if you think so … even if you know you had!), since he have now become non-existent, you ought to never know him, you are not allowed to know what he did – or what he did not, for what you paid him, how much you paid him, why you maybe do not pay him any longer, if you still pay him, for what you pay him if you still pay him – and why you do not pay him, if you don’t pay him, although he may still ought to be paid by you! Naturally – as a paying member of the Jewish Community – you have NO right to know. Only the super-human “MT’s repræsentantskab” have the right to know something! In fact they are so super-human, that they know EVERYTHING about this non-existing person, named Ulrik Linvald, but known to the public only as “nogle administrative ændringer’. They know whether he was sacked, why he was sacked – or why he was not sacked. YOU as just a human being, as just an ordinary jew, as not a super-human member of “MT’s repræsentantskab” – YOU – as a simple cash-cow, as a mere TAX-PAYER, YOU have no right to know anything about this non-existing person with the code-name “some administrative changes” .



will tell you …

about the so called – but absolutely not existing – Ulrik Lindval-case – which are so secret, that even the chairman of the “MT’s repræsentantskab” do NOT know it exist,and will without doubt deny its existence, and would wish to protect you from reading about it, and probably even would deny to discuss it with YOU, if you knew about the case – which YOU of course do not do – and never will – since it is all HUSH-HUSH and TOP-TOP-secret …

… are totally unbelievable.

It simply could not have happened – and consequently have not happened! That’s why NO ONE speak about this case – and no one will ever speak or write about it.


Schaah, … still! M’n soll s’ich nit fun dos reden!

The board of the Jewish community in Denmark did on 30.6.2010 consonist of 7 members:

Finn Schwarz, formand

Michel Solovej, næstformand

Jacob Zylber

John Dessauer

Michael Gelvan

Lene Rachel Andersen

Alan Melchior

On July 1 st. Alan Melchior resigned because he was appointed by the “MT-representantskab” (the board) to become the successor of secretary general Ulrik Linvald, when Ulrik Linvald was sacked by the “MT-representantskab” (board).


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(To be continued …)

צו זייַן פארבליבן …

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