News – December 2011




Defense minister Ehud Barak: 

We can’t wait until Iran has nuclear bomb

Speaking on 3.12.2011 Barak denied that the latest blasts that occurred in Iran mark the beginning of a military campaign.


Two explosions along Sinai stretch of Egyptian natural gas pipeline halt flow to Israel and Jordan for the ninth time since February.

Both Iran and Hezbollah are gearing up for war.

Under cover of a military exercise, Iranian forces are organizing in battle array sector by sector.

Ahmadinejad, Assad and Nasrallah.

Military sources in the Gulf report 150 Iranian Revolutionary Guards specialists landed at a military airport south of Damascus on their way to Lebanon to join Hizballah which began bringing its rockets out of their hideouts.


Because the Iranians are busy moving their nuclear program to underground facilities, they can announce that they have a nuclear weapon after it is no longer possible to attack it.

The Iranian Supreme military adviser, Gen. Yahya Rahim Safavi, have warned that if Iran were attacked, it would not need to launch ballistic missiles at Israel “because all the Zionist cities are within the range of our ally Hizballah’s Katyushas.”

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