KOPJIK  INTERNATIONAL want to further the use of Yiddish.

We the young people of today are stressed and

used to Twitter, text- and instant messaging.

We  want a Yiddish course for us youngsters.

A course in a new and more modern way.

“Learn Yiddish in seconds”.

If you are a modern teenager of today –

this is Yiddish for you!

We do not want to waste our time

learning grammar and boring things –

but we do want to know, to speak, to read

and to understand a little Yiddish

that we can speak with our bubbies

and zeydies and our parents

old folks

if we meet them

“ven meschiach vet kummen’.

May it be only “WEB-ish” …

we don’t mind as long as we can

easily communicate internationally

with other jidden using the Internet.

And we would like to speak

Yiddish with our Jewish friends

that the gojim and schikses

wouldn’t understand us.

And if Messias don’t come it would be a waste of time

to study Yiddish at the Vilnius Institute

for months or at Harvard University for years

Come on now!

Every day you need only to spend just

10 seconds learning Yiddish in a funny way,

but if you want to spend more …

and have more fun – that’s okay too!

Anyway start with the names of your

(male or female) body parts.

The names of your body (parts).

“Di nomen fun dayn goof”

Our “Yiddish for Youngsters” course will start here very soon.

Be with us and have fun while learning what you may call

Or run around and pick up some words by yourself

Watch with Diego Raigorodsky Video

Yiddish with Diego Raigorodsky



Sharon Bernstein - Yiddish Song Rarities
Yiddish dialectical differences in Eastern Europe.

Quick Yiddish Joke:

Quick Yiddish Joke:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGbuY5pK_ro&feature=related

Or if you hate being sweaty



Yiddish programming for children

Yiddishe Mama

The Eytam Computer Science company has developed an improved programming language called “Yiddishe Mama”, an education programming language for children – in Yiddish. (The company is currently working on a version in Arabic as well, in order to make it easier to reach programming in Arab schools in Israel, but surprisingly enough, the Arab sector prefers to use the Hebrew version of the software. Probably the Yiddish version will not overthrow the Hebrew version in Arab schools.)

“Yiddishe Mama” is a Yiddish version of Mama, an educational programming language operating in the Alice environment. Mama is an educational programming language and development environment for developing 3D animations and games. Mama was developed by Eytam about five years ago. The Eytam Computer Science company initially developed the Yiddish version as a tool for elderly people interested in studying programming to make the studying process easier for them. Later on, the company have marketed the program for the Haredis, who are becoming increasingly interested in technological studies for preschoolers. Yiddishe Mama includes expressions, buttons and even error messages in Yiddish. The Eytam company aim at increasing ability to teach Haredi schoolchildren the secrets of programming, without hurting their tradition and language. The development of the software’s Yiddish version was completed only several days ago, and the company has just begun offering it to potential customers.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkmVsMqNjz8&feature=player_embedded and http://www.eytam.com/




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