Leyvik House


Leyvik House is a three-story beautiful building located in the heart of Tel Aviv and acts as a prominent center of Yiddish language and culture. It serves as the home for the Association of Yiddish Writers and Journalists in Israel, the prestigious H. Leyvik Publishing House, and the IsraeliCenterfor Yiddish Culture.

Beis Leyvik, Tel Aviv, Jisroel.

Driven Predominately by volunteers, Leyvik House is currently known internationally as a leading center for Yiddish language, literature and culture.

Leyvik House bears the name of the renowned Yiddish poet and playwright H. Leyvik (1888-1963), and was inaugurated in 1970 in the presence of Prime Minister Golda Meir, Mordechai Tsanin, Meyer Weisgal, Tel Aviv Mayor Yehoshua Rabinovich and world-famous poet Abraham Sutskever.

Leyvik House has a Conference Room, adorned with fine works of Jewish Art, donated by famous artists such as Moshe Bernstein, Michael Milberger, Kolnik, and includes a library consisting of valuable classical Yiddish books along with modern Yiddish writings.


On the third floor is a 220 seat Auditorium that stages literature readings, ceremonies, symposiums, theatrical performances, and vibrant musical concerts including Klezmer, Israeli Folk, Jazz, and Classical.

In honour of the the renowned Yiddish poet and playwright
H.Leyvik (1882-1963) the Leyvik hois was inaugurated in 1970. 

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