GOOGLE-loshen, litterally “Google-language” in the meaning of “GOOGLE-Yiddish”, a ‘wrong’ Yiddish, using Non-Yiddish words borrowed from English or American English, but spelled with Yiddish letters and mixed up with compltely mis-used words and words that are nonsense in the context. This is how scholarly linguists and passionate Yiddish speaking people regard the Yiddish translations that Google, at present, produce from texts written in 40 other languages  as input in “Google Translate”. They may have forgotten, that all great ideas were originally born in the head of one gifted individual and that any of the great rivers started whith one drop of water. At first the great ideas look like madness – and the firts drop of water can not been imagined as creating the river. And most people are unable to grasp that the still erroneous and a bit clumsy translations into Yiddish yet made by Google Translate will be gradually improved and refined in exactly the same way as the spelling check in ordinary word-editors like MS-Word etc. have been. They all started as cumbersome, clumsy, erroneous spell-checkers that made silly suggestions and a lot of stupid errors. There is an old Yiddish ‘sprikhwort” saying: “A Naar vayst men nit kein halbe arbeyt” oder “A Naar vayst men nit im halbn arbeyt!” Both meaning: “Don’t show a fool (a stupid person) your half done work!”

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