Yiddish dating

Yiddish dating  – ייִדיש דייטינג


Yenta is a Yiddish female name.
Yenta walk around and ask a lot of questions.

In the age of Yiddish theater, it referred gossipmonger.
In the old-countries in Europe, Jewish marriages were arranged by matchmakers.  The most famous Jewish matchmaker in Yiddish literature is the matchmaker in Sholom Aleichem’s stories, collected into what became the musical “Fiddler on the Roof.”   A matchmaker sneaked around and asked a lot of questions because she was always looking for something that would help her make a match – and her a little income.
The word have also been used in a play of a famous humorist, Jacob Adler (with the pseudonym B. Kovner),
called Yenta Telebenta, and the name “Yenta” have now come to mean “matchmaker” in common usage.
In the Jewish tradition, it is also a mitzvah (good deed) to help make a successful match.
KOPJIK-Yenta is working for KOPJIK INTERNATIONAL Edition.
KOPJIK-Yenta would like to match young people all over the world
interested in both Yiddishkeyt and the opposite sex.

Women ‘can sense attraction in men’s sweat’

Women can sense if men are attracted to them

by the smell of his sweat, a new study has revealed.



Jewish Pick Up Lines

How did you do it in the old days before you knew KOPJIK-Yenta?


The Nose Job Jew

You don’t need to have a Jewish nose to date!

You just  need to use your KOPJIK.







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