Der Groyser Verterbukh

דער גרױסער װערטערבוך

אָדער מיט פּינטעלעך אָדער אָן פּינטעלעך


Yiddish-English dictionary



Google translate



Harkavy’s Yiddish-English (6th ed.),

English-Yiddish (11th ed.) Dictionary (1910)


Yiddish Dictionary Online

ייִדיש ווערטערבוך אויפֿן וועב


Dictionnaire yiddish-anglais/anglais-yiddish




Yiddish Dictionary





Yiddish words list


Body Parts in Yiddish


Yiddish dictionaries


Yiddish Slang Dictionary

Yiddish Slang Dictionary

Yiddish Cooking Glossary

Learn Yiddish with ex-president George W. Bush


Di ganze megilleh

A weekly updated Canadian Yiddish website



VIZMAY is not a traditional dictionary, but a great human service in Yiddish, meaning “Vi sogt men af Yiddish”.

You ask – VIZMAY answer. A forerunner to “ASK”, served by ‘a richtigr mensh’.


Yitskhok Niborski:

Dictionary of Hebrew and Aramaic Words in Yiddish

Loshen koidesh stammige verter in Yiddish

Yitskhok Niborski / Bernard Vaisbrot

Dictionnaire Yiddish – Francais

This volume includes some 37,000 words, which makes it the most comprehensive bilingual dictionary of Yiddish in existence. It includes words for standard usage, literary usage, contemporary material culture, colloquial and conversational usage, rare literary words, dialect words, and abbreviations; definitions treat issues of language register, context, and style; information concerning pronunciation and word stress is included; idioms are listed under the entry for the idiom’s key word.





Travel Audio PhraseBook EY800 – translator of mame-loshn (‘mother tongue’). With voice, high-res touch-screen and ability to make the font as large or as small as you want. The translator to speak for you in Yiddish using digital recordings of native-speakers. With its ability to recognize your voice, you can speak into it and have your words translated and spoken in Yiddish. Price: $ 399.95


Yiddish Typer


LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2009 English <-> Yiddish for Pocket PC or WINDOWS

A talking translating dictionary with up to 1,000,000 entries. Yiddish for Windows can be voiced aloud using the latest TTS (text-to-speech). Price $ 25.

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2009 English <-> Yiddish for Windows

There are over 100 Yiddish dictionaries in the YIVO Library. The following list of available dictionaries is sorted alphabetically according to type of dictionary (see last column of table) and date of publication.

Subject headings include: Academic TerminologyEtymologicalForeign Words in YiddishHumorousIndustrial and Commercial Terms,Medical TerminologyPolitical TermsProverbsScientific TermsTechnological TermsThesaurusWords of Hebrew and Aramaic Origin.

Languages: Multiple Languages BelorussianDutchEncyclopediaEnglishFrenchGermanHebrewHebrew/AramaicJapanese,LithuanianPolishRussianSpanishUkrainian.

Call # Author Title Place Year Pages Type
PJ 5118 S3 Schaechter, M. English-Yiddish dictionary of academic terminology New York 1988 112, xvi p. ACADEMIC TERMINOLOGY
PJ 5117 A5 Yidish-Vaysrusisher tashn-verterbukh Minsk 1932 281, 21 p. Yiddish-Belorussian
1/69315 Beem, H. Jiddische spreekwoorden Holland 1970 294 p. DUTCH
/15883 Zeitlin, Hillel Ersht Yudish entsiklopedish verterbukh Warsaw 1917 11, 140 p. ENCYCLOPEDIA
PJ 5117 H57 Horowitz, Zina Liliput Dictionary: English-Yiddish Leipzig 621 p. ENGLISH
PJ 5117 H5 1891 Harkavy, Alexander Complete English-Jewish dictionary New York 1891 vii, 752 p. ENGLISH
PJ 5117 H5 1898 Harkavy, Alexander Yidish-Englishes verterbukh New York 1898 351 p. ENGLISH
PJ 5117 H5 1900 Harkavy, Alexander Yidish-English tashen-verterbukh New York 1900 xv,(1),351, (1) pp. ENGLISH Yiddish-English
(pocket size)
PJ 5117 H5 1903 Harkavy, Alexander Falshtendiges English-Yudishes verterbukh New York 1903 vii, 759 p. ENGLISH English-Yiddish
PJ 5117 H5 1910 Harkavy, Alexander Falshtendiges English-Yudishes verterbukhá New York 1910 vii, 759 p. ENGLISH
PJ 5117 H5 1928 Harkavy, Alexander English-Yidisher verterbukh New York 1928 1, vii, 759, v. ENGLISH
YIVO PJ 5118 Y5 The vocabulary for the beginner class of the Yiddish school in America New York 1944 78 p. ENGLISH
PJ 5118 J2 The Joseph Jacobs Handbook of Familiar Jewish words and expressions New York 1956 34 p. ENGLISH
PJ 5118 K48 1967 Kogos, Fred A dictionary of Yiddish Slang and Idioms New York 1967 167 p. ENGLISH
PJ 5117 B4 Bergman, Aaron Student’s dictionary, English-Yiddish, Yiddish-English New York 1968 141, 131 p. ENGLISH
PJ 5117 W4 Weinreich, Uriel Modern English-Yiddish, Yiddish-English Dictionary New York 1968 xliii, 789,[1], 16 p. ENGLISH
/72351 Kogos, Fred 1001 Yiddish proverbs New York 1970 158 p. ENGLISH
/78360 Markowitz, Endel Encyclopedia Yiddishanica 1979 443 leaves ENGLISH
English-Yiddish (transliterated)
PJ 5117 R65 Posembaum, S. A Yiddish Word Book for English-speaking People New York 1978 180 p. ENGLISH
/77762 Postman, Frederica The Yiddish alphabet book Palo Alto, CA [?] 1979 [50] p. ENGLISH
PJ 4833 J25 1982 Jacobs, Sidney J. The Jewish Word Book New York 1982 x, 356 p. ENGLISH
PJ 5117 H3 Harduf, D. M. English-Yiddish, Yiddish-English Dictionary Willowdale, Canada 1985 241, 118 p. ENGLISH
/80526 Sheheen, Dennis A child’s picture dictionary: English-Yiddish New York 1985 [43] p. ENGLISH
PJ 5117 G2 Galvin, H. Tamarkin, S. The Yiddish Dictionary Sourcebook Hoboken 1986 317 p. ENGLISH
Yiddish-English, English-Yiddish (transliterated)
PJ 5117 C6 Coldoff, Harry A Yiddish Dictionary in transliteration Toronto 1988 211 p. ENGLISH
PJ 5117 H31 Harduf, D. M. Transliterated English-Yiddish, Yiddish-English Dictionary Willowdale, Canada 1991, 1989 471, 185 p.; v 1-2 ENGLISH
PJ 5117 G68 1992 Gross, David English-Yiddish, Yiddish-English Dictionary New York 1992 117 p. ENGLISH
PJ 5117 A19 Abelson, Paul English-Yiddish encyclopedic dictionary New York 1915 18, 1748, 6 pp. ETYMOLOGICAL
PJ 5117 G7 Groyser verterbukh fun der Yidisher shprakh New York 1961 4 v. ETYMOLOGICAL
PJ 5118 K16 Kantorovitsh, P. Fremd verter-bukh Warsaw 326, 138 columns FOREIGN WORDS IN YIDDISH
/82611 Trubnik, Y. Fremd verter-bukh Zhitomir 1887 88 p. FOREIGN WORDS IN YIDDISH
14/5800 Pinski A. N. Zshargonishes fremd verterbukh Vilna 1907 FOREIGN WORDS IN YIDDISH
Also, words of Hebrew origin
PJ 5118 K3 Karliner, B. Fremd-verterbukh Warsaw 1911, 1926? 550 columns FOREIGN WORDS IN YIDDISH
PJ 5118 R5 1914 Rozenshteyn, A. B. Fremd verter-bukh Warsaw 1914 496 p. FOREIGN WORDS IN YIDDISH
PJ 5118 R5 1919 Rozenshteyn, A. B. Fremd verter-bukh Warsaw 1919 514 p. FOREIGN WORDS IN YIDDISH
PJ 5118 K16 1923 Kantorovitsh, P. Fremd verter-bukh Warsaw 1923 326, 60 columns FOREIGN WORDS IN YIDDISH
PJ 5118 P5 1923 Pinski, a. Slovar Yidisher Fremd verter-bukh Vilna 1923 1036 columns FOREIGN WORDS IN YIDDISH
PJ 5117 G8 1982 Gris, Noah. Verterbukh Yidish, Frantseyzish. Paris 1982 vii-xxiv, 371, [7-16]. FRENCH
PJ 5117 K4 1989 Kerner, Sh. ; Vaysbrat, B. Verterbukh frantseyzish, Yidish Paris 1989 527 p. FRENCH
/17369 Nascher, Ed. Das buch Judischen Jargons Vienna 164 p. GERMAN
/55375 Gallenberg, J. Judischteutsches Worterbuchlein Halle 1736 190 p. GERMAN
PJ 5118 B5 Bischoff, Erich Judisch, deutscher und deutsch-judischer dolmetscher Leipzig 1916 viii, 108 p. GERMAN
/24302 Shults, K. Daytsh-Yudish verterbukh Warsaw 1916 508 p. GERMAN
PJ 5117 S8 Strack, Hermann Judisches worterbuch Leipzig 1916 xv, [1], 204 p. GERMAN
/69124 Wolf, Siegmund Worterbuch des Rotwelschen Mannheim 1956 430 p. GERMAN
PJ 5118 W4 Weinberg, Werner Die Reste des Judischdeutschen Stuttgart 1969 116 p. GERMAN
PJ 5117 L7 Lotzsch, Ronald Juddisches Worterbuch Leipzig 1990 204 p. GERMAN
PJ 5117 W59 Wolf, Siegmund Jiddisches Worterbukh Hamburg 1991 203 p. GERMAN
PJ 5118 I8 Milon shmoshi katsar (?) Israel 63 p. HEBREW
/47214 Ben Zeev, Judah Leib Otsar ha-shorashim Vienna 1816 3 v. HEBREW
Hebrew-Yiddish, Yiddish-Hebrew
PJ 5117 M7 Mohr, Abraham Menahem Mendel Verterbukh har Tsien Lemberg (Lwow) 1889 180, 30, 38 p. HEBREW
PJ 5117 G8 Goor, Y. Milon (shel) kis Ivri-Idi Tel Aviv 1906, 1913, 1930, 1945, 1948 174 p. HEBREW
PJ 5117 G6 Golomb, Tzvi Nisn Milon beloshoni: Hebreish-idishes verterbukh fun hebreishe verter, oysdrike un Toyreh-verter Vilna 1910 400, 47 HEBREW
PJ 5117 B5 Bisco, Aaron Loeb Milon male ùve-shalem Zargoni-Ivri London 1913 255 p. HEBREW
PJ 5117 G65 Gordon, Aryeh Grunom Orah mishor Warsaw 1914 197 p. HEBREW
PJ 5117 Y43 Yeverekhyahu, Israel Shalom Milon Ivri-Idish Jerusalem 1927, 1933 222 p. HEBREW
PJ 5117 Y43 Yeverekhyahu, Israel Shalom Milon Idish-Ivri Jerusalem 1927, 1935, 1948 262 p. HEBREW
PJ 5117 B38 Avak Milon Idi-Ivri male Paris 1939 2 v. HEBREW
PJ 5117 L5 Lichter, Abraham Milon hadash Idi-Ivri New York 1947 315 p. HEBREW
/66255 Alpert, M. Hebreish-Yidish verterbikhl Buenos Aires 1950 22 p. HEBREW
63-A-229 (micr) Hokhman, O. Milon kis, Ivri-Idish-Sfaradi Buenos Aires 1954 326 p. HEBREW
PJ 5117 T7 Tsanin, M. Fuler Hebreish, Yidisher verterbukh Tel Aviv 1960 2 v. HEBREW
/75887 Bar-El, J. Milon Yidish Ivrit Ramat Gan 1976 93 p. HEBREW
YIVO PJ 5118 N6 Noble, Shlomo Humesh-Taytsh. New York 1943 7 p.l., 13-87, [1] p. HEBREW/ARAMAIC
11/70215 Steinberg, I. Psukim un taytshn Tel Aviv 1969 303 p. HEBREW/ARAMAIC
PJ 5118 K5 Kuk, M. Humoristisher verter bukh Philadelphia 1955 47 p. HUMOROUS
11/69666 Davis, Ida Fun with Yiddish Duluth 1967 74 p. HUMOROUS
PJ 5118 R6 Rosten, Leo The joys of Yiddish New York 1968 xxix, 533 p. HUMOROUS
/79248 Hoffman, Paul Dictionary shmictionary! A Yiddish and Yinglish dictionary New York 1983 189 p. HUMOROUS
PJ 5118 K6 Krimberg, M. Virtshafts-Leksikon, hantbukh far virtshaft un handl Berlin 1933 17-334 col.-diagr. INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL TERMS
/93926 Kazuo Ueda Idissugo kiso (Yiddish, Japanese Dictionary) Tokyo 1989 xiii, 142 p. JAPANESE
Yiddish, Japanese
PJ 5117 D6 Dobusis, St. Litvish-Yidisher verternik Kaunas 1923 243 p. LITHUANIAN
PJ 5118 S31 Schaechter, M. Pregnancy, Childbirth and early Childhood New York 1991 xli, 155 p. MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY
PJ 5117 B29 Benicchoki, M. Slownik Hebrajsko, Zydowski, Polski Poland 960 p. MULTIPLE LANGUAGES
Hebrew, Yiddish, Polish
PJ 5117 B29 Benicchoki, M. Slownik Hebrajsko, Zydowski, Polski Poland 960 p. MULTIPLE LANGUAGES
Hebrew, Yiddish, Polish
PJ 5117 B2 Bank, Y. Rash milon Zhitomir 1872 MULTIPLE LANGUAGES
Hebrew, Yiddish, German
PJ 5117 W6 (14/26898) Volfson, M. Polnish, Russish, Yudisher varter-bukh Warsaw 1906 252 p. MULTIPLE LANGUAGES
Polish, Russian, Yiddish
PJ 5117 B27 Ben-Iakov Russish, Hebreyish, zshargon varterbukh Vilna 1908 1020 colums MULTIPLE LANGUAGES
Russian, Hebrew, Yiddish
PJ 5117 H51925 Harkavy, Alexander Yiddish, English, Hebrew dictionary New York 1925 vi, 530, vii p. MULTIPLE LANGUAGES
Yiddish, English, Hebrew
PJ 5117 E7 Ardeli, M. Pines, Dan Milon-kis 6000 milim be-hamesh safot [Ivrit, Yidish, Anglit, Hungarit, Tsarfatit Tel Aviv 1954 342 p. MULTIPLE LANGUAGES
Hebrew, English, Yiddish, Hungarian, French
PJ 5117 B7 Britannica world language dictionary Chicago 1958 v. 2 MULTIPLE LANGUAGES
PJ 5117 B45 Bergman, Peter M. The concise dictionary of twenty-six languages in simultaneous translations New York 1968 406 p. MULTIPLE LANGUAGES
PJ 5118 F55 Fisher-Shusterovits’, Sarah. Milon shimushi la-ganenet :Ivrit, Yidish, Sefaradit Buenos Aires 1969 136 p. MULTIPLE LANGUAGES
Hebrew, Yiddish, French
PJ 5117 M5 Milon Rav-Lashonei Tel Aviv 1972 386 p. MULTIPLE LANGUAGES
PJ 5117 G87 1992 Guri, I. Kurtser Yidish, Hebreyish, Rusisher verterbukh Jerusalem 1992 8, 141, ix p. MULTIPLE LANGUAGES
Yiddish, Hebrew, Russian
PJ 5117 G81 1994 Guri, I. Kurtser Yidish, Hebreish, Englisher verterbukh Jerusalem 1994 142 p. MULTIPLE LANGUAGES
Yiddish, Hebrew, English
PJ 5117 M3 Mark, Aron Fulshtendik Poylish-Yidish verterbukh Warsaw 1908 columns POLISH
Polish, Yiddish
/82534 Krakovski, Y. Poylish-Yudish verterbukh Warsaw 191-192- 872 columns POLISH
Polish, Yiddish
11/20927 Kon, P. Dos ershte Poylish-Yidishe verterbukh Vilna 1926 POLISH
Polish, Yiddish
PJ 5118 P65 Politishes verter-bukh St. Petersburg 1907 96 p. POLITICAL TERMS
/80954; micr# 77-Y-1104 Slutski, D. Leksikon fun politishe un fremd-verter Kiev 1929 1005 p. POLITICAL TERMS
PJ 5118 M17 Mab, A. Politish, ekonomish verterbukh Warsaw 1929 334 p. POLITICAL, ECONOMIC TERMS
/83814 Parsky, Paula F. Yidishe verter un shprikhverter Amherst 1987 40 p. PROVERBS
Words and sayings
/5792 Lifshits, Y. Rusish-Yudisher verterbukh Kiev 1880 RUSSIAN
Russian, Yiddish
PJ 5117 D7 1886 Dreyzin, I. Russish, Yudishes verter bukh Warsaw 1886 832 p. RUSSIAN
Russian, Yiddish
PJ 5117 D7 1894 Dreyzin, I. Russish, Yudishes verter bukh Warsaw 1894 832 p. RUSSIAN
Russian, Yiddish
PJ 5117 R6 Rokhkind, S. ; Shkliar, G. Yidish-Rusisher verterbukh Minsk 1940 519, [1] p. RUSSIAN
PJ 5117 F3 Falkovich, E. Rusish-Yidish verterbikhl far der onfangshul Moscow 1941 175 p. RUSSIAN
Russian, Yiddish
PJ 5117 R87 Shapiro, M. A. Rusish-Yidish verterbukh Moscow 1989 719 p. RUSSIAN
Russian, Yiddish
7611 (Vilna) Klivner, B. Nay groys, visnshaftlekh Fremd verter-bukh Warsaw 1930 check SCIENTIFIC TERMS
PJ 5117 L4 Lerman, J. ; Niborski, Y. Yidish-Shpanish verterbukh Buenos Aires 1979 344 p. SPANISH
Yiddish, Spanish
PJ 5117 K6 Konstantinovsky, M. Diccionario Castellano-Idish Buenos Aires 1986 v.1-3 SPANISH
PJ 5118 F5 Finkel, KH. Yidisher tekhnisher verterbukh Kharkov 1923 75 p. TECHNOLOGICAL TERMS
PJ 5117 S83 Stuchkov, N. Oytser fun der Yidisher shprakh New York 1950 933 p. THESAURUS
PJ 5117 T6 Tortshinski, Y. Kurtser Yidish-Ukrainisher verterbukh Kiev 1996 206 p. UKRAINIAN
Yiddish, Ukrainian
PJ 5117 H6 Hurwitz, David Halevi Sefer ha-Milim …Yudisher loshn-koydesher verter-bukh Warsaw; Odessa 1893, 1903 112 p. ; 111 p. WORDS OF HEBREW ORIGIN
PJ 5117 S7 Spivak, Charles David Idish verterbukh New York 1911 3 p.l., v-xxxi p., 340 p. WORDS OF HEBREW ORIGIN
PJ 5118 S6 Soyfer, Sh. A. Verter-bukh fun ale hebreishe un arameish-sirishe verter Chernovtsy 1920 118 p. WORDS OF HEBREW AND ARAMAIC ORIGIN
PJ 5118 P4 Pereferkovich, N. Hebraizmen in Idish Riga 1931 300 p. WORDS OF HEBREW ORIGIN
PJ 5118 S84 Steinberg, I. Hebraizmen in der Yidisher shprakh Wroclaw 1948 334 p. WORDS OF HEBREW ORIGIN
PJ 5118 Y3 Oytser fun hebraizmen Rio de Janeiro 1954 v. WORDS OF HEBREW ORIGIN
PJ 5118 K7 Krupin, N. Hantbukh fun hebraizmen in der Yidisher shprakh Buenos Aires 1957 252 p. WORDS OF HEBREW ORIGIN
PJ 5118 L4 Levin, Jacob Leon Verterbikhl fun Hebreish-Yidishe verter mit der rikhtiker oysshprakhá New York 1958 102 p. WORDS OF HEBREW ORIGIN
PJ 5117 Y8 Younin, Wolf Kurtser verterbukh New York 1978 193 p. WORDS OF HEBREW ORIGIN
PJ 5117 N5 Niborski, Y. Verterbukh fun loshn, koydesh, shtamike verter in Yidish Paris 1997, 1999 306 p. ; 310 p. WORDS OF HEBREW ORIGIN
Volf, M. Hebreishe un Arameishe verter in der Yidisher shprakh Portland 1999 112 p. WORDS OF HEBREW ORIGIN

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