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Twitteroo_normal AnetteS RT @neilhimself: I love watching THE BIG BANG THEORY with Maddy. I get to explain all the comics jokes and translate the yiddish. My fatherhood has purpose.

Avivao_twitterprofilephoto_twibbon_rainbow_normal avivao .@Stranahan: …and when depression over humanity settles in, only Yiddish will do; ‘oy” is right!

elheme @MySoulsMelody I love hearing old jewish men cuss inyiddish. my friend’s grand mother could wrie a book on yiddishprofantiy

N19905331_31989270_2132a_normal stephopotamus @xxcorex nope James franko the actor in pineapple express. My mom is Jewish so I appreciate the Yiddishreference.

Albertdiner_4_normal abrahamdiner yiddish songs youtube Fiddler on the Roofyiddish favorites Herb Alpert Ziggy Elman Tijuana Brasshttp://bit.ly/c131Y1

Default_profile_4_normal Legroc1 FLORID Governor Charlie Crist just Now Said to YiddishAskunim he will NOT Stop what he Signed & Yid will be Killed r”l PLEASE CALL THE G.

HealthEugene Ok back to learning German – man I wish I listened to my grandparents speaking Yiddish

MeredithGould @HealthEugene I listened to my grandparents speaking Yiddish & as a result, know words for food & curses.

Spider_normal Iridescent @neilhimself You know Yiddish?

xvalentina intro de la película ‘a serious man’: priceless. me mata de risa el yiddish

Jblog48x48_resize_normal jewishbloggers RT # Where to find Yiddish newspapers?http://j.mp/a2Rmyn http://j.mp/dwts7c

SarahMajestic Spending the morning learning more Yiddishslang. And don’t you dare call that bubkes.

Red_normal theethem @neilhimself I enjoy that you speak yiddish

pbass5115 RT @teachinghandsYiddish Proverb: If we cannot do what we will, we must will what we can.

Moi_normal dharamv True 🙂 RT @rajeshtahil: man makes plans, God laughs…yiddish proverb http://myloc.me/3DrQE

Easy2GoGreen Some people are electrifying, they light up a room when they leave. *Yiddish Proverbs

Twitterprofilephoto_normal faithlessfate @neilhimself yay yiddish translations! I do that for my roommate.

AlicjaWonder A half Truth is a whole lie. ~ Yiddish Proverb

Ag_and_the_chipmunks_normalrunanskyrun @KateColberg @AnnaCBee yes, “Schnapps” isYiddish. Funny how a bunch of Yiddish words are now part of every day vernacular.

Mankauf *Was* going to go out tonight; have ended up staying in, eating Chinese & teaching @EmiliaAstrom the thousand words for ‘chicken’ in Yiddish

P31_normal r00tman Shirim: Oy It’s Good The Art Of Yiddish Song – Read more at the source: Shirim: Oy It’s Good The Art Of…http://tumblr.com/xyp69j7qt

Wylieknowords “Small children disturb your sleep, big children your life.” Yiddish proverb www.knowords.com

nazsarman If you want your dreams to come true, don’t sleep too much! ~ (inspired by a Yiddish proverb) i got this from anusarafriend

DenaShunra @avinunu worse yet, Israel fought hard against all languages they brought with them – hardest against Yiddish.

dances_w_vowels This is HILARIOUS. RT @joshuamneff “Old Man River” done with a Yiddish accent:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUPWMBZIU0w

Plumpster today’s wwftd is… futz: the worthless word for the day is: futz [perhaps fr. Yiddish arumfartsn zikh, lit. to fa…http://bit.ly/aSZYRV

workmenscircle Yiddish Lesson: ווער עס וועט כאַפּן דעם וועט מען קלאַפּן Ver es vet khapn dem vet men klapn If you snach, you’ll…http://fb.me/8bqs0sE

KateColberg I’ll start a trend. RT @runanskyrun @KateColberg I’ll try to keep it up. Probably not too many Yiddish speakers in Texas.

Pic_2_normal KateColberg That’s Yiddish? Seriously? RT @runanskyrun: That reminds me, the Yiddish word for booze is “Schnaps.”@KateColberg @pigtailsflying

MimFox @NoelClarke hmmm can’t be wrong cos there’s a word for it in Yiddish. It’s called a broygus. 🙂

Ee_normalEPCOTExplorer @Hack2112 It was nothing with nothing. A big simmis as they say in yiddish. 😉

anitaplum My dad had a word ‘Valfavex’ It must be of Russian origin it’s not Yiddish it means Scum,shit bag ,arse wipe etc It’s a good word.

tabletmag New on Tablet: The Last Great Yiddish Poet: “What instruments we have agree/The day of his death was a dark …http://tinyurl.com/ylo3gv9

Just learnt that schlong is a yiddish word for snake… thanks wikipedia and @hartberg

pascalguilbert http://bit.ly/a0r0sm Blik musique des chants russes et la mélancolie des mélodies yiddish

HariSeldon_ @melamela mAzel tov in yiddish significa “congratulazioni”

cachimbo Sabedoria de lá: O meu amgo Nuno Guerreiro Josué deu-me hoje a conhecer este belo provérbio Yiddish:וואָס וועט זי…http://bit.ly/b979U

meilenweidt I favorited a YouTube video — Bei mir bist du schejn “original” yiddish version http://youtu.be/ZUVEq6NC7mM?a

MegauploadVids3 The Yiddish Cinema (1991) On Megaupload [MU] http://bit.ly/93e5Zu

KateColberg Love it. RT @runanskyrun @KateColberg TheYiddish word for “all done” is “Gornisht!” Happy Friday.

ChaimShel RT @yanklperets: גרינגשאַצן, איגנאָרירן סוצקעװער׃ נאָך אַ בושה פֿון דער “ייִדישער” מדינה http://yiddish.forward.com/node/2732

nguerreiroj “If I try to be like him, who will be like me?” — Yiddishproverb. http://bit.ly/bajJ6I

for_your_info New Music: Yiddish songs, yiddish literaturehttp://ow.ly/16vnjp

PaloAlto_CA Mamaloshen alive and well at Palo Alto’s YiddishCulture Festival – Jweekly.com http://is.gd/7KsGS

alt=”Photo_21_normal”> BriTheCheese I LOVE the Yiddish in Hercules… it’s ridiculous. Pretty sure there aren’t many Greek Jews.

ladysteno I love when my friend says random yiddishphrases/words to me. Always makes me giggle.

onclick=”pageTracker._trackPageview(‘/exit/to/gbsmall777’);” alt=”Photo_69_normal”> dotanh Mother in law to the hospital social worker: “yeah, he lives in Israel”. Hospital social worker: “oh, so do you speak yiddish or something?”

Me_normalTooCooL747 With money in your pocket you’re handsome, funny, and you sing nice too. ~ Old Yiddish Proverb #Humor

HippoRose If things are not as you wish, wish them as they are.Yiddish proverb.

hannibal666 Trombenik is Yiddish for a big talking, bullshit loser. The term derives from the Polish for the one that plays a horn or trombone.

MarketingRox If you don’t want to do something, one excuse is as good as another. (Yiddish Proverb)

cellulitedreams @thePUDDshow I don’t say it…only when something is bothering me like for instance, ‘Oi vey’! Which is aYiddish term for ‘Oh boy’ or what!

sarahleah770 Al Jolson in Yiddish – Gut Shabbos, Yidden! ♫http://blip.fm/~kdtap

efratchat I just received 2 brand new dr. seuss books in yiddish– the gift giver thought it was very cute… Read more athttp://bit.ly/d9Rkkg

miss_Ally_love @lil_shawty1o1 hahaha! YIDDISH is just that COOL! haha.

yanklperets גרינגשאַצן, איגנאָרירן סוצקעװער׃ נאָך אַ בושה פֿון דער “ייִדישער” מדינה http://yiddish.forward.com/node/2732

DrJackKing LOVE is your Friendship ~ a dank (“Thank you!” inYIDDISH@Karen_LWB <– #FollowFriendship!

delicious50 List of English words of Yiddish origin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http://bit.ly/afukH9 language

james_k_brown If you want your dreams to come true, don’t sleep. –Yiddish Proverb #quote

gbsmall777 A halber emes iz a gantser lign…Half a truth is a whole lie. A Yiddish proverb.



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