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February -  maanedsoverskrift


The frontpage of

the Danish daily ‘Jyll5andsposten’

on February 16, 2015.

Der er en ny slags krig i gang i Europa

“There is a new type of war emerging in Europe.

It is a war of culture and values, but it is a kind of religious war as well.

We  have to face that if we are going to defend our democracies.


Islamists kill people - humanists love living people


View photo of the culprit, Omar El-Hussein.


Bomben i turbanen

The attack on free speech in Copenhagen 14.2.2015


Terror in Copenhagen.

I write and write animation


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Læs de seneste nyheder – på dansk – her!


View photo of the culprit, Omar El-Hussein.

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A gut johr 5775


Forbud  mod pro-palestinensiske demonstrationer i Frankrig Palestinensiske demonstranter i Paris

French authorities are forbidding pro-Palestinian protests in some cities after violence marred a recent march against the violence in Gaza, as Jewish-Muslim tensions in France have reached their highest level in years.

After several thousand pro-Palestinian demonstrators marched peacefully Sunday through Paris, clashes broke out among small groups, including some who attacked synagogues, Jewish stores and neighborhoods.

Militants from the Jewish Defense League were also involved in violence against pro-Palestinian demonstrators, according to Roger Cukierman, head of France’s leading Jewish organization, CRIF. He denounced the league’s violent methods and lamented that its actions Sunday — including provoking pro-Palestinian protesters — could further inflame anger.

Several demonstrations have been held in recent days calling for an end to Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. A march was planned for Paris on Saturday would be banned because of “the serious risk of disruption of public order that such a protest could engender, in a context of heightened tension. Authorities have also banned protests in Nice and Lille.


Messi protesterer mod kidnapning af 3 børn

Lionel-Messi-Getty in Israel

Soccer player Lionel Messi visiting Israel 2013.

Barcelona footballer Lionel MessiMessi, the worlds #1 soccer player. Playing for FC Barcelona.

Argentinian soccer player Lionel Messi, the world’s #1 player, after scoring, shows this message to the world,  which is totally indifferent, deaf, blind and mute to the kidnapping of these 3 Israeli teen-children by Arab terrorists.

Messi #1 soccer playerLionel Messi.

The 3 Yeshiva students  Eyal Yifrah, 19, Gil-Ad Shaer,16, and Naftali Fraenkel16 were kidnapped by terrorists late at night on Thursday June 12 from a hitchhiking point in Gush Etzion. The World has done nothing to bring them back home.

Naphtali FraenkelThe 3 kidnapped teens – Naftali, Gil-Ad and Eyal.

The mothers of the kidnapped boys attend a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Rachel Fraenkel implores the world to do more to bring back her son Naftali, as well as Gil-Ad and Eyal. “Innocent children should not be used as instruments in a struggle.” Rachelle Fraenkel, mother of 16-year-old Naftali, like Naftali, has dual Israeli-American citizenship.

Gaza militants fired at least four rockets into southern Israel. The army said the Iron Dome defense system intercepted two rockets, while the others fell in open areas, causing no injuries or damage.

The raids of offices and companies with purported Hamas ties have yielded 700,000 shekels ($200,000) in cash, a pile of green Hamas flags, hand grenades, computer discs and posters glorifying Hamas militants.



Mehdi-Nemmouche #3Mehdi Nemmouche.

Mehdi Nemouche 1


The suspect in Jewish museum killings in Bruxelles arrested.

A suspected French jihadist Mehdi Nemmouche who spent about a year in Syria has been arrested by police at the customs inspection in the French port city of Marseille when he disembarked from a bus coming from Amsterdam.

He was in possession of firearms, a large quantity of ammunition and a video claiming responsibility for the May 24 attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels.

The suspect had a revolver and a retractable automatic weapon like those used in the Brussels attack. At least one of the weapons was wrapped up in a white sheet scrawled with the name of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, an extremist group fighting in Syria.


Mehdi Nemouche 2

The suspect had a revolver and a retractable automatic weapon like those used in the Brussels attack.

Nemmouche, a French-born 29-year-old from the northern city of Roubaix, had a criminal record, with seven convictions for crimes like attempted robbery — but nothing related to terrorism.

Nemmouche’s former lawyer, Soulifa Badaoui, described him on BFM television as someone “in difficulty” who went from foster home to foster home and often lived in vehicles. She said he was an intelligent person with serious family.



bernard-cazeneuve 1Bernard Caseneuve  interviewed.

Two men attacked leaving synagogue outside Paris,

hours after yesterdays Brussels attack

France’s interior minister, Bernard Caseneuve, says that two Jewish men have been attacked as they left a synagogue in the Paris area.

Bernard Caseneuve ordered police around France to increase security at Jewish houses of worship and other Jewish establishments, according to a statement Sunday. There were no immediate details on the Saturday night attack on two men leaving the synagogue in Creteil, southeast of Paris.

The attack came hours after the deadly terror-attack in Bruxelles on May 24, 2014 that left three people, including an Israeli couple, dead and a fourth seriously injured.

Terroristen #1Spy-cam photo of the terrorist in Bruxelles.

The terrorist, a man with cap, can be seen moving towards the museum with two large bags. He is calmly walking into the Jewish Museum, getting out a Kalashnikov shoulder rifle and starting to shoot before briskly walking away.

Police detained one suspect late Saturday but he was soon released and is now considered a witness.

Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo swiftly condemned the attack and said Belgium stands united with its Jewish community of 40,000. He also called Netanyahu early Sunday “to express the deep solidarity of Belgium with the Israeli population.”

European Jewish Congress President Moshe Kantor planned to meet Di Rupo on Sunday. “Attacks on Jewish targets in Europe do not exist in a vacuum, but are part and parcel of an overall climate of hate and incitement against Jewish communities,” Kantor said.

Terroristen #2The terrorist arriving at – or leaving the Jewish Museum (?).

Finf mogendovidlach (mikro)


The B’nei Menasseh is a group of people who claim descent from the Lost Menasseh Tribe of Israel.  The Bible reports that many people of the northern Israelite tribes were deported from the land of Israel in connection with Assyrian conquests between 732 and 722 BC. These deportations occurred in several different actions. The earliest action in 732 B.C., carried out by the Assyrian emperor Tiglath-pileser III and known as the First Northern Deportation, involved the transfer of Israelites from the northern part of the land of Israel and also from across the Jordan in Gilead (where half of Manasseh’s territory was found).

Gammelt despoti

A subsequent series of deportations, known collectively as the Second Northern Deportation, was carried out by the Assyrian emperors between 724 and 722 BC, resulting in the transfer of Israelites from the hill country of Samaria—the area of Ephraim and the western area of Manasseh. In the 19th and 20th centuries, Christian missionaries “discovered” Lost Tribes in far-flung places; their enthusiasm for such peoples was related to the desire to speed up the messianic era and bring on the Redemption.  The name M’nashe comes from the Hebrew root “to forget” as it was the name Joseph chose for his eldest to signal that he had “forgotten” how he had been treated by his brothers.

There exist a theory of Pashtun (believe it or not). They descent from Israelites The Bani Israel (also Bna’i Israel) literally means, the children of Israel and refers to the Assyrian captivity of Israel and the ten lost tribes that settled in Media (and Arachosia) and never repatriated to the Holy Land. Numerous historians have identified these four tribes with four of the “Ten Lost Tribes”. The Gandarioi Yusufzai have been identified as the Tribe of Joseph. Aparutai Afridi or Apridi have been identified as the Tribe of Ephraim. Dadikai Zazi or Jaji have been identified as the Tribe of Gad. Sattagudai Khattak & Shetak have been identified as the Tribe of Manasseh.


For the most part of their history, the Khattak were united under one combined leader, referred to as Malak, which according to Khushal Khan Khattak is a continuation of the Bani Israel title of Malak (king = melech).

Khushal Khan Khattak

This Indian group of people was named Bnei Menashe by Rabbi Eliyahu Avichail, founder of Amishav, dedicated to finding the Lost Tribes and facilitating aliyah, who investigated their claims in the 1980s. Since the late 20th century, they have been studying and converting to Judaism from Christianity, which most of their ancestors had adopted in the nineteenth century. In January 2013, the 2000th Bnei Menashe immigrant arrived in Israel, and about 7200 in India are working on formal conversion and hope to emigrate.

Tw Tribes of Israelelve

A group of 40 Bnei Menashe made Aliyah today from India, the first batch out of a total of 250 immigrants from the Lost Tribe that are slated to arrive over the coming month.  In 2005 the Chief Rabbi accepted them as Jews due to their devotion, but still required formal ritual conversion. Later that year, Israel began to refuse to issue the people visas after India objected to Israeli teams entering the northeast states to perform mass conversions and arrange aliyah. Bnei Menashe are expected to go to Nepal to complete their conversions while abroad. Israel will then assist those who want to resettle as Jews.

images (5)Ruth Haokip, 26 y.o., from the Bnei Menasseh tribe.

The immigrants, who hail from the northeastern Indian state of Manipur, were brought to Israel by Shavei Israel, which received permission from the Israeli government last October to bring 900 Bnei Menashe to the Jewish state by 2015.

artikel om fundet

 Earlier last year, Shavei Israel brought 160 Bnei Menashe on Aliyah from the Indian state of Mizoram.

Tre børn fra Menasseh-stammen

Shavei Israel Chairman Michael Freund with Azaryah, Haggai and Arie

The Bnei Menashe are descendants of the tribe of Menashe (or Manasseh), one of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel which were exiled by the Assyrian empire after the death of King Solomon more than 2,700 years ago.

Hjemstedet i Indien 1

The immigrants were greeted this morning at Ben-Gurion Airport by Shavei Israel Chairman Michael Freund, who led them in the recitation of the traditional Shehecheyanu blessing that is recited to give thanks to G-d on special occasions.

More than 2,200 Bnei Menashe now live in Israel; another 7,000 remain in India, all of whom wish to move to Israel.

Resterne af Menassehs stamme

250 fra Menashes stamme på aliyah til israel maj 2014 (IO)

Børn fra Menassehs stamme








Overskrift - 3 mennesker skudt i Bruxelles

The Jewish Museum in Bruxelles

Three people have been killed today in a shooting in central Brussels in the Jewish Museum. Reports said that two men and a woman were killed in the shooting. A fourth person, a Belgian citizen and also employee of the museum, is seriously wounded. Two of the victims is said to be a couple in their 50s from the Tel Aviv area, Emmanuel and Miriam Riva. Police have detained one suspect and are looking for a second. The second person being sought for questioning – he left the area on foot. Security camera footage is being studied to try to identify the person.

The Jewish Museum in Bruxelles #5

According to the reports from a local fire brigade official, the terrorist came out of a car parked near the entrance to the museum and started shooting. The terrorist then fled in a car. The museum and its surroundings have been sealed off.


Jewish Museum in Bruxelles #2


 Toyreh oyf de levoneh ani3


A Tel Aviv-based group has plans to preserve the Jewish faith, in case of an apocalypse, by sending a hand-written Sefer Torah to the moon. Apparently, the text will be housed in a capsule designed to protect it from extreme temperatures and radiation, and is said to be able to preserve the Torah for up to 10,000 years.

Blue moon1

In order to raise funds for the project, the group is asking for outside donations. “People around the world will be able to purchase letters that relate to their name, family, interests and dreams,” says the website Torah on the Moon.

Torah on the Moon - Ani


210514 om nazihilsen i Sweitz

A Swiss anti-racism law from 1995 forbids racist symbols to be displayed to promote racist ideologies. But a Swiss top court ruled today that a Nazi salute isn’t illegal racial discrimination in Switzerland provided it’s intended as a personal statement. The man substituted the Swiss oath with a 20-second Nazi salute.

The gesture is a crime only if someone is using it to try to spread racist ideology to others, not simply declaring one’s own conviction.

This verdict  by the Lausanne-based court overturned a lower court’s verdict last year of a man who was charged with racial discrimination after he took part in an August 2010 demonstration with 150 participants.

The Nazi gesture is a criminal offense in Germany, Austria, France and the Czech Republic.


United against racism

More than 15,000 people have participated in a rally against last week’s neo-Nazi attack in a Stockholm suburb. The demonstration was organized as reaction against an incident last Sunday when neo-Nazis hurled bottles, torches and firecrackers against a smaller anti-racism rally in Stockholm’s suburb of Karrtorp, where 200 people participated in the planned, peaceful demonstration in the suburb of Karrtorp when they were attacked by a smaller group of about 40 neo-Nazis hurling bottles, torches and firecrackers. A neo-Nazi group called “the Swedish Resistance Movement” claimed responsibility for the attack.


Svenske anti-Nazi-demonstrationer maj 2014

Anti-nazi-demonstration i Stockholm

AntiNazi support rallies were also held in Malmo, in southern Sweden, and Lulea in the north.

Støttedemonstrationer i Malmø og Luleå


EU and Iran - read my lips!The silent dialouge – Europe pray, Iran smile.

די שפּיץ פירער פון יראַן האַס סאַגדע יראַן וועט ניט בויגן צו דרוק פון די מערב ס דרוק אין די יאָדער דיאַלאָג

On Tuesday May 13 Iran’s top leader said that Iran will not bow to the West’s pressure in nuclear talks with world powers that are resumed now in Vienna.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who is in fact the dictator of Iran, urged the Iranians to boost economic, scientific and military capabilities through increased efforts at home, saying the country will follow the “correct” path in negotiations and that: “Powers should know that Iranian nation will not bow under pressures”.

“We have come here with a decisive will” and seek to defend the Iranian nation’s nuclear rights, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said.

May -  maanedsoverskrift opad


April - månedsoverskrift nedenfor



The blocking of the video sharing website YouTube is maintained by Erdogan, despite the fact that two independent courts have declared it invalid.
YouTube brings an audio file, which apparently is a conversation between military officers and the Turkish intelligence agency to take military action in neighboring Syria to divert the Turkish public.
In addition, people via social networks spread scores of recordings, where Erdogan reportedly interferes with lawsuits and agreements in business, just as he tries to stop unfavorable media coverage.



Updated 20.4.2014

Iranian Naval Commanders Have Ordered the Flotilla Previously Steaming Toward U.S. Territorial Waters in the Atlantic to Head Back Home

Two months ago, a small Iranian flotilla consisting of, at least, one destroyer and a single helicopter-carrying supply ship were on course to park themselves near U.S. territorial waters in the Atlantic.

Their mission was to prove to the world that the Islamic Republic’s military was capable of projecting its force around the globe and could even approach the maximum allowable distance from the U.S. while remaining legally non-aggressive.

However, that historic effort came to an end this week when the ships were recalled back to Iran before arriving in the Atlantic, reports The Blaze.

Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari told the Fars News Agency Iranian Naval Commanders Have Ordered the Flotilla Previously Steaming Toward U.S. Territorial Waters in the Atlantic to Head Back Home.

iranian-destroyerIranian destroyer.

Two months ago, a small Iranian flotilla consisting of, at least, one destroyer and a single helicopter-carrying supply ship were on course to park themselves near U.S. territorial waters in the Atlantic.

Their mission was to prove to the world that the Islamic Republic’s military was capable of projecting its force around the globe and could even approach the maximum allowable distance from the U.S. while remaining legally non-aggressive.

However, that historic effort came to an end this week when the ships were recalled back to Iran before arriving in the Atlantic, reports The Blaze.

Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari told the Fars News Agency
that the 29th flotilla is being recalled because the ships’ mission has changed, though he did not specify how.

The admiral was quick to say that another group of warships would eventually accomplish Iran’s first Atlantic cruise in response to U.S. deployments in the Persian Gulf, though he wasn’t forthcoming with specifics.

It’s worth noting that he stands by his 2011 statement advocating for the aforementioned deployment, arguing:“Like the arrogant powers that are present near our maritime borders, we will also have a powerful presence close to the American marine borders.”

Holeslam-ani #1

The president of Iran, Hojjat al-Eslam Mehdi Hassan Rohani

Iran has converted three quarters of a nuclear stockpile that it could have turned quickly into weapons-grade uranium into less volatile forms and is well on the way toward transforming the rest, the U.N. atomic agency reported Thursday. Beyond its commitments to neutralize its 20-percent uranium stock, the IAEA report said that Iran also was complying with other obligations under the six-month interim plan, which restricts Tehran from expanding any activities that could be turned toward making a nuclear weapon. The development leaves Tehran with the will and intent to destroy Israel, but for a while with substantially less of the 20-percent enriched uranium that it would need for a nuclear warhead. Iran badly need the ‘frozen’ the country will get in exchange for the temporary nuclear disarmament. On the national army day iranian troops were chanting “God is Greatest”, troops paraded missiles carriers, some bearing banners saying “Death to Israel”.



A leaflet handed out in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk in which Jews were told to “register” with the pro-Russian militants who have taken over a government office in an attempt to make Ukraine part of Russia. The leaflet were calling for all Jews over 16 years old to register as Jews. The leaflet demanded the city’s Jews supply a detailed list of all the property they own, or else have their citizenship revoked, face deportion and see their assets confiscated.

Donetsk leaflet for Jews 2

Jews emerging from a synagogue say they were handed leaflets that ordered the city’s Jews to provide a list of property they own and pay a registration fee “or else have their citizenship revoked, face deportation and see their assets confiscated.

Denis Pushilin

Denis Pushilin, chairman of “Donetsk’s temporary government,” and the man whose name appears on the leaflets, said he was not responsible.Pushilin, who is a leader of the pro-Russian movement in Donetsk, acknowledged that leaflets were distributed under his organization’s name but denied any connection to them, Ynet reported.



Workmens Circle logo

Walk to end genocide ani

March to end genocide 270414 in New YorkTake the first step:




Pesach-greeting from KOPJIK

Did you know about those Yiddish haggodes?

Read more on PESACH







Yiddishe haggodes

haggodeh in iddish


Netanyahu: “I am ready to proceed, I am ready to reach the end of the conflict, but it must be the end of the conflict … We won’t allow the establishment of a Palestinian state so that it will continue the conflict, so it needs to recognize the state of the Jews just like they are demanding from us that we recognize the state of the Palestinians.”

Abbas: “The Palestine Liberation Organization recognized the state of Israel in 1993 and this is sufficient.”


MAGEN-KOPJIK R5010LBFRaniThe KOPJIK-logo have become more and more zudreit.




Israeli authorities on Monday unveiled 11 ancient burial boxes stolen from a cave near Jerusalem with the intent of being sold to collectors and recovered by police during a midnight raid on antiquities dealers suspected of stealing the artifacts. The boxes contain bone fragments and remnants of pottery buried with the deceased more than 2,000 years ago (from the Second Temple Period, a time stretching from roughly 515 B.C. to 70 A.D.).

Stenkiste 4

According to common Jewish burial practices of the time, the deceased were not buried but laid out in a cave for one year. Afterward, the bones were gathered and stored in the special boxes. Two were inscribed in Hebrew with the names Yoezer and Ralphine.

SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vLfQ0bUIoQg,






More than six decades since the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls — and thousands of years after they were written — Israel have now put 5,000 images of the ancient biblical artifacts online in a partnership with Google.

The digital library contains the Book of Deuteronomy, which includes the second listing of the Ten Commandments, and a portion of the first chapter of the Book of Genesis, dated to the first century B.C.


Arab leaders - Arafat and Abbas


Copenhagen Zoo kills 4 lions

Last month Copenhagen zoo prompted international outrage by putting down a healthy giraffe and dissecting it in public. Marius the giraffe’s remains were fed to the zoo’s lions. Now the zoo has killed two lions and their 2 cubs only weeks after shooting the giraffe Marius, “to make way for a new male”.

Copenhagen lions tuck into the final remains of Marius the Giraffe

The Copenhagen Zoo put down two lions and two 10-month-old cubs, all healthy, to make room for a new male lion 24.3.2014.

The Zoo claim that “there would be no public dissection of the animals since not all our animals are dissected in front of an audience”.

Marius tanker 260314 B


Among the comments are:

“This institution is obviously some kind of serial killer training school.”

“Anyone who visits a Zoo or worse, takes their kids to a Zoo is complicit in the torture of sentient and emotionally mature creatures. Zoo’s should not have outlived the 19th century never mind operating their vile trade in the 21st.”

“What sort of lesson is this zoo teaching kids, that it’s ok to kill 4 lions because they couldn’t control the breeding of these lions in the first place? Zoos have lost their ability to protect animals, as the callous attitude of the stupid zoo authorities shows. Why is it that it is ok to kill an animal at will in a zoo, but if this was being done by poachers we would be baying for their blood. Just because you like zoos, doesn’t mean they are doing much conservation work, especially zoos like this one.”


Spis farmand - på lørdag bliver vi middagsmad for krokodillerne i Zoo

Lions in The Copenhagen Zoo eating Marius – who will now eat them?

The zoo defend its killing of the four lions because of Europe’s inbreeding laws. The Copenhagen Zoo says it “had to euthanize” two cubs and their parents after it failed to re-home them. The Copenhagen zoo defend the cruel act and says it has euthanize two old lions and two cubs to make way for a new male.

Marius tanker 260314


Løverne i Zoo spiser Marius

The Copenhagen Zoo puts down the four healthy lions only weeks after causing outrage by killing a healthy giraffe in front of scared children.





Can YOU imagine this corrupt Tyrant in EU?

Turkey aspire to become a member of The European Union !

Turkish Tyrant Tayyip wishing upon a starTayyip Erdogan – wishing upon a star.

Carl Bildts tweet 3

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt used Twitter on Saturday to tell Turkey its efforts to block access to the social media network were “stupid”.

Den korrupte tyran Tayyip ErdoganThree Tyrants – one and the same crime!

The Foreign Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt said the blockade “isn’t working and also backfiring heavily.”

Turkish Tyrant Tayyip wishing upon a star


Recep Tayyip Erdogan - You are Turkeys most corrupted man

The foreplay in June 2013:

Tyrant Tayyip



Mir vet oysvorttelen Twitter 3 (IO)“We’ll eradicate Twitter!”


We will eradicate Twitter (IO)‘We’ll eradicate Twitter!’



ErdoAni5We’ll eradicate Twitter! Viel geschrei – wenig wolle!



Tayyip The Turkish Tyrant

‘We’ll eradicate Twitter. I don’t care what the international community says,’ Turkish PM Erdoğan said at his campaign rally in Bursa. Turkey have blocked access to Twitter overnight Friday 21.3.2014 hours after the corrupted Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to “rip out the roots” of the website. Just before midnight, access to Twitter was already blocked in Turkey.


Links of audio recordings and documents implicating Tayyip Erdogan and other top officials in corruption have been posted on Twitter ahead of crucial local elections on March 30.


This is a kind of censorship! And censorship is a violation of the human rights of the Turks, Jews and other ethnic groups that live in Turkey. To punish an entire population by depriving the people their sovereignty and part of their freedom of speech because a few may have written something on Twitter that corrupted Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan didn’t like – is a clear cut abuse of power.  Tayyip Erdogan has no right to curtail the human rights of the people of Turkey.

Erdogan 10

We all remember how he supported the terror-regime of Hamas in Gaza and tried to turn the friendly Turks against Israel.

Erdogans afskårne bånd til Israel

His Twitter-act is a clear cut illegal abuse of power! The act by itself prove how corrupted he is. The national motto of Turkey is “Egemenlik, kayıtsız şartsız Milletindir” meaning “Sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the Nation”. Sovereignty doesn’t belong to a corrupted tyrant named Tayyip Erdogan! Tayyip Erdogan tried to “steel the state” and make it a crime against the state to use Twitter for the FREE SPEECH of the citizens of Turkey  – thereby he himself committed a crime! He is the criminal – the one who violated human rights of the people of the Sovereign Nation.

Insanların egemenlik halka aittir! 

Turkish social media users have started to figure out ways to circumvent the blocking,

like DNS-tweaking and VPN services!

Güç insanlara!

Turkey’s Islamic democracy:

Corrupt and undemocratic!

KAK partiet



Purimspiel ? – no Peres-spiel!

Shimon Peres portrait

the ninth and current President of the State of Israel:

Shimon Peres (IO)


Peres - besøger kongen af Jordan.

Peres - the disguise I wore in meetings with King Hussein of Jordan

“This the disguise I wore in the mid-seventies when I would go to my meetings

with King Hussein of Jordan before signing the peace agreements”,

Shimon Peres wrote on his Facebook page .

Shimon Peres med børnehavebørn


Esthers megille in one minute by 3 year old girl

די מעגיללעה אין ווייניקער ווי אַ מינוט


(updated 24.3.2014)

Russia have occupied and annexed Crimea

Ukraine’s government ordered troops to withdraw from Crimea on Monday, ending days of wavering as Russian troops consolidate control over the peninsula.

Russian forces have been systematically seizing Ukrainian ships and military installations in Crimea, including a naval base near the eastern Crimean port of Feodosia, where two wounded servicemen were taken captive on Monday and as many as 80 were detained on-site, Ukrainian officials said.

The western democracies have done nothing but issuing a  few protest-declarations and implementation of a “few and easy” economic sanctions towards some 20-30 persons surrounding Vladimir Putin, but not Putin himself.

crimean-war 2A second Crimean war ?

The Russian Foreign Ministry said today that lawlessness “now rules in eastern regions of Ukraine as a result of the actions of fighters of the so-called ‘Right Sector,’ with the full connivance” of Ukraine’s new authorities. (The Right Sector is a grouping of several far-right and nationalist factions. See below 8.3.2014.)

Mikhail Khodorkovsky 2

Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the Jewish businessman and Putin critic who was once Russia’s most famous prisoner, said 14.3.2014 in Kiev: “The question of Crimea’s fate is very painful both for Ukrainians and for Russians. It’s not just a simple territorial dispute for some extra square kilometers. For Russians, it’s a sacred place, an important element in our historical memory and the most painful wound since the Soviet collapse. Nevertheless, the symbolism of Crimea for Russians cannot justify such a blatant incursion into the affairs of a historically friendly state.”


Den russiske invasion på Krim, primo marts 2014With all these soldiers here …

Ukrainian television has been replaced with Russian state channels in Crimea and the streets largely belong to people who support Moscow’s rule, some of whom have harassed journalists and occasional pro-Kiev protesters. “With all these soldiers here …  Everyone fully understands this is an occupation.” (Russian lady, 41 in Crimea.)


Sidste_nyt på yiddish

Former president of Ukraine reported dead!


Born 9.7. 1950 – dead  4. 5. 6. or 7.3.2014 (?).
SOURCE: http://www.ekstrabladet.dk and http://www.Pravda.RU
Breaking: Russians claiming Yanukovich is dead… Aspirin overdose 

Media reports about the death of Viktor Yanukovych On his Facebook page Evromajdana activist Michael Swan wrote that Viktor Yanukovych 

Former Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich Reported Dead Due 

3 days ago  This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Former Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich Reported Dead Due To Massive Heart Attac 

War In Ukraine Begins…Former President Victor Yanukovich Dies 

4 days ago  Former President Victor Yanukovich Dies. Posted on March  There, he suffered a massive heart attack and died within an hour. Hot, shooting 

Viktor Yanukovych Dead? – Russisk-Dansk Forum

Events in Crimea It was reported about the death of Viktor Yanukovych March 4, 2014, 02:58. The author references a friend of Rostov Institute 

Pravda: Viktor Yanukovych dies from heart attack, unconfirmed 

3 days ago  Viktor Yanukovych dies from heart attack, unconfirmed reports say. 52305.png. Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has died tonight, 


Reports of Yanukovych dead have not been confirmed!

KOPJIK  8.3.2014.

Ukraine's placering i EuropaUkraine.
Former old time Synagogue in Czerniewitz.

Present day institutions in the Jewish Community of Ukraine:

• Kiev Synagouge/Student center complex • Kiev Jewish Schools • Lvov Synagouge and schools • Odessa Jewish University Complex • Odessa Jewish Orphanages and schools

There are almost 100 Jewish locations in Ukraine, including synagogues, Jewish community centers and communal offices, in 30 cities.

Read more: http://forward.com/articles/194032/ukrainian-jews-seek-to-emigrate-amid-uncertainty/#ixzz2vS0LT5Qx

Ukraine’s Jewish community isn’t a monolithic bloc. A significant number participated in the Euromaidan movement in Kiev, but there seem to also be a significant number of Jews in Crimea who welcomed the Russian troops. Ukraine’s Jewish community may be small by U.S. or Israeli standards, but by global standards its pretty big—somewhere between 70,000 and 200,000, depending on how you count.

Ukraine once a major center of Jewish life had recently experienced a revolution with bloodshed that ended with the downfall of Ukraine’s former dictator Janukovits.

Oprøret i Kiev, Ukraine. 190214. #13The revolution in Ukraine – February 2014.
There have been a number of anti-Semitic incidents since the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych. A synagogue in the Crimean city of Simferopol was defaced. In the midst of the proteststs, there have been at least three beatings of Jews and two vandalism attacks on synagogues. A synagogue was also reportedly attacked in the southeastern city of Zaporozhye, though a number of prominent Jewish leaders accuse Russian nationalists of these attacks.  And there are undoubtedly anti-Semitic elements within the movement that now runs the country. There are many warnings about planned attacks against Jewish institutions. On the other hand, the notion put forward by Russia’s foreign ministry and president Putin that Ukraine’s Jews need a Russian military intervention to protect them is not true.
Ukrainians sent to Israel for medical care
Nine Ukrainians injured during the recent demonstrations in Kyiv have been flown to Israel for complex medical care. The flights and treatment of the group, who all suffered gunshot wounds, was paid for by Ukraine’s Jewish community.
Rabbi Bleich 2
Rabbi Yakov Dov Bleich.

Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi, Yakov Dov Bleich, gave his blessing to the injured prior to their journey. The wounded protesters were flown from Kyiv to Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport and were swiftly transferred to hospitals in the Jewish state. Israel has one of the most technologically advanced and highest-quality health systems in the world, and is ranked fourth globally for efficiency. The humanitarian gesture by Ukraine’s Jews shows their solidarity with the Maidan protesters, pouring scorn on Russia’s recent lies that many of the demonstrators were anti-Semitic. The Kremlin’s misinformation was also raised by the Chief Rabbi during a meeting with top US diplomat John Kerry. More activities funded by Ukraine’s Jews to help Kyiv’s fallen and injured are expected to take place in the near future, with the community resolute in their opposition to Russia’s aggression.

SOURCE: http://jn1.tv/breaking-news/ukrainians-sent-to-israel-for-medical-care.html

Oprøret i Kiev, Ukraine. 190214

2014 קיִעוו

The price of gaz and basic goods has risen by 20% in recent weeks. Many Ukranian Jews in Kiev and other Ukranian towns prepare to make aliya for their families and move to Israel because of the tense situation.

Rabbi BleichChief Rabbi Bleich of Ukraine.

The chief rabbi of Ukraine has issued a warning to the Jews in his country: Be vigilant, stay away from the protests and avoid the center of Kiev: “We have a very, very large community of young families with children who are living in Kiev,” he said.“Jews are members of civil society in Ukraine. We are a minority. We have been living there peacefully throughout the last 22-years of Ukrainian independence. We want to continue. The community is developing. We want to feel safe. We want to feel protected. We don’t want to have to worry about attacks no matter where they are coming from or who is orchestrating them.” Rabbi Bleich affirmed the majority of the protesters are “grassroots, regular everyday old people from Ukraine that were fed up with living in a corrupt society, and they came out to protest against it to try to make change and they were successful in making change. “That’s the majority,” he maintained. “They are not anti-Semites. They are not right-wing nationalist neo-fascists or Nazis the way the Russians are trying to paint them.”

Neo-Nazis in the Ukraine.“However there is an element among opposition …”.

Bleich said, however, there is an element among the opposition, including some within the nationalist Svoboda party, “who [have] among its rank-and-file members nationalists, some of them are neo-Nazis or neo-fascists, people who are not embarrassed to say they hate Jews. They are a minority.” Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/02/ukraines-chief-rabbi-has-warning-for-jews/#Khtl0Lu5p22TBYEu.99

Ukraine landkort 1Ukraine with the cities of Kiev, Czerniewitz and Odessa.

Rabbi Bleich refuted suggestions that anti-Semitism was on the rise in the Ukraine, noting that two prominent officials in the Ukraine Deputy Prime Minister of Regional Development Vladimir Groisman and Governor Igor Kolomoisky are both Jewish.

Vladimir Groisman 2Developminister Vladimir Groisman.

 *Kolomoyskyi 3

Govenor Igor Kolomoisky.

“Jews are being respected for who they are and what they are,” said Rabbi Bleich. “There may be occasional acts of anti-Semitism, but nothing alarming.  They have been dealt with and will be dealt with.  People feel they are capable of dealing with issues and are not buying what the Russians are spreading, which is allegations of anti-Semitism and fascism.” Read more: http://forward.com/articles/194032/ukrainian-jews-seek-to-emigrate-amid-uncertainty/#ixzz2vRydEZoI


In recent months there has been a spate of anti-Semitic attacks in several Ukrainian cities, including Kiev. Some accuse Ukrainian nationalists of perpetrating the attacks, others blame pro-Russian provocateurs. During the last month, two Jews in Kiev were violently attacked and Molotov cocktails were thrown at a synagogue in Zaporozhe.


Several Jewish leaders have expressed their concerns over the prominent role that the ultra-nationalist and fascist Svoboda party has played in the protests. Svoboda’s leader, Oleg Tyagnibok, unlike many in the European far Right, is a supporter of greater European integration, due to his opposition to what he considers undue Russian influence in the former Soviet republic. He has stated that he believes his country “is being controlled by a Russian-Jewish mafia.” Svoboda has 36 out of 450 seats in the parliament.


One of “the Big Three” political parties behind the protests is the ultra-nationalist Svoboda,

… whose leader, Oleh Tyahnybok, has called for the liberation of his country from the “Muscovite-Jewish mafia.”

Catherine Ashton [EU] and  Oleh Tyahnybok (left) [Svoboda]The forreign-minister of EU, Baronesse Catherine MargaretAshton, 
apparently enjoy the company of the fascist-leader and anti-semite Tyahnybok.


Tyahnybok - U.S. Senator John McCain with Oleh Tyahnybok (right)

Tyahnybok – U.S. Senator John McCain with Oleh Tyahnybok (right).

It is troubling that Oleksandr Sych, Svoboda’s chief ideologue, was named vice prime minister. Sych’s speeches over the years have focused on promoting Ukrainian nationalism, which he says is exemplified by Stepan Bandera, a leader of the Ukrainian nationalist movement of the 1930s and 1940s. Bandera was at times aligned with the Nazis during World War II and was complicit in mass killings of Jews and Poles by Ukrainian partisans. The neo-Nazi “Svoboda” Party has scored major cabinet ministries in the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk approved by the Ukrainian parliament on Thursday. Neo-Nazi Ministers of Ukraine (party-members of “Svoboda”):

Oleksandr Sych – Vice Prime Minister Andriy Mokhnyk – Minister of Ecology Ihor Shvayka – Minister of Agriculture Ihor Tenyukh – Minister of Defence

It is troubling too that Oleksandr Sych, Svoboda’s chief ideologue, was named vice prime minister. Sych’s speeches over the years have focused on promoting Ukrainian nationalism, which he says is exemplified by Stepan Bandera, a leader of the Ukrainian nationalist movement of the 1930s and 1940s. Bandera was at times aligned with the Nazis during World War II and was complicit in mass killings of Jews and Poles by Ukrainian partisans. A man named Mykhalchyshyn is the main link between Svoboda’s official wing and neo-Nazi militias like Right Sector.

The Neo-Nazi party “Svoboda” was founded in 1991 as the Social-National Party of Ukraine (read “National-socialist” or Nazi) and declared war on a “Russian-Jewish conspiracy”. It restricted membership to ethnic Ukrainians. Initially the party used a “wolfs-hook” as its logo (symbol of a SS-Division and it was also the symbol of the Nazi strategy by Minister of Propaganda J.Goebbels called WERWOLF -> to create a commando force which would operate behind enemy lines).

Dmitry Yarosh, leader of far-right movement Right Sector

Dmitry Yarosh, leader of far-right movement Right Sector.

Ukraine-Nationalists - Pravy Sektor

Member of the right sector (“the pravy sector”).
[PRAVO = power, right, law, charter, licence]


Jiddish is aliveYiddish is alive and still going strong.

Never in the 1.000 years of Yiddish  history there have been so many texts in Yiddish available to ordinary Yiddish readers as in 2014. Never in the history of Yiddish there have been so many songs available to Yiddish listeners. Never in the history of Yiddish there have been so many Yiddish dictionaries available for Yiddish learners! If the periode between WWI and WWII was the golden age of Yiddish – today we are experiencing the “platinum age of Yiddish”. Yiddish is alive – and still going strong!


Abbas ani1

Abbas: ‘No way’ for recognition of Israel as Jewish state

PA President adamantly refuses to acknowledge Israel’s core request, says he stood up against US pressure in past and can do so again.

SOURCE: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4496249,00.html


Nutzlose Fressers

Nutzlose fressers copyBergen-Belsen 1945.

“An enclosure to house giraffes is very expensive to build and maintain — and zoos do not have limitless pots of money. So if you allow animals to breed as often as they want, inevitably the result is animals perceived as surplus to requirements.” (Bengt Holst, Copenhagen ZOO.)


SOURCE: http://www.tampabay.com/news/perspective/why-the-danish-zoo-shot-the-giraffe/2165517

Read more here.


Denmark has no legal right to ban religious slaughtering –

the ban is nothing but abuse of power

by the “animal wellfare-state”!

Last month, Denmark’s government banned the religious slaughter of animals for the production of halal and kosher meat stating that “animal welfare takes precedence over religious freedom”. Since this move is carried out by a Christian government although it interfere with the rights of the Jews to religious freedom it is clearly “anti-Semitic” and “anti-islamic” in its scope and “a clear interference in religious freedom”. The Danish ban of religious slaughtering is a clear cut violation of the human rights of the Jews and Moslems in Denmark. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 18 about right to freedom of thought and religion: “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance.” In French: “Toute personne a droit à la liberté de pensée, de conscience et de religion; ce droit implique la liberté de changer de religion ou de conviction ainsi que la liberté de manifester sa religion ou sa conviction, seule ou en commun, tant en public qu’en privé, par l’enseignement, les pratiques, le culte et l’accomplissement des rites.” The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Article 18 1. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. This right shall include freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice, and freedom, either individually or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in worship, observance, practice and teaching. 2. No one shall be subject to coercion which would impair his freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice. 3. Freedom to manifest one’s religion or beliefs may be subject only to such limitations as are prescribed by law and are necessary to protect public safety, order, health, or morals or the fundamental rights and freedoms of others. 4. The States Parties to the present Covenant undertake to have respect for the liberty of parents and, when applicable, legal guardians to ensure the religious and moral education of their children in conformity with their own convictions. respect the exclusive character of the responsibilities of the Secretary-General and the staff and not to seek to influence them in the discharge of their responsibilities. Article 27 In those States in which ethnic, religious or linguistic minorities exist, persons belonging to such minorities shall not be denied the right, in community with the other members of their group, to enjoy their own culture, to profess and practise their own religion, or to use their own language.  Last month, while announcing the ban of religious slaughter for halal and kosher meat, the Danish Government explicitly stated that animal rights should come before religion. But they don’t do that in the Danish constitution, which do not even mention animal welfare, but specifically guaranty religious freedom. For meat to be considered kosher under Jewish law or halal under Islamic law an animal must be alive, healthy, and intact before being killed. The animal is required to be conscious before its throat is cut. Christian European regulation states that the slaughter of an animal is considered humane only if it is stunned before being slaughtered. In the UK, law permits animals to be conscious before they are slaughtered by Islamic or Jewish butchers – allowing religious communities to continue their ways of life without feeling marginalised by the state. Conversely, by suggesting that “animal rights come before religion”, Christian Denmark’s decision to ban kosher and halal slaughtering suggests that the ethical code and moral fabric of Jewish and Islamic communities exists outside of, and is incompatible with, ‘normal’ (aka Christian) Danish society.


Read more about the bloody Danish Giraffe-killing.

Time World on Marius

SOURCE: http://world.time.com/2014/02/09/marius-giraffe-copenhagen-zoo/




Read more here.



Denmark, Kashrut, and Anti-Semitism

The international image have got serious scratches caused by an animal,  a kosher ban and growing


Marius live ani2

Marius – the useless eater.

He wasn’t “arian” – he had to be exterminated!

The “animal wellfare-state” Denmark.


Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala

M’Bala M’Bala – alias the anti-semitic French actor Dieudonné.

judge orders M'Bala M'Bala to censor a hate video he uploaded on YouTube (IO)

Court orders Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala to cut hate video.

Comedian Dieudonné was ordered by a French court last week to edit out two sections of a video he posted on his website and YouTube.

Mbala-klon 16

Nicolas Anelka hearing have stared 25.2.2014 The West Bromwich Albion player, Nicholas Anelka, performed the quenelle, a form of Nazi salute, during a Premier League match last December. The Football Association (FA) charged the player with making a gesture that was abusive/ and/or indecent and/or insulting and/or improper. It also charged him with an “aggravated breach” of FA rules based on “ethnic origin and/or race and/or religion or belief”. Anelka, will contest all the charges. He faces a minimum five-match ban if the charges are proved. The independent three-person commission hearing the case includes a barrister, one former player or manager, and an FA council member. Their identities have not been made public. The FA says it hopes the hearing will last only until the end of the week, but it could take longer. If Anelka appeals against the decision, a new commission would have to be formed to hear the evidence for a second time. Anelka has claimed that the gesture was a tribute to his friend, the antisemitic French hate-speaker Dieudonne M’Bala M’Bala.

Finf mogendovidlach (mikro)



The shiit-alliance.

Iran has signed a deal to sell Iraq arms and ammunition worth $195 million, according to Reuters. A move that would break a U.N. embargo on weapons sales by Tehran. The agreement seem to have been reached at the end of November, the documents showed, just weeks after Iraq’s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki returned from lobbying the Obama administration for extra weapons to fight al Qaeda-linked militants. A spokesman for Nouri al-Maliki would not confirm or deny the sale, but said such a deal would be understandable given Iraq’s current security troubles. Iraq “are launching a war against terrorism and … want to win this war. Nothing prevents … (Iraq) from buying arms and ammunition from any party and it’s only ammunition helping us to fight terrorists,” said the Iraqi spokesman, Ali Mussawi. The Iranian government denied any knowledge of a deal to sell arms to Iraq. The U.S. State Department said it was looking into the reports.

Drey mogendovidlach (mikro)


German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Israel

Merkel-Netanyahu-ani1Angela Merkel and Benjamin Netanyahu shaking hands in Israel 24/2-2014.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting Israel with most of her new cabinet in order to show Germany’s friendship with the Jewish state and that her country is working to secure the future of Israel. Germany is Israel’s closest European ally and holds an annual joint Cabinet session with its Israeli counterparts.

Finf mogendovidlach (mikro)


109 year old Alice

Alice Herz-Sommer

Alice Herz-Summer, believed to be the oldest-known survivor of the Holocaust, died in London on Sunday morning at the age of 110. “We all came to believe that she would just never die,” said Frederic Bohbot, producer of the documentary “The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life”, nominated for best short documentary at the Academy Awards next Sunday.

Alice Herz-Sommer var verdens ældste pianistListen to Alice, then 106, playing th piano.

Alice Herz-Sommer was born on Nov. 26, 1903, in Prague, and started learning the piano from her sister at age 5. As a girl, she met the author Franz Kafka, a friend of her brother-in-law.  “Kafka was a slightly strange man. He used to come to our house, sit and talk with my mother, mainly about his writing. He did not talk a lot, but rather loved quiet and nature. We frequently went on trips together. I remember that Kafka took us to a very nice place outside Prague. We sat on a bench and he told us stories.”, Alice told. Alice married Leopold Sommer in 1931. Their son was born in 1937, two years before the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia. After the Nazi invation most Jewish families  in Prague were forced to leave their family apartments and were crammed into one apartment with other families. This was a very, very hard time for Jews. Jews were allowed to shop for only half an hour in the afternoon, by which time the shops were empty. “We were poor, and we knew that they will send us away, and we knew already in this time that it was our end,” she have later told. In 1942, her 73-year-old mother was transported to  the concentration camp Theresienstadt, then a few months later to the extermination camp Treblinka. Alice  Herz-Sommer, her husband and her son were sent from Prague in 1943 to Theresienstadt together with an estimated of 140,000 other Jews of which  33,430 died there and about 88,000 were sent to the death camp Auschwitz and killed there most of them. Her husband, Leopold Sommer, died of typhus at the concentration camp Dachau, six weeks before the camp was liberated.


Alice Herz-Sommer and her son, Stephan, were among fewer than 20,000 who were freed when the notorious camp was liberated by the Soviet army in May 1945. In Theresienstadt her son  Stephan, then 6, was recruited to play in an opera called “Brundibar,” a 40-minute piece for children composed by Hans Krasa, a Czech who was also imprisoned in the camp. It was first performed in Prague but got only one other performance before he was interned. “Brundibar” was abused by the Nazis and became a showpiece for the camp, performed at least 55 times including once when Theresienstadt , which had been extensively spruced up for the occasion, was inspected by a Danish initiated Red Cross delegation in June 1944.  The “Brundibar” opera was featured in a 1944 Nazi propaganda film which shows Theresienstadt as a kind of paradise for Jews and her son  Stephan together with more than 40 young performers filling the small stage during the finale.

Children behind a barbed wire fence at the infamous concentration camp at Auschwitz in southern Poland

(Updated 02.03.2014)

The documentary about Alice Herz-Sommer, the 110-year-old Holocaust survivor who died last weekend, has won the Academy Award for best short documentary.

Read more: http://forward.com/articles/193699/documentary-on-holocaust-survivor-alice-herz-somme/#ixzz2vSQK3OiC

A kleyne mogendovid (mikro)


Anne Franks dagbog vandaliseret på Tokyo's biblioteker (IO)

Mindst 265 eksemplarer af dagbogen er ødelagt (IO)


Anne Frank’s Diary vandalised in Tokyo

More than 100 copies of Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl have been vandalised in public libraries in Japan’s capital Tokyo, officials say. Pages have been ripped from at least 265 copies of the diary and other related books.

Ødelæggelse af Anne Frank-bøger på bibliotak i JapanAt least 265 copies of Anne Franks books have been vandalized.


Jiddish-kursus 010614

 The Judaic Studies Program at UC San Diego is hosting a 1-day Yiddish course (with a crash course for gor onheybers and a brush-up for intermediate and advanced speakers) on *June 1, 2014*. This event is free of charge, but space is limited. Participants must register in advance.




The helix project — making the past present

1. Sholem Aleichem Copenhagen Yiddish lovers, KOPJIK


A kleyne mogendovid (mikro)


Yiddish studier i Bruxelles

Yiddish summer course in Belgium

– Singing workshop with Shura Lipovsky – Recitation workshop with Rafaël Goldwaser – Lectures on specialised subjects – Yiddish film – Visit to Jewish sites (museum, synagogues, monuments).

 https://kopjik.wordpress.com/yiddish-around-the-world-ייִדיש-אַרום-די-וועלט/yiddish-in-belgium/ ‎


Rolling Stones første koncert i Israel nogensindeRolling Stones will play in Israel this summer.

The Rolling Stones will play their first-ever concert in Israel on June 10, 2014. They are expected to sing: “We walked across the sand and the sea and …” from their famous song “In Another Land”


Big Yiddish in Olympic rings (IO)

There are many ways to learn Yiddish nowadays

A luftmensch (IO)

This skater is certainly not “a luftmensch”. The Yiddish word “a luftmensch” [ א לופטמענטש] does have a quite different meaning. Wikipedia gives this explanation of the Yiddish word:

Yiddish word 'luftmensch' (IO)

[Originate from German:]

German luft (“air”), and mensch (“person”). Luftmensch (plural luftmenschen or luftmensches) [Meaning:] One more concerned with airy intellectual pursuits than practical matters like earning an income. [Example:] My husband is such a luftmensch he missed our anniversary dinner because he was too busy reading his books!

[Urban dictionary:]

A “human being in the air”. The opposite of a materialist, may be the opposite of an achiever too. Someone whose strengths and pursuits are non-practical (may indeed be helplessly handless), not related to any sort of business or worldly gain. May be a shlemihl, may be a useless sort of geek. Is very likely to have an interest in things of the intellect and/or the spirit, art, music and philosophy. May at best be a source of knowledge and wisdom for others, even if an exasperation to those closest to him/her, and indeed himself/herself. For sociological reasons, usually male.


Mogens Lykketoft fornærmer Israels parlament, Knesset

Altavoz danés ha ofendido a la Knesset de Israel.
Датский спикер обидел Кнессет Израиля.
Mogens Lykketoft har fornærmet Knesset.
Danish speaker has offended the Knesset of Israel.
Orateur danois a offensé la Knesset d’Israël.
Duński przewodniczący – obraził Kneset Izraela.
Falante dinamarquês ofendeu o Knesset de Israel.
Danska Mogens Lykketoft har kränkt Knesset i Israel.

Lykketoft fornærmer Knesset i Israel

Lykketofts rejseplan

Head of Danish Parliament to Visit PA, Skip Israel

The anti-Israel speaker of the Danish parliament will visit the Palestinian Authority this weekend but will skip Israel,Channel 10 News reported on Thursday. According to the report, the Speaker, Mogens Lykketoft, announced two months ago that he would be visiting the region, and the Foreign Ministry explained to Lykketoft that his Israeli counterpart, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, will be unable to meet him on these specific dates. The Ministry offered alternative dates, but did not receive a response.

ML2Mogens Lykketoft, anti-Israel parliament-member, Denmark.

The website for Israel’s channel 10 reported Thursday night that Mogens Lykketoft, who is scheduled to arrive in Ramallah and Gaza during the weekend, week, will not meet any Israeli officials during the visit. According to the report, Lykketoft two months ago asked to meet his Israeli counterpart, Yuli Edelstein, but the Israeli lawmaker replied he would not be able to meet Mogens Lykketoft because of prior engagements. Lykketoft did not reply and proceeded to plan the visit without including any meetings in Israel. Edelstein said that he viewed Lykketoft’s actions as “very serious,” adding: “I fail to see how visiting Gaza, which is under Hamas’ control, is compatible with Denmark’s commitment to democratic values.” In an interview last month for the Jydske Vestkysten daily, the anti-Israel Mogens Lykketoft, who is a member of Denmark’s Social Democrats party, said that Ariel Sharon, the former Israeli prime minister who had just died, was “a brutal military leader who was not interested in reaching an agreement with the Palestinians.” The Foreign Ministry reacted angrily to the decision of the Danish Speaker, telling Channel 10, “It seems as though the Danish Speaker finds it more important to please his voters in Denmark who identify with the Palestinians, while ignoring Israel.” Edelstein himself was quoted as having said that he regrets the fact that, unlike other world leaders such as French President Francois Hollande and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Danish Speaker decided not to include Israel in his visit to the region. “This is very serious,” he told Channel 10. “I do not understand how a visit to Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, goes along with Denmark ‘s democratic values.”

Mogens lykketoft - den anti-israelske danske folketingsformandMogens Lykketoft, Dennmark.

The report noted that incidentally, (the anti-Israeli) Mogens Lykketoft’s visit to Gaza would require approval from Israel, as is any visit by an international official. As the Danish Speaker has chosen not to visit Israel, officials told Channel 10, “Due to his conduct, we have no intention of letting him enter Gaza.

Mogens Lykketoft - an elephant in a glass-shop in relation to Israel

In Denmark politicians compare Mogens Lykketofts rude behaviour to an elephant in a glass-shop. And a newspaper-reader asks: “Do we really need to let him enter Danish territory when he return from Ramallah?” Others Danes call him a “moslem-supporter”. “Maybe the best thing would be that Israel allow him to enter Gaza, meet his friends from Hamas, and keep him there for the rest of his life” one Dane commented. Arrogant Mogens Lykketoft denies that there is – and he created – a crisis in the relationship between Denmark and Israel.

Yigal Palmor says - We have a crisisKOPJIK@1D


Bag of marbles

Anne Frank - mit kleine oishes

Shortly before Anne Frank and her family went into hiding from the Nazis, she gave some of her toys to a non-Jewish girlfriend who lived in the building next door.

Toosje Kupers 1940Toosje Kupers 1940.

The neighbor, Toosje Kupers, kept the marbles along with a tea set and a book. It was only when Kupers, 83, was moving last year that she thought to mention the marbles to the Anne Frank museum.

Anne Frank, May 1941

Anne Frank 1941.

“I’m worried about my marbles, because I’m scared they might fall into the wrong hands,” Kupers said Anne told her. “Could you keep them for me for a little while?”

Ani 5

Anne and Toosje, were frequent playmates in each other’s homes and on the square. Toosje didn’t know that Anne wouldn’t be coming back.

Looking back – Anne Frank’s diary






Danske Bank i krig med sine egne kunder (IO)

“Den Danske Bank” of Denmark

is even at war with its own customers.

Danske Bank 1

 The two largest banks in Denmark – Nordea and Danske Bank – blacklists Israels Bank Hapoalim.

Denmark’s largest bank, Danske Bank, has blacklisted Israeli Bank Hapoalim because it finances construction of settlements in the settlements in the West Bank. Citing its corporate accountability rules, the Danske Bank accused Bank Hapoalim of acting against the rules of international law. Sweden’s Nordea Bank – the largest in Scandinavia –  followed the Danish bank and has also taken steps against Israeli banks involved in construction in the settlements.

Bank Hapoalim jpg

The Danish bank had already withdrawn its investments from Africa Israel Investments Limited and Danya Cebus for the same reasons. The Danske Bank has lost 134,000 of its customers in 2013 alone, because it has treated its own customers so badly that customers have fled to other banks. The US “thinks the boycotts are unhelpful of Israel, and we oppose them because we believe that in order to resolve these issues, we need to discuss them directly between the two parties at the negotiating table, and that that kind of action isn’t helpful.” In Israel, MP Hilik Bar (Labor) said the “boycotts will not help end the conflict, push forward peace talks or aid the Israeli or Palestinian economies”.





Nominering af Edward Snowden til NOBEL's fredspris

Edward Snowden nominated 2013 & 2014.
Snowden startafsnit 310114
 Edward Snowden is a true follower of Hilel's philosophy 5

Two Norwegian lawmakers have jointly nominated National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize 2014 by 2 Norwegian politicians, Snorre Valen and Bård Vegar Solhjell.  Last year  Edward Snowden was nominated by Stefan Svallfors, a professor at Umeå University, Sweden, for his “heroic effort at great personal cost”, though he missed the deadline for the 2013 prize. Edward Snowden has already been awarded the Sam Adams Award by a group of retired CIA officers for ‘Integrity in Intelligence’ last year, and the Whistle blower award by the German branch of Transparency International.

Nominering @

Snorre Valen wrote on ‘Manifest Tidskrift’: ‘Modern information technology brings new opportunities for democratisation, openness and freedom of speech . But is also introduces new tools for oppression, surveillance and espionage. ‘Of course I don’t support all of Snowden’s revelations, but I have no doubt that the public debate and the political changes that has followed in the wake of the Snowden issue has contributed to a more peaceful and better world.’ Valen: ‘I want to point out that I am all for a strong, democratic state, with a firm defense policy, and I absolutely support the need for good and effective intelligence services to protect us. But … I think that in the wake of the “war on terror,” spy agencies have been given too much power to define all for themselves what is acceptable and not. It didn’t just translate to meaningless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, it also led to massive surveillance that affects millions and millions of people. We have to draw a line. Snowden has enabled us to do that.’ He has enabled the whole world to both educate itself in what our governments are actually able to do and what to do about it, and second, because it has brought about actual changes from the Obama administration and others that can increase our trust in institutions like NSA and their counterparts. So even though there is outrage in Germany over the surveillance of Merkel, and in Brazil over the surveillance of Rousseff, but at least we now know how it happened, why it happened, and we have established the fact that doing so has a cost. How people will actually react to your actions must now be a part of the risk assessment. That is a good thing. I believe in the American political principle of checks and balances, and now the public has been given an opportunity to balance out the desire of intelligence agencies to go beyond their ethical and moral mandates.”

NSA's etiske og moralske mandat

“We hold liberal democracies to a high standard, and that violating the right to privacy, freedom of expression and the rule of law will not be accepted.”

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(updaten 24.3.2014)

Military revenge on Morsi-supporters

A court in Egypt convicted 529 supporters of ousted Islamist President Mohammed Morsi and sentenced them to death on charges of murdering a policeman and attacking police.  A total of 545 suspects were charged with the killing the police officer, attempted killing of two others, attacking a police station and other acts of violence in August. 16 suspects were acquitted.

I am Morsi - A
Former president of Egypt Mohammad Morsi with his virtual crystal ball.

Ousted President Mohammad Morsi’s second court appearance  was very different from his first: He wore a white prison uniform. Like the iron-fisted Romanian ex-president Nicolae Ceausescu in court on December 24, 1989, he defended what he thinks are “his presidential rights”. Hr. og fru Ceaucescu

Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu in court on December 24, 1989.

There are 130 defendants besides Morsi, but only 19 appeared with him in court onTuesday 28.1.2014. Another 111 defendants, including members of Hamas and Hezbollah, are being tried in absentia. Prosecutors have demanded the maximum penalty for the defendants, which could mean a life sentence for Morsi. He is charged with helping foreign militant groups to enter the country from neighboring Hamas-ruled Gaza, to lead the 2011 prison breaks.

Morsi i buret i 'rets'-lokalet i CairoWhat does Morsi see gazing into his virtual crystal ball in his cage in the court-room in Cairo?

The next appearance in court is expected to be in February 2014.  Morsi faces three other trials on various charges, some of them carrying the death penalty. Maybe Morsi will now get time to watch the movie picturing …

President Ceausescu and Elena

… Romanian ex-president Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena …

Elena & Nicolae Ceausescu

… in the court on December 24, 1989.

The execution of Ceausescu

The excecution of Nicolae  and Elena Ceausescu December 24, 1989.


Historian Randolph L. Braham

Holocaust survivor and historian Randolph L. Braham returns award to Hungary in protest.

Horthy sent 500,000 Jews to Auschwitz in 1944!

Professor emeritus of City University of New York and Director of Rosenthal Institute Randolph L. Braham, left, jokes as he takes over the Medium Cross of the Order of the Republic of Hungary from Deputy State Secretary of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry Janos Hovari in the Holocaust Memorial Centre in Budapest, Hungary. Holocaust survivor and historian Randolph L. Braham said Sunday he is returning a high state award to Hungary to protest what he says are government efforts to rewrite history and exonerate the country from its role in the Holocaust. Braham also asked the Holocaust Memorial Center in Budapest to remove his name from the BrahamTheque Information Center, which collects his research results and publications.


Braham, Professor Emeritus at the Center for Jewish Studies at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, said in an open letter addressed to executives of the memorial center that the “straw that broke the camel’s back” leading to his decision was the government plan to erect a memorial commemorating the March 1944 invasion of Hungary by the Nazis. Braham said the memorial was “a cowardly attempt to detract attention from the Horthy regime’s involvement in the destruction of the Jews and to homogenize the Holocaust with the ‘suffering’ of the Hungarians — a German occupation, as the record clearly shows, was not only unopposed but generally applauded.” In 2011, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Elie Wiesel also returned a state award to Hungary on similar grounds. Wiesel was born and raised in Transylvania and his parents and sister were sent to their deaths by wartime Hungarian officials


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Heinrich Himmler 2The criminal Nazi-führer-proxy Heinrich Himmler.

German newspaper Die Welt am Sonntag has published a number of letters believed to be written by the criminal Nazi SS leader Heinrich Himmler. On seven full pages the paper on Sunday Jan. 26,2014 show pictures of Himmler and his family smiling into the camera during a fishing trip during which the criminal Nazi leader are taking a bath in a lake. Judged from the Newspaper articles of 26,1,2014 the documents are mainly of a private character and don’t expose any news about the Nazi regime or shade new light at its crimes as such. Two U.S. Army soldiers found the documents right at the end of the war in May 1945, inside a safe in Himmler’s home in Bavaria. Decades later, in the 1980s, the papers came into the hands of Holocaust survivor Chaim Rosenthal. But Die Welt says it is not clear how he obtained the papers. Rosenthal kept them until 2007, when he sold the documents to film director Vanessa Lapa’s father, who then gave them to his daughter. Die Welt said it worked together with Israeli Vanessa Lapa, whose family have had the documents in its possession since 2007.

Heinrich Himmler 3

The criminal Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler.

The war criminal  mass murderer Heinrich Himmler was the head of the Concentration camps (KZ-lager), the brutal Gestapo corps and the SS-criminals. He was the boss of  the two lower placed war criminals Adolf Eichmann and Reynhard Heydrich. The correspondence seem to contain several previously unknown petty details about the criminal Himmler as a speaker and Nazi official as well as his appointment to deputy head of the SS-bandits from 1927 and the “Reichsführer SS” from 1929 untill his dead as a war-criminal in 1945.


America det prægtige 2 (IO)

.” Amerike di prekhdike ani1 “Yiddish has been the everyday voice of the Ashkenazic Jewish people for around one thousand years. Mixing Hebrew, High German, Slavic, and Romance languages, Yiddish was spoken in Jewish daily life in Central and Eastern Europe from medieval times. In the 19th century, the language reached its “Golden Age” in the literature of such internationally renowned writers as Sholom Aleichem, Y. L. Peretz, Itzik Manger, and Isaac Bashevis Singer. Throughout that time, many Yiddish speakers also emigrated to cities and towns in North and South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia. In New York City, Yiddish was the mame-loshn or “mother tongue” that Jewish immigrants spoke with their children, heard in Second Avenue theatres, and read in newspapers like the Forverts (Forward) and the Frayhayt. Although Yiddish was almost silenced in the 20th century by the Holocaust and assimilation, this rich, vibrant voice of Jewish history and culture is growing stronger day by day. Written in Hebrew script, Yiddish today is a living language, pronounced with great expression and musical cadence. Almost a million people around the globe speak Yiddish – 250,000 in the United States and 60,000 in New York State alone. Today more than 60 universities worldwide offer classes in Yiddish, and New York City itself boasts a Yiddish degree program at New York University, as well as courses at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, Jewish Theological Seminary, and the Workmen’s Circle. The past twenty years has seen a rebirth of interest in Yiddish music, literature, and arts, and in Yiddish itself, a vital symbol of Jewish identity which once approached extinction.


Al Qaeda terrorplan disclosed

Al Qaede planned to mega-bomb the US-embassy in Tel Aviv and several more “targets” in Israel.

Planlagt Al Queda attentat mod USA's ambassade

Planned bombing of US-embassy in Tel Aviv. Photomontage, KOPJIK.

Shin Beth fingered a Gaza-based al-Qaeda operative, Arib al-Sham, as the point man for the twin attack. The fact that he was allowed to operate freely from Gaza, the Shin Bet said, indicates that “Hamas allows Salafists to carry out terror attacks so long as they are not targeting them.” Al-Sham is still at large.

De tre pågrebne terrorister

Al Qaedelederen i Syrien ani3

The leader of Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria.

It is evident, Shin Beth says, that the civil war in Syria, which is a magnet for terror operatives throughout the Middle East, has deepened the roots of al-Qaeda and other like-minded organizations in the region.

USA's ambassade i Tel_Aviv
The US-embassy in Tel Aviv that Al Qaeda planned to attack. Photo: Krokodyl.
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Keiner soll moire håben

An american  judge (Richard Leon), have recently declared

that the National Security Agency’s bulk collection

of millions of Americans’ telephone records is: Unconstitutional.

Keinen soll moire

Edward Snowden.

“The biggest problem we face right now is the new technique of indiscriminate mass surveillance, where governments are seizing billions and billions and billions of innocents’ communication every single day. This is done not because it’s necessary — after all, these programs are unprecedented in US history, and were begun in response to a threat that kills fewer Americans every year than bathtub falls and police officers — but because new technologies make it easy and cheap.” “I think a person should be able to dial a number, make a purchase, send an SMS, write an email, or visit a website without having to think about what it’s going to look like on their permanent record,” he continued. “It’s not good for our country, it’s not good for the world, and I wasn’t going to stand by and watch it happen, no matter how much it cost me.” Edward Snowden 23.1.2014 At a direct press conference transmitted from Moscow #AskSnowden on Twitter http://freesnowden.is/asksnowden.html What Edward Snowden have done in our time is the perfect application of the essence of Judaism: Im ein ani li, mi li ? U.kh.she.ani le.atsmi, ma ani ? Ve.im  lo ach.shav, ei.matai ? Like Hillel stated it more than 2.000 years ago: 

Im ein ani ...






kopjik-star-of-david-2 mikro

Take a second to none trip to Yiddishland i 2014

kopjik-star-of-david-2 myre


Syriens tortur 1A (IO) Tegn på systematisk tortur i Syrien (IO) Tortur i Syrien 1


Torturen i Syrien (F)

Veytr schreybn ani  (gIO)


On Iran.

The generous leader of Iran - KhammeneiIran. The great “führer” mr. Khammenei.
Why is it that his gesture reminds you of something that you have seen before?

Supporting the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah is a principle of Iran’s foreign policy and Tehran will continue to throw its weight behind the movement, says an Iranian lawmaker, Hassan Asafari.

Hassan Asafari #1Hassan Asafari.

A senior Iranian lawmaker warned that Takfiri terrorists are killing Muslims for the sake of enemies’ interests in the region, particularly the Zionist regime of Israel. “Takfiri groups are used as a tool by enemies of Islam and they seem to lack a true understanding of Islam,” Chairman of the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Alaeddin Boroujerdi said in a meeting with Syrian Grand Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun in Tehran on Saturday. 

Grand Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun (left) and Alaeddin Boroujerdi (right)Syrian Grand Mufti Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun in Tehran.

He highlighted the role of clerics in reinforcing the resistance of the Syrian nation as well as fostering unity in the Arab country, and warned against plots by enemies to incite religious and sectarian rifts among Muslims. Boroujerdi also praised the resistance of the Syrian people against the foreign-sponsored crisis in the country.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi #4Alaeddin Boroujerdi in Syria with Assad.

Earlier this month, Senior military aide to the Iranian Supreme Leader Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi warned that Takfiri terrorists are killing Muslims for the sake of Israel’s interests in the region.

General Rahim SafaviGeneral Yahya Rahim Safavi.

“Takfiri groups are advancing Israel’s interests in the Middle-East through violence and terrorism,” Major General Rahim Safavi said. “Through the massacre of innocent people in countries like Syria, Iraq and Bahrain, Takfiri groups are pushing the situation in the region in favor of the Zionist regime (of Israel),” he said.

Iranske penge

China owes Iran €22 billion in oil and gas debt, according to the Iranian vice president for planning and strategic supervision Mohammad Baqer Nobakht.

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S'is swer zu sein a jid B (IO)

Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud (IO)

Forsøg på tyveri af Freuds aske (IO)

Sigmund Freuds aske (IO)

British police are hunting burglars who tried to steal the ashes of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud from a London crematorium. The Metropolitan Police force says a 2,300-year-old Greek urn containing the remains of Freud and his wife Martha was severely damaged in a break-in at Golders Green Crematorium on Dec. 31, 2013 or Jan. 1, 2014.

Frit efter Freud citatet

Freely after Sigmund Freud by KOPJIK.

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Updated 20.1.2014.

Iran - what comes next

Midlertidig atomaftale med Iran (120114) [IO]

Six of the world’s great powers (Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States) have agreed with Iran to begin implementation of a temporary nuclear deal. It will enter into force 20 January, 2014. The Great Powers will now ask a team from the UN to approve the implementation of the agreement. They will also ask the IAEA to take care of the necessary nuclear-related control and monitoring activities in the case.

Midlertidig Iran-aftale 1

Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States have negotiated a deal with Iran according at which Iran have agreed to stop producing 20 percent enriched uranium and limit its uranium enrichment to 5 percent — the grade commonly used to power reactors.

Midlertidig Iran-aftale 2

In exchange, economic sanctions Iran faces would be eased for six months. Senior officials in U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration have put the total relief figure at some $7 billion.

Midlertidig Iran-aftale 3

Hard-liner Iranians have already called the deal a “poison chalice” and are threatening legislation to increase uranium enrichment. Meanwhile, U.S. lawmakers have threatened to pass new sanctions legislation against Iran that would take effect if Tehran violates the interim nuclear deal or lets it expire without a follow-up accord.


Ariel ('Arik') Sharon Ani

אריאל שרון

Februar 26,1928 – January 11, 2014.

Former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon has died at age 85.

פרייַערדיק ישראל פּרעמיער אַריעל שרון האט געשטארבן אין עלטער 85

kopjik-star-of-david-2 myre


Mammeloshen (gIO)Did you know that the Internet of today do have a lot of facilities for reading, writing and listening to mammeloshen (= Yiddish)?


Google iddish

Today it is possible to search Google in Yiddish. Fir mogendovidlach (mikro) Have you ever tried that? Just write:  https://www.google.com/?hl=yi Yiddish keyboard Maybe you miss a Yiddish keyboard to write your search-word. You will find it here: http://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/yiddish.htm   Fir mogendovidlach (mikro) or here: http://www.cs.uky.edu/~raphael/yiddish/makeyiddish.html  Fir mogendovidlach (mikro)


Google translate Fir mogendovidlach (mikro) (Google doesn’t always make correct translations, but it is improving by use and getting better and better.) You can also translate Yiddish texts into English or most other languages: Translate from Yiddish You can even find Wikipedia in Yiddish here: WIKIPEDIA-YI  Finf mogendovidlach (mikro)

WIKIPEDIA på jiddish

Several Yiddish programs and applications are available for both computers and smartphones for translating Yiddish and writing Yiddish either FREE or for a small amount of money. Yiddish-English dictionary appPocketPolyglot Yiddish app Yiddish dictionary English-Yiddish dictionary app http://www.cs.uky.edu/~raphael/yiddish/dictionary.cgi  Fir mogendovidlach (mikro)

http://www.ectaco.co.uk/English-Yiddish-Dictionary/   Tvey mogendovidlach (mikro)

http://www.yiddishdictionaryonline.com/  Drey mogendovidlach (mikro)

http://www.translationdirectory.com/dictionaries/dictionary004_a.htm Fir mogendovidlach (mikro)

Read Yiddish:

´Read Iddish B

Drey mogendovidlach

Ayzik-Meyer-DikAyzik-Meyer Dik.

Der yoyred: 


Drey mogendovidlach

Y.-L. Perets

Y.-L. Perets.

Oyb nisht nokh hekher:  http://yiddish.haifa.ac.il/PDF%20Stories/Oyb%20nisht%20nokh%20hekher.pdf

Drey mogendovidlach

Sholem AleichemSholem Aleichem.

Dreyfus in kasrilevke:  http://yiddish.haifa.ac.il/PDF%20Stories/DreyfusInKasrilevke.pdf  

A kleyne mogendovid


The Yiddish Daily Forward (Forverts):


kopjik-star-of-david-2 myre

Or just listen to Yiddish:

Yiddish radio

Jewish Talk Radio

http://tunein.com/radio/SBS-Yiddish-p191658/   Fir mogendovidlach (mikro)

http://yiddishradioproject.org/   Drey mogendovidlach (mikro)     http://yiddish2.forward.com/last-radio-program/   Drey mogendovidlach (mikro) http://yiddish.haifa.ac.il/audio/audioStories/DerYoyred.mp3  Finf mogendovidlach (mikro) http://yiddish.haifa.ac.il/audio/audioStories/Oybnisht.mp3  Finf mogendovidlach (mikro) http://yiddish.haifa.ac.il/audio/audioStories/Dreyfusi.mp3  Finf mogendovidlach (mikro) http://www.yv.org/  Fir mogendovidlach (mikro) http://www.yidishmusic.com.br/  Fir mogendovidlach (mikro) http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=music+%2B+Yiddish+language&sm=12  Finf mogendovidlach (mikro) Gib a click - dos is jiddish musik A Users’ Guide to Yiddish on the Internet 

Mammeloshen (kIO)


´Read Iddish

Polsk-jiddishe journaler snart på WWW (kIO)

Polsk-jiddishe magasiner nu tilgængelige på WWW

Soon Yiddishe netizens will get access to all the issues of  3 Yiddish periodicals published in interwar Poland. Some people believe and dislike that Forverts have become Polish-biased and propagate mainly the “Peylish” dialect of Yiddish (with its “fin” instead of fun, “sheel” instead of shul and “Pirim” instead of Purim) as the staff of Forverts mainly originate from Poland. They would have expected that a more often published Forverts would be more “balanced” and less dominated by Polish-dialect-Yiddish.

Cheder-drenge copy

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68 year later


finally find her liberator.

Marsha Kreutzmans genforening med sin redningsmand (IO)

A 87 year old Holocaust survivor, Marsha Kreuzman, living in New Jersey, USA, who narrowly escaped death at an Austrian concentration camp, has been reunited with one of her liberators nearly 70 years after she was freed from a Nazi death camp. Kreuzman spent time in five concentration camps. She weighed just 35 kilo when the troops came in to liberate Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp in Austria in May of 1945. “When I was liberated, I was lying on the crematorium door waiting to be shuffled to crematorium. I was sick and when the American soldiers picked me up, he looked like he was in heaven because I was on the floor and he was a very tall man.” She fainted when the Amarican soldier picked her up and carried her to freedom. At the time she was 18 years old. Nearly six years before Marsha Kreuzman and her family were forced into the Krakow ghetto in 1939, when she was in her teens; the next year, her mother was taken to a concentration camp and killed. Kreuzman also lost her father (he was shot dead in front of her on Yom Kippur) and her brother in the Holocaust. When liberated she only remembered a soldier picking up her emaciated body and carrying her away – but beyond that, she had no further details about his identity.

Marsha Kreauzman

She was reading the local paper in October 2013 when she came across a name in a wedding anniversary announcement. The listing said Joe Barbella had helped liberate Mauthausen as a soldier during World War II. Kreuzman looked up Barbella, 93, and after a tearful conversation, visited him at his Union Township home. “I was crying and I was kissing him and I was hugging him and I was kissing his hands,” Kreuzman have later told. 

Mauthausen KZ-lejrConcentration-camp Mauthausen, near Linz in Austria. Postwat monument.

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Tjekkiet og ambassadøren

Den palestinensiske ambassadør dræbt af et pengeskab (IO)

The Palestinian ambassador to the Czech Republic, Jamal al-Jamal, died Wednesday in an explosion that occurred when he opened an old safe that had been left untouched for more than 20 years. At the time of the explosion he was at home with his family. He was seriously injured and rushed to a hospital where he died. The ambassador’s apartment is in Prague’s Suchdol neighborhood is part of a new complex that includes a new Palestinian Embassy and the ambassador’s residence. The police had found “a significant quantity of weapons and explosives” in the building. The new embassy has not beenofficially opened yet and the ambassador had only spent 2 nights in the new residence. The ambassador took office on Oct. 11, 2013.

Udenfor ambassadørboligen

The ambassador was born in 1957, in Beirut’s Sabra and Shatilla refugee camp. His family is originally from Jaffa in Israel. He joined Fatah in 1975 and was appointed Deputy Ambassador to Bulgaria in 1979. He served as a diplomat in Prague between 2005 and 2013. In October 2013, he was appointed Ambassador to the Czech Republic.


אַ פריילעך פורים יאָגע

Yid-Yoga-animated-homentasch-positionHave you ever had a happy Purim-Yoga?

Have you ever heard about Yiddish Yoga?

Yoga with a yiddisher tam 28 C

Do you consider the subject a little bit NON-SENSE?

Gantz meshouggah???

  – נאָר אַ ביסלע משוגע

   or just a big joke?


so if you want to know what

“Yid-Yoga”, “Yiddish Yoga” 0r “Yoga with a Yiddishe tam”  is –

you have better to read your Forverts in Yiddish.

“יאָגע מיט אַ ייִדישן טעם”


“Doing Yoga in Yiddish”


Yoga på jiddish med Kätzele Tzudreytskiקעצעלע צודרעיּיּסקי באַרויִקט זיך מית דער מיּשוגע-יאָגע

The Standard Yoga-mesh-uggah-position with a Yiddishe tam.

Pesakhdikeh Yoga 2 youPassover Yoga – a “kosheryoga” l’pesakh-position. Ummmm!

The famous Christnukah-MEM Yoga-position

The famous Chrisnukkah MEM-Yoga-position.

Φ     Φ



Mordernes løsladelseThe release. 
The release of the 26 murderers


Israel frees Palestinian prisoners despite protest.

Israel released more than two dozen Palestinian prisoners convicted in deadly attacks against Israelis early Tuesday as part of a U.S.-brokered package to restart Mideast peace talks. All 26 of the men have been convicted in deadly attacks, and have spent between 19 and 28 years in prison. They included 18 men from the West Bank, three Gazans, and in a concession by Israel, five men from east Jerusalem.  The prisoners received hero’s welcomes upon their return to the West Bank and Gaza with officials and jubilant relatives lining up to greet them. At his headquarters in Ramallah, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas waited to meet the men in the middle of the night. Speaking before thousands, he pledged to continue pressing for the release of long-serving and ill prisoners.

Nicolas Anelka #2 (NUBIO)

02.01.2014 Updated:  KOPJIK is UPDATED!

(Like as with earlier releases, the Palestinian prisoners received a hero’s welcome upon their return to the West Bank and Gaza, with officials and jubilant relatives lining up to greet them. At his headquarters in Ramallah, Abbas waited to meet the men in the middle of the night, and he pledged not to sign any peace deal until all prisoners were released.) “I know that you’re committed to peace,” Netanyahu told Kerry. “I know that I’m committed to peace, but unfortunately, given the actions and words of Palestinian leaders, there’s growing doubt in Israel that the Palestinians are committed to peace.”

Netanyahu told Kerry. “I know that I’m committed to peace, but unfortunately, given the actions and words of Palestinian leaders, there’s growing doubt in Israel that the Palestinians are committed to peace.”

“To glorify the murders of innocent women and men as heroes is an outrage. … How can he say that he stands against terrorism when he embraces the perpetrators of terrorism and glorifies them as heroes?” Netanyahu asked.


KOPJIK's maskinsætter

Updated 07.01.2014.

Making the “quenelle” hand gesture – and blaming the medias.

Nicolas Anelka (a French football-player from Martinique, currently playing for West Bromwich Albion) celebrated the first of his two goals with an apparent “quenelle” hand signal. A major controversy erupted on Saturday at Upton Park in London after French Muslim footballer Nicolas Anelka used a gesture widely considered to be antisemitic and often described as “the Nazi salute in reverse”. After his first goal in the 3-3 draw at West Ham, “he celebrated with his right arm extended towards the ground. And the English FA said it would investigate the incident. Following the controversial gesture he made during Saturday’s Premier League draw at West Ham United which sparked widespread criticism, Anelka said on Sunday that he was not anti-Semitic.

Anelka and his friend M'Bala M'Bala making the quenelle gesture A

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala and Anelka.

The gesture, which is linked to anti-Semitism, has been made famous by French provocateur Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, the leader of “The antizionist list” and a close friend of Anelka’s. (Dieudonné has popularised the gesture, known in French as the quenelle, although he denies that it is antisemitic and racist. He claims that the salute, which combines a downward Nazi salute with an obscene gesture meaning “up yours”, is anti-establishment.)

Liste Antisioniste

Anelka, the most controversial figures in French sport who was kicked out of the national squad during the 2010 World Cup for insulting his coach Raymond Domenech, said that he just wanted to greet his friend: “The meaning of ‘quenelle’ is anti-system. I don’t know what it has to do with religion,” Anelka wrote on Twitter. “So I would ask people not to be deceived by the medias. And of course, I’m not anti-Semitic nor racist and I take full responsibility for my gesture,” he said.

Anelka - quenelle-citatet 2

Francois Hollande

President Francois Hollande want the quenelle banned.

French President Francois Hollande has pledged to introduce legislation to ban the salute, while the French sports minister accused former international Anelka of making a ‘disgusting anti-Semitic’ gesture. The ‘quenelle’-salute  in France, is viewed as a mechanism to avoid strict European anti-hate speech laws.

Manuel Valls #3

“Denying the facts do not change the facts!”

Adolf Hitler - Ich bin nit an antisemit 3BThe greater the lie, the more readily will the people accept it!

The quenelle gesture involves extending the right hand towards the ground, with the left hand grasping the shoulder. The Nazi-style gesture became popularized following its use by the anti-semitic French comedian Dieudonné, who is a practicing Muslim and reportedly a friend of Anelka.

Dieudonné - jeg er ikke ...Dieudonné (“God gave”, “גאָטהאטגעגעבן”) M’Bala M’Bala.

Dieudonné indeed learned something from Adolf Hitler:

The greater the lie, the more readily will the people accept it!

Dieudonné is a known anti-Semite, Hamas supporter and Holocaust denier, who was convicted recently for incitement against Jews and given a USD 36,000 fine.  The 47-year-old Dieudonné has been convicted 7 times for  for the same offense – racial incitement against Jews in his shows. He now has a debt of 65.000 euro. inciting racial hatred or anti-Semitism over the years. He was most recently convicted last fall for using the word “Shoananas”  – a mash-up of the Hebrew word for Holocaust (shoah) and the French word for pineapple (ananas), seen as ridiculing the Holocaust. He has outspoken anti-Israel views that many say amount to hate speech. He has also downplayed the significance of the Holocaust, calling commemorations “memorial pornography”.

Han er ikke længere en komiker, han er ...

An investigation opened this week after Dieudonné allegedly made an anti-Semitic slur toward a Jewish journalist on France-Inter radio. Performing onstage, Dieudonné said about prominent French Jewish radio journalist Patrick Cohen: “Me, you see, when I hear Patrick Cohen speak, I think to myself: ‘Gas chambers…too bad [they no longer exist].” Radio France, Cohen’s employer, announced on December 20 that it had alerted authorities that Dieudonné had engaged in “openly anti-Semitic speech”, and various French anti-racism watchdog groups filed complaints. Patrick Cohen, have earlier this year criticized France 2 for giving airtime to people with ‘sick minds’, as Dieudonné, Tariq Ramadan (a Swiss professor who is banned from entering the United States for his support for Palestinian terrorist groups), Holocaust denier Alain Soral and Marc-Edouard Nabe (an anti-Zionist writer who has been accused of anti-Semitism).

JuppeInterior minister Manuel Valls.

France’s interior minister Manuel Valls said yesterday that local officials have the right to ban shows on a national tour of the comic Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala whose performances are considered anti-Semitic. A Jewish leader coined the phrase: “He’s no longer a comic; he has become a peddler of hate.” M'Bala M'Bala

M’Bala M’Bala – Too bad that gas chambers no longer exist.

Interior minister Valls has criticized Dieudonnés “quenelle” gesture as an “inverted Nazi salute.” Valls has called the racial and anti-Semitic remarks in Dieudonné’s show “legal infractions” and “no longer belonging to the artistic and creative dimension.” In a notice sent to the local governors (“prefects”), Valls said that Dieudonné’s show, “The Wall,” (“Le Mur”) contains “disgraceful and anti-Semitic words toward Jewish personalities or the Jewish community … and virulent and shocking attacks on the memory of victims of the Holocaust.” He has regularly invited well-known Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson onstage during his shows. If the show is shut down, the comic’s lawyers will demand an urgent judicial review of the matter. 5,200 seats in the 6,000-seat theater in Nantes have been sold, and “the house will be full” by Thursday.Nantes-kort Serge and Beate Klarsfeld, the famed Nazi hunters, along with their son Arno plan to lead a protest in Nantes on Wednesday, the night before Dieudonné’s show. The Nantes show kicking off the tour is to be followed by appearances in two other French cities this week, then to continue at that rate for months. Dieudonné is scheduled to perform in nearly 30 cities through June. Dieudonné one-man-show-turne The antisemitic French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala has now (3/2-2014) been banned from entering the UK. The regulatory commission ruled 070314 that Nicolas Anelka could not be proven to have intentionally promoted anti-Semitism by performing a ‘quenelle’ salute. (Arutz Sheva)

KOPJIK - Updated version 2

Updated 070114 and 090114.

Fransk politi holder vagt foran Zenith Arena, hvor Dieudonné skulle have optrådt

The city of Nantes had banned the comic M’Bala M’Bala’s anti-semitic performance, but a Nantes court overturned that ban earlier Thursday, January 9, 2014. Valls then immediately took the matter to the ultimate authority, the Council of State, for an urgent decision. The Council of State banned the performance only two hours before the show was to begin. The Council of State brushed aside claims that Dieudonné would change his show to avoid offensive language, and said a “serious risk” of “grave attacks” to fundamental French values could not be dismissed.

Kopjiks redaktionssekretær

Quenelle #1 - Anne FrankTwo younsters making the gesture.

The salute has been seen at sensitive locations across Europe including the Auschwitz death camp in Poland, the Anne Frank House in the Netherlands and at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. European Jewish Congress President Moshe Kantor described the salute as ‘merely a lesser known Nazi salute’ and called for a ‘punishment to be handed down by the authorities.’

Quenelle -i lang kø

The origine of the French word “quenelle” is the same as the Yiddish word קניידעל (kneydl) .

Soup mit knedeln

The French word ‘quenelle* may even relate to

געפֿילטע פֿיש

Gefilte fish ( געפֿילטע פֿיש, “stuffed fish”) is an Ashkenazi Jewish dish made from a poached mixture of ground boned fish, such as carp, whitefish or pike, which is typically eaten as an appetizer. Although the dish historically consisted of a minced-fish forcemeat stuffed inside the fish skin, as its name implies, since the 19th century the skin has commonly been omitted and the seasoned fish is formed into patties similar to quenelles or fish balls. They are popular n Shabbat and Holidays such as Passover, although they may be consumed throughout the year. (Source. Wikipedia)

Gefilte_fish-photoGefilte fish (kIO)


 7/1, 9/1 and 13/2-2014.

To be continued (grIO)

kopjik-star-of-david-2 mikro


Jiddishkursus i Jerusalem

International Course


Yiddish Language and Literature

at Beit Ben, Yehuda, Jerusalem, Israel.

February 16-28, 2014

Kursus i jiddish 2014 i Jerusalem



If spying is criminal!

Who are the biggest and worst spy?

USA og UK spionage vedr. Israel

Jonathan Pollard #1

Jonathan Pollard

Jonathan Pollard #2

Obama - dobbelt-moral (IO)

Lets write a letter

Send a letter!



This page is still under construction

Ntanyahu meeting Kerry

UPDATED 31.12.2013

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told US Secretary of State John Kerry that Israel would not release any Israeli-Arab prisoners in the fourth and final release,Netanyahu reportedly told Kerry that while Israel was not willing to release Israeli-Arab prisoners as a gesture to the Palestinians, it would be willing to release them as a gesture to the US, in return for the release of Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard. According to the report, Kerry has agreed to consider the proposal, but has yet to respond to it. Kerry is due to arrive in the region on Thursday for yet another round of shuttle diplomacy.


Masseovervågning - USA's regering er verdens største tyveknægt (IO) copy

A democracy is an egalitarian society where every human being

have equal rights

and no one have priviledges or exclusive rights to

spy on anyone in secret!

Rule of law means that in democratic society,

you are innocent until proven guilty by a court.

You do not need to prove yoursef innocent!

In a dictatorship or authoritarian state

the opposite is the case!!!





Stop mass surveillance poster #1

The american  judge Richard Leon,

have just declared that the National Security Agency’s

bulk collection of millions of Americans’ telephone records

is unconstitutional:

“… the Patriot Act, building on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, that allows the government to collect an enormous trove of phone call metadata, and then query it based on an “identifier” phone number called a “seed.” A seed is a number associated with terrorist activity, based on a reasonable and articulable suspicion. Sounds OK so far. But wait: Once you’re an NSA agent with a seed, you can analyze all the numbers within three hops from that seed—meaning the numbers the seed called and received calls from, and the numbers connected to those numbers. Judge Leon points out that if one seed calls just 100 numbers in five years, and each of the numbers in the next two hops also connects with 100 numbers, the NSA can trawl through the metadata for 1 million phone numbers. And that’s got to be a low-ball estimate, since it doesn’t take into account the possibility that someone used one of those phone numbers to order from, say, Domino’s Pizza, allowing the NSA to vacuum up zillions of other callers. There were fewer than 300 seeds in 2012, according to the NSA.

NSA - Natinal Spy-on-you Agency - We are spying on you #3NSA – National Spy-on-you Agency.

Still, the data collection ratchets up exponentially so fast that we have to be talking about a database with everyone’s metadata. (The ACLU created a GIF that shows how quickly “three hops” can add up.) The NSA keeps the information for up to five years. And its agents can analyze the metadata for every number they have without going back to court, or in any other way showing individualized suspicion, other than supposedly follow its own rules. Which we know it has violated multiple times, based on orders of the reviewing court established by FISA (orders that were declassified only after Snowden blew the lid off all of this last summer). In case you are wondering, Judge Leon’s opinion doesn’t address the collection of Internet data, which the government says it stopped doing in a blanket fashion in 2011, or the surveillance of the content of Internet transmissions—emails, texts, etc.

judge Richard Leon #7 (IO)

Judge Leon points out that the government’s interest

in collecting all this metadata isn’t just to identify unknown terrorists and their plans.

It’s to do so faster, because otherwise, why not take the time to get a warrant,

or in some other way demonstrate a particular suspicion of a target?

Judge Richard Leon #1

And yet, in the most breathtaking portion of his opinion,

Judge Leon says that the government

“does not cite a single instance in which analysis of the NSA’s bulk metadata collection

actually stopped an imminent attack” or otherwise

aided the government in any time-sensitive objective.”


We the people 2 (IO)


5.1.2014 Updated twice:

Clemency for Edward Snowden 4

 Listen to the important message from Edward Snowden

the worlds most courageous and righteous guy of today,



Edward Snowdens Christmas-message 2013 - when governments spy on the citizens

 ! הער צו דעם אָנזאָג אויף ענגליש זייַט אַזוי גוט

KOPJIK is UPDATED!Updated 10.1.2014

EU-invitation til Edward Snowden

In June last year wrote the German newspaper Der Spiegel on leaked NSA documents allegedly proving that U.S. intelligence has focused its eavesdropping on telephone calls into and out of EU offices, where all EU heads of state or government are present at the summits. Now, the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee submitted a proposal to invite Edward Snowden to tell what he knows, via videolink to Russia, where the U.S. whistleblower has been granted political asylum.

KOPJIK - Updated version 2

Updated 19.1.2014

The National Security Agency’s global spying activities have prompted 21 countries to seek a resolution against the United States at the United Nations. The resolution was the first major international effort aimed at restraining the spy agency’s surveillance programs against other nations. Brazil and Germany had circulating a draft copy of the resolution to diplomats representing 19 other countries. UN member states are “deeply concerned at human rights violations and abuses that may result from the conduct of extra-territorial surveillance or interception of communications in foreign jurisdictions”. “Emphasizing that illegal surveillance of private communications and the indiscriminate interception of personal data of citizens constitutes a highly intrusive act that violates the rights to freedom of expression and privacy and threatens the foundations of a democratic society.”

Edward Snowden is a true follower of Hilel's philosophy 3

Kopjiks redaktionssekretærTo be continued …

kopjik-star-of-david-2 myre


Aschkenazim blir 40% mere tossede

Israeli and American scientists have discovered a gene among Ashkenazi Jews

that increases their chances of developing the mental disorder schizophrenia,

as well schizoaffective disorder and manic depression.

The gene that predisposes Ashkenazi Jews to schizophrenia

Variations of the DNST3 gene make Ashkenazi Jews 40 percent more likely

to develop schizophrenia and similar diseases.



Jerushalajim shel snei 131213

A snowstorm covered Jerushalayim with snow on December 12, 2013.

We call it “Global warming”!

Albany high school 5 - IO

Albany high school 3Albany High School‎, 603 Key Route Blvd. Albany, CA 94706. 
Principal’s Office: 510-558-2510.
The Jews are evil (IO)http://ahs.ausdk12.org

Albany high school 1

New York Times-logo

Students were asked to watch and read Nazi propaganda, then pretend their teacher was a Nazi government official who needed to be convinced of their loyalty. In five paragraphs, they were required to prove that Jews were the source of Germany’s problems. The exercise was intended to challenge students to formulate a persuasive argument and was given to 75 students (3 classes).

Albany high school 4

Rabbi David M. Eligberg of Temple Israel, a Conservative synagogue, said he found the lesson incendiary, inappropriate and academically unsound. “The assignment is flawed in its essence,” Rabbi Eligberg said. “It asks students to take the product for a propaganda machine and treat it as legitimate fodder for a rational argument. And that’s just wrong.” He also faulted a less controversial part of the homework, which asked students to use one of three classic Greek ideals — ethos, pathos or logos — to support their anti-Semitic argument. (“Choose which argument style will be most effective in making your point. Please remember that your life here in Nazi Germany in the ’30s may depend on it!” the assignment read.) Albany School Superintendent Marguerite Vanden Wyngaard refused to apologize for the assignment, saying:  “I would apologize to our families, [but] I don’t believe there was malice or intent to cause any insensitivities to our families of Jewish faith.”  SOURCES: 


Lille magendavid jpg

English: Seal of Latakia City, Syria. 1975. LATAKIA-AREA


Got sei dank

Antal europæiske islamistiske krigere i Syrien

Kennet Sørensen


I alt har fire danske islamister den i løbet af sidste uge mistet livet efter kampe i Syrien. Tre af dem blev dræbt af den syriske hær i onsdags i landsbyen al-Aliya i Syriens Latakia-provins. Kenneth-Søensen3 Four Danish Islamists died during the last week after fighting in Syria. Three of them were killed by the Syrian army on Wednesday in the village of al-Aliya in Syria’s Latakia province. Denmark has the greatest percentage of European islamist fighting Asaad in Syria.

Kenneth Sørensen 2

A leading Hizbullah military commander has been assassinated. Hizbullah said Hassan Al Lakis was shot dead outside his home in Hadath south of Beirut by a lone gunman with a silencer. The killing, took place on Dec. 4 as Al Lakis, head of Hizbullah’s technology unit, returned from work.

The late Hassan-al-Lakis

Lille magendavid jpg



KOPJIK INTERNATIONAL is now approaching it’s 5th year of existence. 

5 johr kumt shoin ani

KOPJIK på jiddish 4

KOPJIKs 4 års fødselsdag (IO)KOPJIK’s

4 year birthday

was celebrated on

November 15, 2013.

KOPJIK 4 johr ani




Rekonstruktion af uddøde sprog


Lille magendavid jpg



את הסיפור הזה צריך להתחיל מהסוף: מחגיגות ה-60 לבונד הישראלי ולביטאון שלו, “לעבנס פראגן” (שאלות החיים). צריך להתחיל מהסוף אף על פי שהוא לא טוב, ואפילו אין בו פואנטה, או מוסר השכל. אבל הוא סוף, ולו זמני, של סיפור שמתחיל בעליית גג בווילנה ב-1897 ונגמר בקומה הראשונה של הבית ברחוב קלישר פינת נחלת בנימין בתל אביב.



On July 14, 2013, Israeli daily YNet reported that Israeli army’s propaganda branch launched a new website, “Hizbullah, Army of Terror”, to mark the 7th anniversary of defeat in 2006 war with Hizbullah. According to the newspaper, “the website will offer in-depth information, analysis on Hizbullah.


English: Yiddish language in the United States...

English: Yiddish language in the United States. More than 100,000 speakers More than 10,000 speakers More than 5,000 speakers More than 1,000 speakers Fewer than 1,000 speakers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A Users’ Guide to Yiddish on the Computer

blits-01.gif (936 bytes) Blitspost un Vebzaytlekh (Email & WebPages) af Yidish

UYIP (Understanding Yiddish Information Processing)

Click here for an overview of yidish-kompyuteray (Yiddish computing) options.

Source: http://www.shoshke.net/uyip/blitspost.htm



Warshaw memorial 2013-F

Remembering the Jewish uprising in the Warshaw ghetto.


Al Arabia logo


Hezbollah2Hesbullah hailing like the German nazis.

Bahrain stempler Hisbollah som terrororganisation 090413 (IO)

Bahrain have 9/4-2013 become the first Arab country to blacklist Hizbullah as a terrorist organization. Just one week after the Bahraini parliament voted to label the group a terrorist organization. Source: Al Arabiya network.



Yiddish Summer Seminar in Tel Aviv




Our latest 100 readers from all over the world and read

Welcome to TWITTER

L’UEJF avait lancé son combat judiciaire après la diffusion en octobre 2012
de très nombreux tweets reprenant les mots-clés “unbonjuif  et unjuifmort”. Selon la citation directe, « c’est en toute connaissance de cause,
et en application de sa politique commerciale affichée
que la société Twitter Inc s’est refusée » à identifier
les auteurs des tweets illégaux.

The Union of Jewish French Students, UEJF,

has doubled down in its battle with Twitter and said it filed a $50 million lawsuit

against the social network yesterday.

The cause of the suit? User data for anti-Semitic tweets.

In January, a French court ruled

that Twitter must hand over the details of people

who had tweeted racist and anti-semitic remarks,

and set up a system that would alert the police to any further such posts as they happen.

Twitter has ignored that ruling,

and now the Union of French Jewish Students (UEJF)

is suing it for $50.000.000.

Twitter-fugl (IO)


ס’ז שווער צו זייַן אַ פויגל



Our 20 latest readers 1.3.2013 were from


Læsere 280213  kl. 22.30


Jews today face hostility ‘unparalleled since the dark ages of the Second World War‘.” (Rep. Chris Smith, New Jersey, at a hearing yesterday on rising European anti-Semitism.)


Chris Smith qoute of 20130228 (IO)

Chris Smith 20130228

“The core characteristic of anti-Semitism is the assertion that everything the Jews do is wrong, and everything that is wrong is done by the Jews. For the anti-Semite every rich Jew is exploitive, every poor Jew a burden on society. For the anti-Semite, both capitalism and communism are Jewish plots. For the anti-Semite, Jews are both too docile, allowing themselves to be led to the slaughter like sheep, and too militant, having won too many wars against the Arabs. …” (Professor ALAN DERSHOWITZ,in Algemeiner)



Fra Globens 4 hjørner

Verden som Forverts opfatter den

Watch it here.


Twisted 'truth'

Holy shit!

The Dutch and the Danish TAX-PAYERS are paying for

anti-semitism in The Holy Land!

Read more here.


En revolution i den jiddishe avisproduktion

Gl. FORVERTZ-forside 8

FORWERTZ bliver skåret ned til 2 gange per måneds journal

FORVERTZ går ind i det 21 århundrede 040213

Read more about this “REVOLUTION” here.

Davids-stjerne ani





איין מינוט פון שטילקייַט

  נעמען אָנטייל אין אַ מינוט פון שטילקייַט בייַ 11:00 אויף יולי 27


One minute of silence for the killings of Jewish athlets 1972

FRIDAY 27.7.2012 at 11:00 am (London Time/GMT)

As you may be are aware, there have been a number of campaigns urging the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to hold one minutes of  silence during the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics. The IOC has refused this commemoration. Therefore the Zionist Federation UK is inviting you to join us in remembering the 11 murdered Athletes.

Look here for the local time of

11 a.m. GMT at your city: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

Further information at the following links.
Minute for Munich Facebook event page: 
Minute for Munich information Facebook page: 
For more information: 
www.minuteformunich.org and

On the morning of the Opening Ceremony, 27th July, people all over the world are urged to stop for one minute and stand in silence as a personal tribute to those who lost their lives in the 1972 Munich Massacre. Wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing, please join us and stand in silence for one minute in silence as we remember.

A short memorial service that will be streamed live via a webcast from 10.45am.

You will be able to view this at www.minuteformunich.org.

This is a truly worldwide event – wherever you are in the world at 11am on July 27th, we are take part in a minute of silence.


סענאַט באַשלוס אויף אַ מינוט שטילקייַט בייַ די אָלימפּיק גאַמעס 2012 אין זיקאָרן פון די  




Senate Resolution in Support of Minute of Silence at 2012 Olympics In Memory of Munich Massacre

No opening ceremonies of any Olympics since 1972 have marked an official recognition of the terrorist attack that brutally betrayed the vision of the Olympic Games. The London Olympic Games in 2012 will mark four decades since this act of terror took place without a full and public commemoration of the gravity of this tragic event for all Olympians and all humankind. Therefore the Senate of  USA have unanimously decided to: – observe a minute of silence to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the 1972 Munich Olympics terrorist attack and remember those who lost their lives; – urge the International Olympic Committee to take the opportunity afforded by the 40th anniversary of the 1972 Munich Olympics terrorist attack to remind the world that the Olympics were established to send a message of hope and peace through sport and athletic competition; and – urge the International Olympic Committee to recognize with a minute of silence at the 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony those who lost their lives at the 1972 Munich Olympics in an effort to reject and repudiate terrorism as antithetical to the Olympic goal of peaceful competition.

Murdered in Munich 1972

by Moslem terrorists:

David Berger, Yossef Gutfreund, Zeev Friedman, Eliezer Halfin, Yossef Romano, Amitzur Shapira, Kahat Shor, Mark Slavin, Andre Spitzer, Yaakov Springer & Moshe Weiberg. More than 20 000 people across London have held an unofficial minute’s silence today (27/7-2012) as a mark of respect for the 11 Israeli athletes killed at the 1972 Olympic Games.

פון איצט אויף ז’זאָל זיין אויפגעפאדערט פון אַלע דעמאָקראַטישע לענדער – אַז זי איז אַ באַדינגונג פֿאַר זייער אָנטייל אין דער אָלימפּיק גאַמעס – אַז אַ מינוט פון שטילקייַט ווערן אַ טייל פון די עפענונג צערעמאָניע

The Jewish communities all over the world are still shocked by the fact that the International Olympic Committee refused to observe one single minute’s silence at the Olympic Games in memory of the Israeli coach and the 10 Israeli athletes killed in Munich by Moslem terrorists, 40 years ago. The righteous people of this World even think that since Munich a commemoration should have been held every four years! And from now on it should be demanded – as a condition for participation by all countries – that a minute  of silence become a part of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.



Jews in !!!


ייִדיש ריכטער באַקומען שפּיץ פּאָזיציע

Jewish Lord get top position.


Daily attacks on civilians.  July 1, 2012.  1. Massive rock attacks on the Gush Etzion-Hebron Highway near Bet Umar caused damage to vehicles. Crowds of Arabs blocked the highway in both directions and the IDF was called in to restore order.  The Arabs circled and attacked the military force and 1 of the Arabs was arrested by the army.  A large number of IDF soldiers protected the road and restored order ensuring travel continued on both sides of the road. 2. Arabs attacked vehicles  and a bus with rocks near El Arub on the Gush Etzion-Hebron Highway. 3. 3 Molotov cocktails were thrown at cars on Highway 443.  The Arab terrorists also lit a pipe bomb on the highway. (SOURCE:  http://www.algemeiner.com/epaper/)

Terrorists in Gaza.


Iranian Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi.

“The teachings of the Jewish book of law, the Talmud, are a driving force behind the international drugs trade”, Iran’s First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi said at an international anti-drug conference in Tehran on June 26., 2012.

Iranian allegations that Talmud and Jews were inciting drug trafficking called for annihilation of gentiles prompted a sharp response from Israel on Wednesday which said Iran was governed by fanatical anti-Semites. A group of eight Iranian academics have released a statement condemning anti-Semitic remarks made last week by Iranian Vice-President Mohammad Reza Rahimi who said Zionists are responsible for the world drug trade.  (SOURCE: http://jn1.tv/)




Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir in memoriam

Yizhak Shamir, died today on June 30, at the age of 96.

Shamir was born in 1915 in Ruzhany in Poland.

He was an underground leader, spymaster, parliamentarian and

the seventh Prime Minister.

For a considerable part of his life, he was involved in secret activities for the Mossad.

Shamir served as prime minister for seven years, from October 1983 until September 1984,

and afterwards as head of the second national unity government, from 1986 to 1990,

and then a coalition government until 1992.


Vienna’s . 

Austrian Police started investigations after 43 in 2 of According to reports, the vandals tore off 22 Stars of David that were affixed on candle lamps built into the tombstones. They also tried to tear out nine other Stars of David, but only managed to twist them. In addition, four candle lamps were missing.




Iran is in “FLAMES” ! Iranian security experts report a virus far more dangerous than the Stuxnet worm has struck the country’s computer systems. Read more about “THE FLAMES” burning in Iran right now. The full story: Here.



The Taleban-movement held a meeting at a stadium in New York where 40.000 chassidim met to hear the “sages of Chelm” ban The Internet. Read more about the “1.5 billion dollar show” – after Schvues –  here.


An exiled Iranian opposition group said on Saturday that Iranhas some 60 scientists and engineers involved in a concerted and expanding program to develop nuclear weapons under ministry auspices. In the six-page report shown to Reuters, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), cited sources in the Iranian government and military as saying some 60 scientists were pursuing bomb-relevant research in 11 agencies operating clandestinely under ministry control. “Information … shows that the clerical regime has expanded the organization responsible for nuclear weapons development, the report said. This finding reveals a complete and elaborate, and highly … secret research structure and a network for procurement of the required parts and equipment.”

Hopefully Iran has nothing but peaceful plans.

“If Iran is ever nothing but ruines, I will love this land of ruin.‌ “

A drawing based on information from inside an Iranian military site shows an explosives containment chamber of the type needed for nuclear arms-related tests that U.N. inspectors suspectTehranhas conducted there.Irandenies such testing and has neither confirmed nor denied the existence of such a chamber. The computer-generated drawing was provided to The  Associated Press by an official of a country trackingIran’s nuclear program who said it proves the structure exists, despiteTehran’s refusal to acknowledge it. That official said the image is based on information from a person who had seen the chamber at the Parchin military site.

The coming president of France Francois Hollande’s transition team says a visit by a former French prime minister, Michel Rocard, to Iran is “totally private” despite its portrayal in the Iranian media as a diplomatic mission. Iran’s Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has expressed hope that the election of Francois Hollande will lead to the expansion of Tehran-Paris relations. Salehi congratulated France on the victory of Hollande and expressed hope that the President-elect would adopt a new approach toward the expansion of bilateral relations in all aspects and based on mutual respect. He made the remarks in a meeting with former French Socialist Prime Minister Michel Rocard on Saturday. Rocard arrived in Iran on Saturday to meet with a number of Iranian officials, including Foreign Minister Salehi. The top Iranian diplomat highlighted Irans policy to protect its nuclear rights in line with international law and under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency.  He called for cooperation on Irans nuclear program based on good will and mutual trust to help come up with a solution that will be accepted by both sides. He also expressed hope the upcoming Iran-P5+1 talks in Bagh would progress in an atmosphere of mutual respect and good will. The former French prime minister for his part underlined Irans significant status and expressed hope that an atmosphere of mutual respect would be created between Iran and European countries so that any possible issues would be resolved in line with both sides’ interests and the reinforcement of global and regional peace and stability. Hollande, has come under criticism Sunday from political opponents after Iran’s official news agency reported that Rocard met with the country’s top nuclear negotiator.


A Bible

A  Bible app is now available from the Mac app store. It can toggle between “-only” and “/English”, “/Transcription”, “/Hebrew” parallel formats and with a built-in “/English dictionary”,  it is also a very useful for people who are either learning or who are trying to improve their knowledge of .


Several other apps are available too. Read more about it here.

apps on I-Phone.


Theater in Copenhagen




Ultra-Orthodox “talibanishe” s raised $1.5 M. for a massive ‘Jews Against the Internet’ rally. The massive rally, is organized by Aharon Leib Shteinman, Chaim Kanievsky and . It is being planned for Sunday, May 20th at Citi Field in Queens “to combat the evils of the Internet and the damages caused by advanced electronic devices.”

“Tens of thousands of Ultra-Orthodox ‘taliban’ Jews will participate in a huge rally to be held on Sunday evening, May 20, at Citi Field (Shea Stadium) in Queens, New York, to combat the evils of the Internet and the damages caused by advanced electronic devices.”

The “Gdolei Israel” (‘the leading sages’) behind the conference specifically ordered to schedule it for the eve of Rosh Chodesh Sivan, a day which is considered particularly fortuitous it comes to children’s education, since the goal of their campaign is to save the generation from the ravages of advanced technology. Haredim across the world see the Internet as an ‘evil’ and as a threat to their conservatiive way of life and feel it could promote future generations to leave the fold and join the larger, secular society. Earlier prominent s in Jerusalem, attempted to prevent Internet use by Yeshiva students through wall posters and firm se rm ons.

The pupose of 

‘Jews Against the Internet’

is nothing but censorship!

In the words of the “sages” themselves:

“It is well known that in recent times that through the Internet many serious family-related problems created, and it all happens because of it, and something must be done so they won’t be hurt. And since this touches almost everyone, we must assemble together to protect and be protected, and we hope that through this gathering in search of ideas we will be helped from Heaven to save the many, and may it be that we will be successful in encouraging the public not to stumble over this obstacle, and the Lord will guide us in a truthful path. And note that sometimes the suspension of Torah is the very way it which it must be kept.”

Limiting the the right to write and read

what you want as an individual human being

is nothing but a violation of freedom and equality!

It is NOT Judaism –

it is sheer Fascism!

‘Jews Against the Internet’ 

is a disgrace! 

The on-existing (demolished) Shea Stadion.

Funny enough in the announcement the “talibans” who organize the rally and call themselves “sages” present digital posters which used photos of the Shea Stadium, which doesn’t exist – and has long time ago demolished. 

Citi Field.

The Press, Betabeat, Vos Iz Neias, Huff Post, Gathamist Daily
KOPJIK’s  declaration to all the obscurants of the world.



People used to say that is a dead or a dying language.

 But is alive –

and texts and music are easier accessible today

than ever before!

In fact is said to be

the Earths most fast-ing world-language today.

The number of newspapers may dwindling

the number of blogs almost exploding!







The author of the –

FORWARD called it “a formidable tome” – and recall this anecdote:




Take advantage of the moment




General Massoud Jazayeri  of the Iranian army threatens USA: “The United States would not be safe from retaliation if Iran is attacked by Washington. America, the Zionists and reactionary Arabs should pay attention that we will seriously confront them wherever the Islamic Republic’s interests are threatened.”





The Slang



Situation un-changed – massmurderer still in flat surrounded by police.



Latest news!

Dernières Nouvelles

Últimas Noticias

Seneste nyt!

The murderer from Ozar Hatorah  now identified. He is believed to be a 23-24 year old bankrobber and islamist named Mohammed Merah.

Mohammed Merah – the suspected massmurderer is right now hiding in Rue Sergent Vigné.


05:45 GMT

French elite   arrested a man suspected of killingthree students and one teacher in front of a  school inToulouse. The authorities are convinced that the person arrested is the perpetrator. The French elite  carried out inthe early morning a search of a house in the city of Toulouse.The suspect is believed to be a 24-year-old man who previously traveled to the lawless border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan, which is known to house severalal-Qaeda members.



Light a candle today at 19:03 (3 minutes past 7 p.m.)

to commemorate  Jonathan Sandler,

his sons Aryeh (6 years old), Gabriel (3 years old) and

8 year old Miriam Monsonegro –

victims ofterror in Toulouse 19.3.2012





-teacher murdered in front of his school

Maestro  asesinado frente a su escuela.

Enseignant le  tué – juste à l’extérieur de son école

Toulouse today – 4 Jews murdered in front of school.


A gunman opened fire on a school in Toulouse in southern France, killing four people. A 30-year-old man, Jonathan Sandler, who taught at the Ozar Hatorah school, and his 2 sons (3 and 6 y.o.) were killed in the attack just before classes started at the Ozar Hatorah school in France today. Another child, at the age between 8 and 10 years, was also killed, and a 17-year-old seriously injured.

Read also the special Ozar Hatorah page.



The Ozer Hatorah School in Toulouse.

Attentat à Toulouse contre une école juive: trois morts dont 2 enfants. Un homme a ouvert le feu ce lundi matin devant un collège-lycée juif de Toulouse, tuant au moins un professeur ( Jonathan Sandler, qui enseigne le  à l’école) et son deux enfants, et en blessant plusieurs autres. Connec’Sion adresse ses condoléances aux familles des disparus et ses souhaits de réfouah schléma aux blessés. http://dai.ly/xadgDP


Um homem armado abriu fogo em uma escola judaica emToulouse, no sul da França, matando quatro pessoas. Um homem de 30 anos (rabino Jonathan Sandler, quem ensinou iídiche na escola) de ie e seus filhos de 3 anos de iee 6 anos de ie, foram mortas no ataque, pouco antes do início das aulas na escola Hatorah Ozar na França hoje. Outra criança, na ie entre 8 e 10 anos, também foi morto,e um 17 anos gravemente ferido.  


Read the special Ozer Hatorah page about the tragedy in France.

Read also the special Ozar Hatorah page



Ukrainian-born John Demjanjuk (dehm-YAHN’-yook), convicted of being a guard at the Nazis’ Sobibor death camp (“The court is convinced that the defendant … served as a guard at Sobibor” from March 27, 1943, until mid-September 1943), died on Saturday 17.3.2012.

Moshe Zigelman.

Moshe Zigelman was arrested in 2007 for his part in a decade-long enterprise through which wealthy donors made tens of millions of dollars in contributions to Spinka, a Brooklyn-based Hasidic sect, only to most of the money refunded through an underground money-transfer network. The donors received large tax breaks on the bogus amounts; Spinka and related charities profited through the small portion of the sums they kept.


Moshe Zigelman ordered jailed for refusing to testify

(Los Angeles Times – March 16, 2012)

* An orthodox who refused to testify before a federal grand jury, saying his religious beliefs prohibit informing on fellow Jews, was ordered jailed Friday by a District Court judge for contempt of court. Moshe Zigelman, a 64-year-old Hasidic , was ordered to report Wednesday to a federal detention center in Brooklyn. Until he chooses to testify, he will re behind bars up to a maximum of 18 months, according to federal prosecutors Zigelman has previously pleaded guilty and served a prison sentence for his role in a tax-evasion scheme by his Brooklyn-based orthodox sect, Spinka. After his release, he was subpoenaed to testify before a Los Angeles grand jury continuing its probe into the scheme. Citing an ancient principle, Zigelman refused to testify, telling a federal judge forcefully during a contempt hearing through a interpreter: “Because the transgression of mesira is so dire, my mind won’t change until I die.” In December, in an order that was sealed because grand jury matters are confidential, U.S. District Court Judge Margaret M. Morrow held the in civil contempt. Zigelman’s attorneys, who tained that no amount of earthly sanctions will compel the to change his steadfast beliefs and that his 1st Amendment right to religious freedom was being violated, appealed unsuccessfully to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. The had asked that he be allowed to enter custody after observing Passover, in April. Prosecutors objected, saying March will mark one year since Zigelman was first called to testify and additional delays will require extensions to the grand jury’s term of service. Morrow ordered him to surrender to the prison March 21.“The government doesn’t want to be in a position of remanding somebody into custody, what the government is trying to seek is to truthful testimony in court proceedings,” Asst. U.S. Atty. Daniel O’Brien said Friday. “All people who are percipient witnessesto facts that are relevant to criminal matters a duty to testify called to do so before a grand jury.” An attorney for the could not be reached for comment.


A note from KOPJIK:




KOPJIK support the




Pour la liberté d’expression … et contre la censure d’aucune sorte!


Latest news about Lithuania.

Latest news (in Danish) about in Denmark.


Iran at war with Israel and United States!

Irán en una guerra no declarada

con los Estados Unidos e Israel!

Irã em uma guerra não-declarada

com os Estados Unidos e Israel!

L’Iran à une guerre non déclarée

avec les États-Unis et Israël!


The editor of the governmentlle





ment-controled n

The newspaper, Kayhan, connected with Iran’s top cleric called for the Islamic republic to retaliate the killings of its nuclear scientists by killing officials. “It would be easy for Iran’s intelligence services, who become quite experienced through 32 years of full-fledged war with the enemies’ intelligence and security services, to assassinate officials and officers,” Shariatmadari wrote.

ewspaper, Kayhan.

The government-controlled newspaper, Kayhan.
 He added that Iran has volunteers throughout the world willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause “if they are just give na signal.”



The un-official spokesman of the iranian government:



The Iranian Forreign Minister:

“We have reliable documents and evidence that this terrorist act was planned, guided and supported by the CIA.” 

The unofficial spokesman of the government:

We are prepared for a war !

14. 1.2012

 The logo of The Weekly Daily Forward.

The weekly

Magazine –

‘The Daily FORWARD’ –

suddenly become DAILY once again.





wish the excellent old American weekly:




Third nuclear scientist killed in Iran

In the past two years 3 nuclear scientists died in Iran.

Massoud Alimohammadi.

The first nuclear scientist, university Professor Massoud Ali Mohammadi,

was killed in a car bomb in January 2010.

The second nuclear scientist, Majid Shahriari, was killed in November 2010.

A basic Davani’s car
 The third nuclear scientist, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, just killed in an Iranian explosion. Roshan was a top official at the Natanz uranium enrichment plant .




ad Stamp Found Near Akko.

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“One must never say never.”

Melchior chief- candidate in UK.

Michael Melchior said he was flattered by the hundreds of letters he received from British Jews in response to the rumors that he might lead its religious establishment, the present chief-, Lord Jonathan Sacks, in United Kingdom is to be replaced in September 2012, but the modest added that at the moment he had no plans to go anywhere.

Michael Melchior – next Chief in UK?

Michael Melchior: “I never thought about it before until it came up in the press”.  “There’s a reason I made aliya in 1986 – Israel is the center of people – and I’m happy being here working on what matters to me.” But former government minister, Michael Melchior,  also said the one lesson he learned from his political career is: “One must never say never.”


Sir Jonathan Sachs.

Chief Jonathan Sacks was born in 1948 in London, he has married to Elaine since 1970. They three children, Joshua, Dina and Gila and five grandchildren. Jonathan Sacks has Chief of the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth since September 1991, the sixth incumbent since the role was formalized in 1845.

Michael Melchior.

Michael Melchior was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, 31 January 1954. Melchior and his wife Hanna, five children and eleven grandchildren. Among the many merits of Michael Melchior are member of Knesset (elected 1999), former minister for social affairs and World Jewry, member of The International Presidium For Soviet Jewry, co-founder of Birthright Israel and “The Yachad Council”, which promotes open dialogue between different strands of society, in fighting religious and political extremism. A British lawmaker has come out in support of Shmuley Boteach as the next chief of the UK. Several other replacements for Sacks mentioned over the past few weeks including the chief of South Africa  Warren Goldstein, Ephraim Mirvis and Harvey Belovski of London. But Michael Melchior is still considered as the best qualified candidate.




Adrienne Cooper in Memoriam


Adrienne Cooper, the American-born singer, the cultural executive at the Workmen’s Circle, the teacher and curator of music, the pioneer in the effort to keep the language living in the new generations, died in Manhattan at 65 on Sunday 25.12.2011. She became 65. The cause of her death was adrenal cancer. Adrienne Cooper was born on Sept. 1, 1946, in California and grew up in an English-speaking household. She called “the mother of the Klezmer revival”. She was one of the two founders of KlezKamp, which since 1985 has convened annually. She sang and recorded with bands like Kapelye, the Klezmatics, the Klezmer Brass All-Stars and the Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band and klezmer performers like Ms. Svigals. She brought the music about the shtetls and the ghettos to Carnegie Hall and to European concert halls. Her last album was “Enchanted”, with the lively song “Gefilte fish“. Her excellent versions of songs are found on YouTube carrying the titles “Gezang far a bessere velt“, (Avrohom Sutzkever’s) “Ver VetBlaybn?VosVetBlaybn“, “Aleterl zum Himl“, “Dos bisele borscht“, “Viazoy trinktder keysertey” and her live performance in concert in St. sburg 2003.

Adrienne Cooper z”l talks about the new generation of learners and the importance of the next generation for the survival of language and culture. She stresses the role that the next generation will to play in p





























































rab antisem

itism is was illustrated recently a Virgin Megastore  in Qatar featured an Arabic edition of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” as recommen

























































ugh company and middleman in Denm



An co mpan y, named Allot, has selling Internet-monitoring equipment to Iran through a distributor named Rantek A/ S.

tek in Rand

R a n t e k is a firm situated in Østergrave 4, in the c i t y o f R a n d e r s – a m i no r D a n is h c it y .
























NetXplorer and the hardware NetEnforcer.

NetXplorer is a highly scalable system that uses a single, easy-to-use GUI to deliver unsurpassed network analysis suitable for short-term network troubleshooting.

NetXplorer provides the visibility and tools that deliver traffic and subscriber information and control in broadband networks.

including identification of traffic trends and drilling down to the individual device, user or application level for real-time troubleshooting. Integrated in NetEnforcer, the NetXplorer management software achieves a level of network intelligence that ensures optimal network performance, security and management, and caters to application, user and subscriber needs.

Rantek a/s in Randers, Denmark.

An man in Iran, named ‘Hossein’, to whom the equipment was sent, is suspected of having  repackaged the gear and shipped it to Iran.

The management of A/S Rantek in Randers, Denmark. Rantek a/s has re-packed and sent combined surveillance hardware and software from Israel to Iran.

A NetEnforcer AC504.

DART.  Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology. 

(Watch the video.)

DART includes the ability to allow comprehensive visibility of all network traffic through the NetEnforcer hardware.

Trade with Iran is prohibited under law – but evidently not by Danish law. Rantek a/s made no comments to the case, probably because the firm is closed during the ‘Nitel -simche’.

Th e net-surveilling software and hardware from the firm Allot can be used to ‘wiretap’ personal emails and other private data, or to barrier people from using the Web. The same kind of technology was used in Tunisia to arrest dissidents. Technology can be used as a weapon and should be treated with the same care and sold with the same due diligence. Anything connected to the Internet “can phone home” and provide some sort of location data. Claiming a lack of knowledge is no excuse. Spyware and other software are being used in Syria to filter Internet sites. Amid Syria’s uprising, construction moved forward on a $17 million Internet surveillance system built with US, French, German and Italian technology. Syria used this technology to track and kill more than 5,000 people. In Bahrain, authorities used European equipment to intercept phone calls and text messages of activists, who were confronted with details of their communications while being arrested and tortured.

The sales of spyware and surveillance hardware to Iran has violated a strict ban that prohibits “trading with the enemy,” including any shipments that reach Iran, Syria and Lebanon. “This covers everything,” says Gavriel Bar, manager of the Middle East department at Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. “Imports, exports, direct, indirect. An company is not allowed to trade with Iran in any way.”

 Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor. 

Three former sales employees for Allot say it was well known inside the company that the equipment was headed for Iran. Allot officials say they no knowledge of their equipment going the r e and a re l o o k i n g i n t o R a n T e k ’ s s a l e s .







t a





y sales to Iran,

says Jay


executive director of investor relations at Allot.

“Allot is now investigating






















סטאַגייטינג דעם פאַל”

CEO Rami Hadar, All




t was sold to a Denmark-based distributor, the same way it is sold to thousands of distributers and tens of thousands of clients worldwide. We no way of knowing where our equipment ends up. We no ties with Iran. You can get our equipment online – like on eBay,” says the top-manager of Allot, Rami Had




rten Kolind, Rantek A/S.

RanTek deny that NetEnforcer allow a government wanting to suppress an opposition, the chance to monitor traffic on the Internet. The equipment can be used to prioritize e-mails more than Web surfing in a company with limited bandwidth.


CEO Morten Kolind: “We always open the boxes and check that power cables are correct that the right manuals are there, etc. and submit an invoice in the box. But we do not switch containers, he said in a written comment. The sale takes place within the law. we sell products, we ensure all necessary approvals from the Enterprise and Construction Authority and the secret police. With NetEnforcer you can not see the content of the data tr aff i c . ”


orten Kolind:



Also read about the Duqu spyware in Iran.



An agreement in Cairo Thursday 22.12.2011 has integrated the Hamas terror group into the Palestine Liberation Organization ( P L O ) .














kkeh no
w on USA-stamps.

















M ak e t h is Chanikkeh special by lighting a Sderot Menorah in your home. Made entirely from kassam rockets that landed in Israel, a symbol of the endurance of the People. The Sderot Menorah demonstrates the triumph of good over evil and the light of Israel over the darkness of Arab  terror.




The above billboards in New York recently criticized by the Anti-Defamation League as anti-Semitic. The Wódka vodka promotion show two dogs, one dog with a Santa hat and the other with  a yarmulke, and show the message: “Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing.” ADL regional director Ron Meier says the ad “rein anti-Semitic stereotypes.” “In a crude and offensive way of trying to make a point that their vodka is high quality and inexpensive, the billboards evoke a holiday to imply something that is cheap and of lesser value compared to the higher value of a Christian holiday,” Meier says. One of the billboards along the West Side Highway was taken down Tuesday, after the vodka company Panache Beverages in the Flatiron District was bombarded with complaints. The company vowed to pull all the ads immediately. Wódka vodka — which sells for $9 for a 3/4 liter bottle — has a reputation for irreverent ads, including ones reading “Escort Quality, Hooker Pricing” and “Hamptons Quality, Newark Pricing.” “We’re surprised that people get offended by what we’ve done,” … “This is a premium vodka, at a value price. That’s all we’re saying,” says Dale James, co-owner of the vodka company, adding the ads were not intended to be offensive. He says he’s even gotten death threats over the ads and has compared to a N az i .










er really











K O P J IK IN TERNATIONAL think it is not  – we believe that ADL is maybe lacking a little bit of humour! Isn’t it just a very funny poster? There must be more important tasks for the ADL to do than restricting freedom of speech in such a dubious case?