R u satisfied with KOPJIK?

Dear KOPJIK International user!

Kopjik International Edition have now (25.11.2009) existed in 10 days –

a rather short time for a web-page indeed.

We are happy that YOU have become one of our users –

and happy that many more have started usign KOPJIK

International too.


We made this web-site because we felt that

we ourselves had a need for such a site –

and when once constructed we could as well

offer it to YOU for your use, but now when it have

been published – we want to adapt the development

of KOPJIK International Edition to suit YOUR needs too.

And we invite YOU to participate or assist in the

developmen of KOPJIK International.

We would even like you to become “a mitgliedr”, a correspondent,

a co-editor or a journalist of  KOPJIK International Editon too –

if you like.

Unfortunately we are not able to pay anyone in money –

but we hope that you, as a friend of KOPJIK, may feel satisfied by your good deeds and

doing a much valued and usefull task furthering the knowledge and use of Yiddish –

just that we try to do as YOUR friend.

The Kopjik Team

Our aim is to extend and expand this web-site


We in The Kopjik Team would like to know if

you find this Yiddish web-site usefull and

if you are satisfied with KOPJIK INTERNATIONAL

so far.



  1. I enjoy your Kopjik blog, excellent informative news and your funny jokes. I look forward to every issue. Thank you.

    • Dearest Stuart! You are more than welcome to contribute to KOPJIK INTERNATIONAL Edition if you like!
      Especially material in Spanish (with Yiddish or English translation) and a reference list of
      the videos that you have produced with links (permanent) might be valuable for many
      users. The kindest regards from The KOPJIK TEAM kopjik@gmail.com

  2. I just discovered your website. it’s very interesting. I will have to explore it further. I hope everyone had a gut yontif!


    • Dearest Michael!
      You are welcome!
      Shanah tovah!

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