On Gaza




The Moldova-flagged cargo ship Amalthea ( Ἀμάλθεια ).


A Libyan aid ship, initiated by the organization of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s son, was preparing to set sail from Greece with 27 passengers and 2,000 tons of humanitarian aid, planning to break the blockade imposed on Gaza by Israel. Israeli Ambassador Gabriela Shalev urged UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to stop the ship from sailing to Gaza. Shalev called on the international community to exert its influence on the Libyan government and prevent the ship from departing to Gaza. “Israel expects the international community to ensure that this ship does not sail,” he wrote. The ship is expected to arrive within 70 hours.

Muammar Gaddafi’s son.


Two dozen masked men vandalized a U.N. summer camp for children in Gaza early Monday, burning and slashing tents, toys and a plastic swimming pool. It was the second such attack in just over a month.

Humanitarian help to Gaza are wasted.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack, but Islamic extremists have accused the main U.N. aid agency here of corrupting Gaza’s youth with its summer program of games, sports and human rights lessons for 250,000 children.

צוויי טוץ מאַסקט מענטשן וואַנדאַלייזד אַ יו.ען. זומער לאַגער פֿאַר קינדער אין עזה פרי מאנטיק, ברענען און סלאַשינג געצעלטן, אידיש און אַ פּלאַסטיק שווימען בעקן. עס איז געווען די רגע אַזאַ באַפאַלן אין נאָר איבער אַ חודש.
עס איז קיין באַלדיק פאָדערן פון פֿאַראַנטוואָרטלעכקייט פֿאַר די באַפאַלן, אָבער יסלאַמיק יקסטרימאַסץ האָבן אָנגעקלאָגט די הויפּט יו.ען. הילף אַגענטור דאָ פון קעראַפּטינג עזה ס יוגנט מיט זייַן זומער פּראָגראַם פון שפּילערייַ, ספּאָרט און מענטשנרעכט לעקציעס פֿאַר 250.000 קינדער

The vandals slashed a plastic swimming pool, an inflatable slide and toys. In recent months, Hamas has become increasingly assertive in trying to impose its strict version of Islam on everyday life in Gaza.The U.N. avoids contact with Hamas, which is internationally shunned as a terror group. The U.N. camps have been targeted by suspected Islamic extremists since their launch in 2007.

די וואַנדאַלס סלאַשט אַ פּלאַסטיק שווימען בעקן, אַן ינפלייטאַבאַל גליטש און אידיש. אין לעצטע חדשים, כאַמאַס האט ווערן ינקריסינגגלי אַסערטיוו אין טריינג צו אָנטאָן זייַן שטרענג ווערסיע פון איסלאם אויף וואָכעדיק לעבן אין גאַזאַ.טהע יו.ען. אַוווידז קאָנטאַקט מיט כאַמאַס, וואָס איז אינטערנאַציאָנאַל שאַנד ווי אַ טעראָר גרופּע. די יו.ען. לאגערן האָבן שוין טאַרגעטעד דורך סאַספּעקטיד יסלאַמיק יקסטרימאַסץ זינט זייער קאַטער אין 2007.



Turkish firm to sue the Turkish government

The company has launched a $6 million civil suit for damages.

A Turkish construction company has become the first to renounce Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his public anti-

Israeli remarks, which the company says is damaging its business in Israel. Ahmet Reyiz Yılmaz, CEO of Yilmazlar Holdings, said

the company would be suing Erdogan for his part in causing an Israeli judge to freeze $2.6 million of the company’s assets at an

Israeli bank last week. The cause is named as ‘Erfogans irresponsible statements and his foreign policy towards Israel’. Yilmaz

accuse Erdogan of irresponsabilty. “He has a responsibility to his country, and he cannot say irresponsible things.” Yilmaz said

the Israeli judge had cited one of the Turkish prime minister’s speeches as the reason for the verdict, saying that it maid it

plausible that Turkish companies would be forced to leave Israel soon.

Yılmaz said Israeli-Turkey relations have been on a freefall since Prime Minister Erdoğan stormed out of a panel meeting during the World Economic Forum gathering in Davos, Switzerland, on Jan. 29 last year. “Since then, the Israeli government has already been implementing various sanctions against Turkish companies active in Israel,” Yılmaz said. “One of these is the ‘poll tax’ that is being extracted from Turks only against a bilateral agreement between the two countries. There is also a quota implemented on Turkish labor that companies wish to employ in their projects.”

Yilmaz, who has earned the title of “Israeli Ahmet” with his business partners in the country, has been working in Israel for 16 years. Among other things, he has been involved in the construction of the YOO tower and the square Azrieli tower in Tel Aviv, as well as the controversial Holyland complex in Jerusalem. There isn’t so far any indication that the Israeli government has frozen the assets of any Turkish company because of a remark by the Turkish government. And the Turkish government has not yet made any moves to act on its declaration that it would freeze joint business projects – or that it ever will.

SOURCE: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/n.php?n=israel-court-decision-hits-turkish-company-2010-06-16



The Lebanese government is working towards canceling the planned flotillas to Gaza, Lebanese newspaper Al-Liwaa reported Thursday, according Israel Radio.

The newspaper reported that the Lebanese government was interested in stopping the flotillas from reaching Gaza in order to calm down recent tensions in the area. Beirut fears an eruption in activity in South Lebanon due to the planned aid-ships.



USA vs. Israel

Ehud Barak & Robert Gates.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak met with the US secretary of defense, Robert Gates, at the Pentagon 21.6.2010: “There is no humanitarian crisis or hunger in Gaza. There is Hamas, jihad, and terror in Gaza. There are weapons and rockets – rockets with just one address: the citizens of Israel,” he told Gates.

“A million and a half people are living in Gaza, but only one of them is really in need of humanitarian aid. We are currently marking four years of captivity for Gilad Shalit. His wellbeing and basic human rights are being ignored by human rights activists.”

The Iranian aid flotilla is postponed

The Iranian Red Crescent organization has decided to postpone the departure of its aid vessel to the Gaza Strip. According to the original plan, the ship was slated to join another aid vessel in an attempt to break the blockade on the Gaza Strip. A new date for the ship’s departure had yet to be set. The reason for the delay is a change made by the international Red Cross in the type of cargo and lack of international coordination. Iranians have learned from the Navy raid on the Turkish-owned Marmara ship and have made it clear that the Iranian flotilla has no military characteristics.

The Iranians hold that the ship is humanitarian and do not carrying any weapons. Therefore, according to the Iranians any aggression will be in violation of international law at sea.

The Iranian Red Crescent announced earlier this month that it had decided to send two aid ships to Gaza and called for volunteers to act as relief workers and accompany the vessels. The first Iranian ship, organized by a non-governmental organization called “the Iranian company for the protection of the Palestinian nation” has already set sail. It is unclear whether it will wait for the second vessel or continue towards the Suez Canal. The number of passengers on the ship and the nature of the cargo it is carrying are also unclear.


Breaking NEWS about the Gaza flotilla

IHH Leader Urged Men

to Throw Israelis Overboard

from Mavi Marmara

30 May 2010

The Foreign Ministry released a new video on Friday in which the leader of the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief, Bulent Yildirim, is seen on board the Gaza flotilla’s ship the Mavi Marmara, telling dozens of activists to throw Israeli commandos overboard if they attempt to board the ship.

“If they board our ship, we will throw them into the sea, Allah willing!” says Yildirim, the head of the Turkish pro-Palestinian group that sent an aid flotilla to Gaza last month.




José María Aznar.

Former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar recently announced that he plan to promote a new initiative which would defend Israel’s right to exist, as “if Israel goes down, we all go down,” the former premier wrote in London newspaper The Times.

“Israel is our first line of defense in a turbulent region that is constantly at risk of descending into chaos,” Aznar wrote, adding that “to abandon Israel to its fate, at this moment of all moments, would merely serve to illustrate how far we have sunk and how inexorable our decline now appears.”“Israel is our first line of defense in a turbulent region that is constantly at risk of descending into chaos,” Aznar wrote, adding that “to abandon Israel to its fate, at this moment of all moments, would merely serve to illustrate how far we have sunk and how inexorable our decline now appears.”


Gaza Flotilla Members Declare

their Readiness for Martyrdom



Gaza flotilla participants

aspire to die as martyrs


Gaza flotilla participants

invoked killing of Jews




The Turkish IHH group that purportedly has ties to terrorism said it will send another flotilla to break the Gaza blockade.

Representatives of the Turkish Humanitarian Relief Foundation, or IHH, said Wednesday during a news conference at the European Parliament in Strasbourg that it will participate in another flotilla of aid and activists next month. According to IHH, which Israel and some U.S. Congress members say have ties to terrorism, it already has acquired six ships for the late July flotilla and called on others to add vessels.


Iran is sending aid ships to blockaded Gaza, state radio said Monday – a move likely to be considered provocative by Israel which accuses Iranof arming the Palestinian enclave’s fascist Hamas-regime.

One Iranian ship left port 13.6.2010 and another will depart 18.6.2010 with food, construction material and toys. Iran plan to ship aid until the end of the Gaza blockade. The shipments are controlled by “The Society for the Defense of the Palestinian Nation”.

A senior Iranian official said earlier Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards were ready to provide a military escort to aid ships heading to Gaza if Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei so commands. But the Guards’ deputy head, Hossein Salami, have later said there were no plans to do so.


Political manipulation?

Several of the images, taken by an unidentified person or people aboard the ship Mavi Marmara, show an Israeli soldier surrounded by people aboard the Turkish-flagged vessel. The photos were released by the Turkish activist group IHH, which is outlawed in Israel. According to IHH, the Israeli soldiers were hurt while storming the ship in confrontations with activists aboard, and were later returned to other Israeli troops who boarded the ship. The original AP-photo showed an so called ‘peaceful activist without any weapons” syanding with a knife in his hand.

On board Mavi Manara 5.6.2010:

Original photo (as published by AP)

Left photo taken and published by ‘the peaceful activists’.

Right photo (same as left, but) published by Reuters.


The so-called “peace flotilla“ episode raises many questions,

and most of them have to do with the role of Turkey.

After all Israel behaved from beginning to end with the utmost transparency.

But nobody knows exactly what went on in Turkey –

how the operation was planned and what part

the Turkish government played in its implementation.

די קאָפּדזשיק-מאַנשאַפֿט


Interview with Mehmut Tuval,

Captain, Mavi Marmara


Gaza flotilla captain:

Activists prepared attack against IDF

According to the clip, released by the Intelligence and Terrorism 
 Information Centerthe ship's captain Mehmut Tuval had 
attempted to prevent a violent altercation by 
disposing of metal bars and chains IHH activists had cut 
ahead of the IDF takeover.

Mehmut said that "once we see that the boats [were] 
around us…actually not us, but around the total ships…about 
two hours [before the takeover]… 
I see they were cutting the steels…chains. And I said to the 
chief officer, he collected all of them and also we put it in the 
radio room in the bridge."
The captain also indicated that he had thrown some of the bars 
and chains into the sea, while adding that he also asked IHH 
activists to pass over the bars and chains that had collected 
later on. Tuval said he sent his chief officer to ask for the bars, 
"saying …he cannot take directly from the guys..he spoke with 
the IHH to collect the [steel bars and chains]…we asked them 
to drop them, drop in the sea, because if they take it from 
the bridgethat's when we have a problem…and [after that] 
we didn't see any in their hands." The Mavi Marmara captain 
said he was indeed worried that the presence of the makeshift 
weapons would worsen the situations.

Footage of a Flotilla-attack made by ‘peace-activists’

Why does United States not create a commission of inquiry

every time its soldiers kill Afghani civilians?

Do peaceful activists have slingshots???

How come that Hamas has ignored the demand for an independent investigation

of the human-shield incidents made by the Goldstone-report,

and still receives international support and foreign aid?



L’équipage de la Flottille de la liberté parle !

avec traduction en français


The Turkish terror-affiliated group IHH have big plans for Gaza and want to spend $25 million on housing, medical care and education supporting the rule of the Hamas terror-regime.

The people of Gaza are euphoric now and the general opinion in Gaza is that the Arab countries never did for Gaza, what Turkey have now done. A man in Gaza has just named his new born baby (Recep Tayyip) Erdogan, “because Erdogan is the only leader who called to lift the siege of Gaza“.

Baby Erdogan.

Turkey‘s government unofficially sponsored the flotilla, which was transporting 10,000 tons of aid and hundreds of activists. In the weeks before the operation, Israeli military and diplomatic officials repeatedly urged Turkey to call off the flotilla – a request that was rebuffed in Ankara. Erdogan was an outspoken critic of Israel‘s war in Gaza last year – and Erdogan in one high-profile incident, stormed off a stage he was sharing with Israeli President Shimon Peres at Davos in the days after the war. Recently Erdogan accused Israel of committing a “massacre” on the high seas.


A rally in support of Israel was held 6.6.2010 in Los Angeles in which 5,000 people participated. The keynote speaker at the rally, was Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Schwarzenegger told the crowd he supports Israel and its right to defend itself.

Read more at:

Gilad Shalit



Prime Minister Erdogan, Turkey, a crypto-islamist?

An international commission of inquiry under the auspices of the United Nations ought to be set up to determine what exactly the role of Turkey was in planning and facilitating the event and to uncover the way IHH secured its funding. Was the Turkish government one of the contributors? Another question is how the Turkish government let armed trained terrorists go unchecked on board the “Marmara” with thousands of dollars in their pockets. It appears that the Turkish government was involved in criminal activities in violation not only of international law but also of Turkish law. A thorough investigation is needed and only the UN can carry it out.

IHH is an extremist Islamist organization created in 1992; according to the CIA it is a terrorist organization with links to al-Qaeda and Hamas which has been involved in several terror attacks. This is confirmed by Jean Louis Bruguiere, a former French investigative judge and an antiterrorism expert at the Council of Europe, the Commission of the European Union and the United Nations (UNODC).

During a search carried out in 1997 in the movement’s headquarters in Turkey, munitions and incriminating documents were found. In recent years, IHH has reinforced its links to Hamas; it has financed the rebuilding of the port of Gaza and has bought two ships – including the “Marmara” to fight the blockade. It was obvious that what the organization had in mind was not a humanitarian mission but the breaking of the blockade.

The international commission of inquiry will have to investigate why Turkey let the organization operate openly on its soil and why it did not arrest its leaders. It will have to check the nature of the relationship between the Turkish government and IHH. It will have to clarify how Turkey did assist IHH in planning and carrying out the operation in recent months.


U.S. Vice President Joe Biden in an interview with Charlie Rose:

“It’s legitimate for Israel to say, ‘I don’t know what’s on that ship. These guys are dropping… 3,000 rockets on my people. Look, you can argue whether Israel should have dropped people onto that ship or not  – but the truth of the matter is, Israel has a right to know – they’re at war with Hamas – has a right to know whether or not arms are being smuggled in.”


Foreign Ministry officials said Saturday that Israel would not apologize to Turkeyfor the deaths of nine Turkish pro-Palestinian activists who were killed during the Israel Navy’s raid on the Turkish-flagged ‘Freedom Flotilla’ ship earlier this week.


A daughter of Lebanese immigrants, White House Correspondent Helen Thomas, has provoked a storm in the US after saying the Jews must “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go home” to Germany or Poland. “Remember, these people [the Palestinians] are occupied. And it’s their land,”

Ari Fleischer, the former White House spokesman during President George W. Bush’s presidency commented: “She is advocating religious cleansing… If a journalist, or a columnist, said the same thing about blacks or Hispanics, they would already have lost their jobs, She should lose her job over this, As someone who is Jewish, and as someone who worked with her and used to like her, I find this appalling.”


San Francisco 5.6.2010.

Several thousand demonstrators protested against Israel’s blockade of Gaza in European cities and in some in Asia and America.


The largest demonstrations took place in Istanbul, London, Paris, Dublin and Oslo.

More than 10,000 gathered in Istanbul, where protesters shouted ” Israel murderer” and “The longer we remain silent, the longer the massacre continues.”

Especially Turkey is in great anger against Israel. Eight of the nine who were killed when Israeli commandos boarded Mavi Marmara Monday morning, were Turkish citizens. The ninth was a Turkish born American citizen.

In France approximately 15,000 demonstrated against Israel in several major cities. In Paris 5000  was on the street.

In London, several thousands attended a demonstration in front of Downing Street, Prime Minister’s residence. In Edinburgh in Scotland took part between 2000 and 5000 in a similar protest.

In both sites the demonstrators were mainly Turkish guest workers. Smaller demonstrations against Israel with nearly 1,000 participants took place in Oslo and Dublin.

An explanation of the conflict for beginners:

Gaza aid flotilla convoy –

Conflict explained

thru jewish history choir



Gaza-Flotilla to Israel:

“Go back to Auschwitz!”

Israeli Army boarding Rachel Corrie on 5.6.2010.


Israeli forces seized “Linda” (the Cambodian-flagged vessel’s name before it was renamed Raciel Corrie)

at 12:15 p.m. on June 5 th. 2010 in international waters about 30 kilometers from Gaza‘s shore and escorted the ship to the nearby Israeli port of Ashdod. “Linda” was carrying 11 pro-Palestinian activists, nine crew and tons of aid.

“This ship didn’t carry any Iranian trained, fascist Turks”. Commandos clambered onto the boat by sea, instead of descending from helicopters. The Israeli navy established radio contact with the vessel four times, before boarding it, and urged it to sail to Ashdod instead of Gaza, the military said. Israel has offered to inspect the cargo and send items permitted under its blockade rules to Gaza overland.

The ship was being transported to the Ashdod Port, where its crew and passengers would be turned over to the authorized authorities and the goods on board would undergo a security check before being transferred to Gaza. It is still unclear what will be done with the cement on the ship, as Israel prohibits the entry of construction materials to Gaza. Washington had been in touch with “multiple” parties, including the Palestinian Authority, the Israeli and Irish governments, about the latest effort. Everyone wanted to avoid a repetition of the tragic incident of Mavi Marmara,

Ireland’s government did not inflame the situation, did not incite to violence and did not back riots against the IDF’s soldiers while contesting Israel’s sovereignty, although it is one of the most hostile governments to Israel in the European Union. The Irish government exercised plenty of restraint on this matter.





Israel vowed Friday to keep an approaching Irish aid ship from breaching its blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The Irish Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Corrigan, who is on the ship Rachel Corrie with other activists in a new stunt, have vowed: “We will sit down, They will probably arrest us … But there will be no resistance. We will not be diverted anywhere else. We head to Gaza in order to deliver the humanitarian aid and to break the siege of Gaza. As ‘human rights activists’ we want to see Israel uphold human rights and international law and end the military occupation of Palestine and move forward.”

Apparently the so called ‘human rights activists’ don’t care about the violation of human rights in Gaza caused by The fascist terror-organization of Hamas whom they try to preserve.

The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs announced Friday that it had reached an agreement with the Israeli government on the ‘Rachel Corrie’, by which it would dock at Ashdod and submit the aid it was carrying to inspection, but that the ship’s crew had refused.


Flotilla passengers answered

the Israeli warnings:

Go back to Auschwitz!

The IDF released on Friday an audio reproduction of the moments before Monday’s raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla.

In it, the soldiers can be heard warning the flotilla that its vessels are nearing an area under naval blockade. They are answered by calls of “Don’t forget 9/11 guys” and “Go back to Auschwitz“.

Flotilla Ship (most likely Mavi Marmara) til Israel Navy:

“We’re Helping Arabs Go Against the US, Don’t Forget 9/11 Guys”, 4 June 2010

“Mavi Marmarah” answering: “Go back to Auschwitz”.

In response to a radio transmission by the Israeli Navy warning the Gaza flotilla that they are approaching a naval blockade, passengers of One of the Flotilla ships (most likely Mavi Marmara).


Prime Minister Erdogan, Turkey.

Speaking at a ceremony in the easterne Turkish city of Konya, the Turkish prime minister announced that Hamas was not a terror organization. “They won an election. You always speak of democracy, but you will not let Hamas rule. What kind of democracy is that?” he asked. “Hamas’s resistance fighters were meant to defend their land. They won an election. I’ve told American officials before that I do not consider Hamas a terror organization, and I still don’t. They are defending their land,” he was quoted by Turkish media as saying.



Someone ought to remind Mr. Erdogan that Adolf Hitler won an election too when he came to power in Germany in 1933 – the nazis too wanted to ‘defend their land’ by attacking their peaceful neighbors with rockets (V1 and V2-bombs).



In Turkey, an official autopsy report said a preliminary examination revealed that the nine men were shot a total of 30 times. The autopsy report will be sent to the prosecutor’s office in Istanbul in the next two months as evidence to be used against Israel in a possible court case. Turkey it is seeking condemnation of the previous Israeli raid at a June 7-8 summit of a 20-member security group for the Asian region. Mavi Marmara, was sponsored by an Islamic aid group from Turkey, the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedom and Humanitarian Relief. Israel outlawed the group, known by its Turkish acronym IHH, in 2008 because of alleged ties to Hamas.

In Sweden, the Swedish dockworkers’ union was urging its members to refuse handling Israeli goods and ships for a week, starting June 15. The Swedish Port Workers Union will refuse to handle Israeli goods and ships during the June 15-24 blockade. The union has some 1,500 members and supports “Ship to Gaza,” which took part in the flotilla. It is unclear if the boycott will affect trade between the Sweden and Israel since  it is not that easy to identify cargos with Israeli origin.

The Mavi Marmara Flotilla was organised by the Turkish organisation IHH. IHH Insani Yardim Vakfi (with the full name: Insan Hak ve Hürriyetleri Insani Yardim Vakfi, or in English: The Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief)is a Turkish Islamic NGO. Political analysts from some organizations (such as the Danish Institute for International Studies) claim that the IHH has ties with radical militant Islamic groups (such as Hamas and Al-Qaeda) and that the IHH aids terrorism. Izzet Sahin, who works for the Turkish IHH’s foreign affairs department, was arrested by Israeli security forces in April on suspicion of aiding Palestinian organizations banned by Israel, Israel’s Shin Bet domestic security service said earlier this month. He was arrested while traveling from Bethlehem in the Israeli-occupied West Bank to Jerusalem. Sahin had been living in the West Bank since November and was enrolled as a student at Israel’s Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  The Daily Telegraph characterized IHH as “a radical Islamist group masquerading as a humanitarian agency”.

Hamas has said it would refuse to accept any aid from the Israeli-intercepted flotilla as long as the blockade remained in place.



Norway canceled a seminar set to host an Israeli speaker.


Muslims held a protest march in Jerusalem’s Old City Friday, against the IDF raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla Monday. The protestors marched through the alleys carrying Turkish flags. “Turkey, a thousand salutations. Long live Erdogan and long live the Turkish people,” the protestors chanted.


20,000 protesters gathered in the port city of Alexandria, waving Egyptian, Turkish and Palestinian flags organised by the Muslim Brotherhood.


San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea


Mavi Marmara Passengers Attack IDF Before Soldiers Board Ship


According to the Red Cross:
"attack means an act of violence, whether in offence or in defence"

Turkey’s deputy Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu

have accused Israel of barbaric behavior

toward the Marmara detainees.

Isn’t that an amazing concern for human rights

coming from a country

which violates the human right of free speach,

deny the Kurds the right to speak their own language

and sanctions the torture of Kurdish insurgents ???


Mitchell Bard is the Executive Director of the nonprofit American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE) and the director of the Jewish Virtual Library. He holds a Ph.D. in political science from UCLA and has been published in academic journals, magazines, and major newspapers. He has written and edited 18 books.

Mitchell Bard wrote the following on his blog:

Myths and Facts


The flotilla bound for Gaza was on a humanitarian mission.


Israel and Egypt have imposed an embargo on the importation of weapons and certain dual-use items into theGaza Strip. Meanwhile, Israel has allowed regular convoys of humanitarian supplies into Gaza, provided Palestinians access to medical care, continued to provide most ofGaza’s electricity, and transferred funds for the ongoing activity of international organizations and to pay the salaries of Palestinian Authority workers. Photos that appeared in a Palestinian newspaper showed bustling marketplaces full of consumer goods and fruits and vegetables.

Hamas has nevertheless allied with various critics of Israel to promote the idea of a humanitarian crisis in Gaza for the purpose of embarrassing Israel and stimulating international pressure on Jerusalem to end its blockade. The latest provocation involved the mobilization of a flotilla of ships, which was advertised as an aid mission, but behaved in a manner that showed their true interest was to achieve a propaganda victory through a public confrontation with Israeli forces.

In the days before the ships left Turkey, the Israeli government informed the organizers of the mission that they would not be allowed to enter Gaza because it was a closed military zone. They were told that they would be welcome to dock in the Israeli port city of Ashdod where, after inspection to ensure no weapons or prohibited articles were included in the cargo, the goods would be handed over to the UN for delivery to Palestinians in Gaza. The organizers of the mission  refused. They made clear that this mission was not about delivering aid, but was in fact a political demonstration to “break the siege on Gaza.”

One of the organizations that organized this “humanitarian mission” is a radical Islamic, Turkish organization called IHH. This organization has publicly supported al-Qaeda and has ties to Hamas, the terrorist organization that has taken control of the Gaza Strip, calls for the destruction ofIsrael, and launched thousands of rockets and mortars onto Israeli civilians.

When six ships approached Israeli waters off the coast ofGaza in the early hours of May 31, 2010, Israeli naval forces met them in international waters. The ships were again told that they would not be allowed to sail to Gaza. If they attempted to continue on their course, they were informed they would be boarded and redirected toAshdod.

When confronted with the Israeli naval blockade, five of the six ships complied and sailed on to Ashdod after being boarded by Israeli naval personnel. As an Israeli journalist witnessed, and videos confirmed, when Israeli naval personnel boarded the Mavi Marmara, however, they were ambushed by passengers on deck, wielding clubs, bats, pipes, and knives. The naval forces that boarded the ship, carrying non-lethal paintball guns as their primary weapons, were savagely beaten. Though they were carrying live-ammunition handguns as their secondary weapons, they were instructed not to use them, unless met with deadly force. The passengers wrestled one of the Naval commandos to the ground, stripped him of his handgun and threw him over the side, where he landed on a lower deck, 30 feet below, and suffered serious head trauma. At this point the commandos asked for permission to open fire if attacked. They fired on passengers who attacked them, some of whom had handguns that they had taken from commandos. One passenger opened fire with a rifle. Only after 30 minutes of melee and gunfire was exchanged, were the Israelis able to get to the bridge and take control of the ship. Nine passengers were killed in the fighting and seven Israeli soldiers were wounded.

It is clear the purpose of this mission was not to deliver goods to Gaza, but rather to initiate a violent confrontation with Israel. As the flotilla left Turkey, the passengers chanted songs about reaching martyrdom and the murder of Jews. On May 27, Greta Berlin, a spokesperson for the flotilla stated that “this mission is not about delivering humanitarian supplies, it is about breaking Israel’s siege.”Israeli soldiers found crates of weapons aboard that ship from which passengers armed themselves in preparation of Israelis coming aboard.

Israel’s soldiers sought to avoid a confrontation from the outset by offering to take the aid from the ships and make sure it reached the Palestinians. They also took every precaution to try to avoid violence and none transpired on five of the six ships; it was only in response to being attacked and their own lives put in danger that the soldiers responded with live fire. Tragically, lives were lost, but this could have been easily avoided if the passengers had not attempted to lynch Israel’s soldiers. Whether Israel could have handled the situation differently, or been better prepared for an ambush, were questions raised by Israelis immediately after the incident. There is no doubt, however, about the necessity of preventing Hamas from obtaining weapons through unfettered access to the Gaza Strip.

If a flotilla of ships from a foreign nation showed up on America’s shores with humanitarian aid for impoverished Americans, it would not be allowed to simply land anywhere it wanted and unload its cargo. The ships would probably also be stopped by the U.S. Navy and its cargo certainly inspected. Israel has even greater justification for its  naval embargo, as Israel and Hamas are in an ongoing state of conflict. International law provides for the right to impose and enforce an embargo and to do so, if necessary, from international waters. Smugglers have often tried to bring weapons to Hamas by way of the sea and Israel has the right to prevent this. The embargo is literally a matter of life and death for Israel, whose citizens endured three years of rocket and mortar attacks which originated in Gaza, perpetrated by Hamas.

Palestine Today, (November 26, 2009).

“Behind The Headlines: The Seizure of the Gaza Flotilla,” Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, (May 31, 2010).

“The Gaza Flotilla Incident,” Jewish Virtual Library.

Ron Ben Yishai, “A Brutal Ambush At Sea,” Ynet News, (May 31, 2010).

“MEMRI TV Clips on the Gaza Flotilla: Activists On Board Chant Songs of Martyrdom at Departure,” MEMRI, (May 31, 2010).

“Behind The Headlines: The Seizure of the Gaza Flotilla,” Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, (May 31, 2010).

“Law Expert Dr Robbie Sabel IDF Action in International Waters Legal,” IMRA, (May 31, 2010).

SOURCE:  http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/myths2/exclusives.html#a129


This is just a modified part of the funny cartoon – watch the real thing at:



Sometimes even a blind man can be visionary:

“Cyprus Gaza flotilla: why the fuss?

The Israeli government continues to play into the hands of ultra-left activists by preparing to intercept boats sailing from Cyprus to Gaza with Navy commando units.

These confrontations will look absurd: masked commandos taking over recreation boats full of half-dressed women and homosexuals. Millions of Youtube views and CNN coverage are guaranteed.

Israel had already agreed to transfer humanitarian cargo to Gaza. Nothing would change if we were just to ignore these clowns and let them sail into Gaza unimpeded. They care about publicity rather than about the ’suffering’ of the Arabs, and we should deny them the PR effect they desire.

Posted: 31 May 2010 04:48 AM PDT




Overrabbiner Lexner kritiserer Israel

03. jun. 2010 17.00 Indland

Israelske soldaters aktion mod en konvoj af tyrkiske nødhjælpsskibe i Middelhavet på vej til Gazastriben var alt for voldsom og burde have været tacklet anderledes, mener overrabbiner Bent Lexner fra Det Mosaiske Troessamfund i Danmark.

– Jeg synes ikke, konflikten er tacklet særligt klogt af Israel. Jeg kan kun beklage, at der går menneskeliv tabt og beklage, at Israel politisk har været så dårlig til at tackle situationen, siger Bent Lexner til kristeligt-dagblad.dk.

Israel er siden i mandags, hvor angrebet fandt sted, blevet mødt med kraftig kritik fra blandt andet FN. En kritik, Bent Lexner mener, Israel allerede har taget til efterretning ved at løslade flere af de aktivister, der befandt sig på det tyrkiske nødhjælpsskib.

The Chief Rabbi of Denmark criticizes Israel

Israeli soldiers operating against a convoy of Turkish relief ships in the Mediterranean bound for the Gaza Strip was too violent and should have been handled differently, says Chief Rabbi Bent Lexner from the Jewish Community in Denmark.
– I do not think the conflict was addressed particularly wise of Israel. I can only regret the loss of life and regret that Israel policy has been so bad to deal with the situation, “says Bent Lexner to The Christian Dailykristeligtdagblad.dk.
Israel has since last Monday when the attack took place, been met with strong criticism from the United Nations among others. Criticism, that Bent Lexner believe Israel has already taken note of by releasing more of the activists who were on the Turkish relief ship.


In this video Audrey Bomse (Member Of Gaza Flotilla) says:

“This was not purely a humanitarian mission although we were bringing in humanitarian aid and reconstruction aid. Its purpose was to break the siege of Gaza.”

“Yes we were training on having a confrontation, but it was supposed to be a non-violent confrontation.”

[Audrey Bomse is a Jewish lawyer from New Jersey. In 2001-2002, she spent a year in East Jerusalem, working with the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group. She is a member of of the National Lawyers Guild (US) and of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers. Throughout her time at the Jerusalem Centre for Human Rights, Bomse used her knowledge, experience and network from twenty-five years of civil rights legal representation in the US to help establish training programs for attorneys representing prisoners in Israeli military courts and to produce public documents, most significantly a report published in conjunction with the Mandela Institute for Human Rights on the status of Palestinian prisoners.]


UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer Attacks

“Humanitarian” Credentials

of ‘Free Gaza‘ Flotilla



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hotly rejected calls to lift a blockade on Hamas-ruled Gaza on Wednesday, insisting the ban prevents missile attacks on Israel and labeling worldwide criticism of his navy’s bloody raid on a pro-Palestinian flotilla as “hypocrisy.”

“This was not the ‘Love Boat,’” Netanyahu said in an address to the nation, referring to the vessel boarded by commandos, setting off clashes that led to the deaths of nine activists. “It was a hate boat.”

Shortly after his address, planes carrying hundreds of activists detained after the raid on the six-boat flotilla started leaving for Turkey and Greece. Turkey has been pressuring Israel to release the detainees, most of whom are Turkish. Also on the planes were the bodies of the nine dead.

While Israeli officials spent most of the day trying to contain the flood of diplomatic condemnation of the raid, Netanyahu was anything but conciliatory in his first nationally broadcast comments since Monday’s military action.

“Israel is facing an attack of international hypocrisy,” he said, asserting that the Jewish state is the victim of an Iran-backed campaign to arm the Hamas rulers of Gaza with missiles that could hit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Netanyahu said the aim of the flotilla was to break the blockade, not to bring aid to Gaza. If the blockade ended, he warned, hundreds of ships would bring in thousands of missiles from Iran, to be aimed at Israel and beyond.

The result, he said, would be an Iranian port on the Mediterranean. “The same countries that are criticizing us today should know that they would be targeted tomorrow,” Netanyahu said.

Seven planes were being used to deport 527 activists to Turkey and Greece, Israeli Interior Ministry spokeswoman Sabine Haddad said. Seven other activists remained in Israeli hospitals for treatment of wounds suffered during the Israeli raid, she said.

After all the planes took off, the Israeli Foreign Ministry said three activists remained in detention over “documentation and other issues,” without elaborating. The three were from Ireland, Australia and Italy.

Israel is facing an attack of international hypocrisy,” Netanyahu said. “If the blockade had been broken, it would have been followed buy dozens, hundreds of boats,” he added. “Each boat could carry dozens of missiles.” He noted that the Israeli takeover of five of the boats went relatively calmly, but on the sixth ship, “we saw an action directed by terrorists affiliated with Hamas. This was not the Love Boat.” “There was an attempt to lynch Israeli soldiers,” Netanyahu charged. “Are these peace lovers, pacifists? These are supporters of terrorism.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak blamed the organizers of the convoy for the violent outcome. “The sail was a provocation. The organization behind the flotilla is not a humanitarian aid organization,” “The protesters indicated their clear intention to violate the blockade by means of written and oral statements. Moreover, the route of these vessels indicated their clear intention to violate the blockade in violation of international law,” the ministry said, adding that “Given the protesters explicit intention to violate the naval blockade, Israel exercised its right under international law to enforce the blockade.”

Audrey Bomse, legal adviser to the Free Gaza movement, told CNN that the purpose of the flotilla was to break the Gaza siege, adding that “the siege is not legal.” She also pointed out that the United Nations-sponsored Goldstone report called the siege a “probable crime against humanity.” Turkish authorities inspected the Marmara before it left for Gaza, Bomse said, and therefore she does not believe that it would have had weapons on board. “It was supposed to be a nonviolent protest,” she stressed. Bomse said that leaders of the protest did not agree to give Israel the humanitarian aid to pass on because Israel would not have allowed some of the cargo, including building materials and pre-fab houses, to be given to Gaza.

The American Jewish Committee condemned the Free Gaza movement and its supporters for deliberately provoking a violent confrontation with the Israeli Navy.

“This tragedy on the high seas could have been avoided, and we regret the loss of life,” AJC Executive Director David Harris said. “The fact that the flotilla refused to cooperate with Israel‘s repeated entreaties to unload their humanitarian cargo inAshdod for delivery to Gaza proves that violent clashes are exactly what the international supporters of Hamas must have been seeking.”

A day before the confrontation with Israel a university lecturer revealed on Hamas TV that the Gaza flotilla’s commander had announced that the participants were planning to use “resistance,” the Palestinian euphemism for violence, against “the Zionists.” He added that the participants sought to die as Martyrs, even more than they wanted to reach Gaza.

The following are the words of Dr. Abd Al-Fatah Shayyeq Naaman, lecturer in Shari’ah law at a university in Yemen, now visiting Gaza:

“The [Gaza] flotilla commander said yesterday: ‘We will not allow the Zionists to get near us and we will use resistance against them.’
How will they wage resistance? They will resist with their fingernails. They are people who seek Martyrdom for Allah, as much as they want to reach Gaza, but the first [Martyrdom] is more desirable.”


The Gaza Flotilla

Investigation has revealed some 100 people infiltrated the peace and humanitarian aid activists making their way to Gazawith the explicit design to attack Israeli soldiers using cold arms. The majority of suspects are Turks, but some are Yemenites and Indonesian. One Yemenite Islamist was photographed with a dagger in his belt prior to the raid. The suspects are not cooperating with investigators. Most of them have no identification papers, and Israeli authorities are still trying to ascertain their identity. The majority were recruited by the same IHH handler who organized the flotilla. IHH is a Turkish humanitarian relief fund with a radical Islamic anti-Western orientationSome of the suspects were found to be carrying large sums of money. Others had Kevlar vests and gas masks; and all were found to be carrying weapons such as knives, metal clubs and slingshots.



Halting the flotilla


Watch the video with your own eyes!


Watch how “the peaceful” terror-supporters fought “the violent” Israelis.

Late Sunday night, the Israeli Navy surprised the six-boat flotilla bound for Hamas-controlled Gaza in international waters and hundreds of IDF soldiers who came by air and sea boarded the ships and announced to all passengers that they are under arrest.

Marmara – The biggest of the six Flotilla ships.

The Israeli military says more than 10 pro-Palestinian activists have been killed on Monday 31.5.2010 after attacking naval commandos who were halting an aid flotilla heading toward the blockaded Gaza Strip. Dozens of people were wounded, both soldiers and activists. Israeli commandos stormed six ships carrying hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists on an aid mission to the blockaded Gaza Strip.

The Israeli army deny that its forces attacked the boats but said they enforced the decision to keep them away from Gaza. The Israeli army says the soldiers were attacked with knives and clubs as they boarded the six vessels.

(Which is proven by the video above – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYjkLUcbJWo&feature=player_embedded)

The legitimacy of the blockade.


The violence turned deadly after one of the activists grabbed a weapon from one of the commandos. The weapon went off, though it wasn’t clear whether the activist fired it or if it went off accidentally. Israeli police say they have heightened security around the country. One or maybe all of the ships are yet being escorted to Ashkelon or Haifa.

The Turkish Foreign Minister.

The Turkish Foreign Minister have condemned Israel.

Israeli Arab groups say a prominent activist is among the wounded.

Turkey‘s Foreign Ministry have condemned Monday’s raid on the ship, called it unacceptable and demanded an “urgent explanation” from Israel. Turkey‘s Foreign Ministry says Israel violated international laws and will suffer consequences. Turkey summoned the Israeli ambassador to the foreign ministry to discuss the incident, which heightened tensions between Turkeyand Israel to new levels. Pro-Palestinian Turks have demonstrated near the Israeli Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, Monday, May 31, 2010. Turkish police blocked dozens of stone-throwing protesters who tried to storm the Israeli Consulate in Istanbul shouting “Damn Israel”. Later protesters made a more peaceful demonstration outside the consulate, holding up Palestinian flags and listening to readings from the Quran. Activists also started to gather outside the Israeli ambassador’s residence in the Turkish capital.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan rejected Israeli claims about the Turkish link to the sail. He said the boats, carrying aid to the Gaza Strip, had nothing to do with the Turkish government. “It’s an international civilian act,” he said during a visit to Brazil.


The IDF reports that the passengers on the Gaza-bound flotilla lay in wait for the IDF to board their vessel and then attacked IDF soldiers, opening fire on them. One IDF soldier was critically wounded. A crew member reportedly snatched a gun from an IDF soldier and then opened fire on the troops. Another soldier was stabbed in the stomach with a sharp object. The soldier is in moderate condition and was transferred for medical treatment by helicopter to Rambam Hospital in Haifa. Doctors there determined he would require surgery. At least fourteen soldiers were wounded and were transferred to  hospitals. Raad Salah, anti-Semitic head of northern branch of Israeli Islamic Movement, is reported to be injured.


High Representative Catherine Ashton of EU have expressed her deep regret at the news of loss of life and violence and extends her sympathies to families of the dead and wounded. On behalf of the European Union she have demanded a full enquiry about the circumstances in which this happened … She further called for an immediate, sustained and unconditional opening of the crossing for the flow of humanitarian aid, commercial goods and persons to and from Gaza.

Raad Salah.





Hamas have banned men

in the Gaza Strip from working

in women’s hair salons.

The Palestinian authorities (in Gaza) have decided to ban men from working in women’s beauty parlors according to the Hamas-run police force in Gaza. Anyone who breaches this decision will be arrested and tried. Over the last three years, several beauty parlors and hair salons in the Gaza Strip have been the target of explosions and other attacks, which Hamas have blamed on radical Islamist groups who share the ideology of al Qaeda.

די פּאַלעסטיניאַן אַטאָראַטיז (אין עזה) האָבן באַשלאָסן צו פאַרבאָט מען פֿון ארבעטן אין וואָמען ס ‘שיינקייט פּאַרלאָרס לויט צו די כאַמאַס-לויפן פּאָליציי קראַפט אין עזה. ווער עס יז וואָס בריטשיז דעם באַשלוס וועט זיין ערעסטיד און טרייד. איבער די לעצטע דריי יאָר, עטלעכע שיינקייט פּאַרלאָרס און האָר סאַלאַנז אין די עזה סטריפּ האָבן שוין די ציל פון יקספּלאָוזשאַנז און אנדערע אַטאַקס, וואָס כאַמאַס האָט בליימד אויף ראַדיקאַל יסלאַמיסט גרופּעס וואָס טיילן די ידעאָלאָגיע פון על קאַעדאַ.


HAMAS indoctrinate 2 y. o. children.


HAMAS hate propaganda the old Nazi-stile


Palestinians from HAMAS throw Palestinians from FATAH

out from a roof with hands tied on their back.



Palestinians from HAMAS killing Palestians from FATAH.



Imam preaching hate to Jews.


Arabic executener with sword



מאַשאַאַל טרעטאַנז צו נעקאָמע נעמען מאַבהאָוה ס מאָרד
כאַמאַס פּאַלאַטביוראָו הויפּט זאָגט ‘טאַלקס וועגן נעקאָמע זענען איבער, דורכפירונג צייט איז דאָ.’ ער האט קאַללס אויף וועלט צו לייגן ישראל צו רשימה פון טעראָר אָרגאַנאַזיישאַנז
אַלי וואַקעד
פֿאַרעפֿנטלעכט: 02.17.10, 23:20 \ ישראל נייַעס
כאַמאַס פּאַלאַטביוראָו ראָש כאַלעד מאַשאַאַל טרעטאַנד מיטוואך צו נעקאָמע נעמען די אַסאַסאַניישאַן פון מאכמוד על-מאַבהאָוה אין דובאַי. “די טאַלקס וועגן נעקאָמע זענען איבער און דורכפירונג צייט איז דאָ,” האט ער געזאָגט.ער האט צוגעלייגט אַז “היינט איז דער טאָג פון קאַמף און מיר האַלטן אין די פיייקייט פון די יזז על-דין על-קאַססאַם בריגאַדעס.”

אַדדיטיאָנאַל דעטאַילס
ניו אָפּהאַקן שאָוז 2 פרוי אין דובאַי שלאָגן מאַנשאַפֿט / ראָעע נאַהמיאַס
דובאַי ויספאָרשונג מאַנשאַפֿט ריליסיז פוטידזש ווייזונג נייַע פּרטים וועגן מאָרד פון כאַמאַס ‘על-מאַבהאָוה
גאַנץ דערציילונג
אין אַ טעלאַווייזד רעדע פֿון דאַמאַסקוס, בראָדקאַסט צו אַ זיצונג אין די עזה סטריפּ, מאַשאַאַל גערופֿן אויף די וועלט צו לייגן ישראל צו די רשימה פון טעראָר אָרגאַנאַזיישאַנז. ער האט געזאָגט אַז “די מאַנכאַנט פֿאַר על-מאַבהאָוה ס מערדערערז איז אין דובאַי ס ינטערעס, פּונקט ווי דאָס איז אין כאַמאַס ‘ינטערעס.”

אבו ובאַידאַ, אַ ספּאָוקסמאַן פֿאַר כאַמאַס ‘מיליטער פליגל, געזאָגט בעשאַס די צאָפנדיק עזה זיצונג אַז “דער באַשלוס צו זוכן נעקאָמע איז שוין געווארן נייע, און אַלע אַז ס’ לינקס פֿאַר די ציעניסטיש קרימאַנאַלז איז צו וואַרטן.

“אונדזער שליכעס איז צו באַשטראָפן איר און דיין שליכעס איז צו פאָרזעצן לעבעדיק אונטער דער שרעק פון אונדזער ענטפער. מיר וועט זיין דער איין צו באַשליסן די צונעמען וועג און צייט און אָרט. מיר וועלן נישט זאָגן ווען און וואו, אָבער אָנגרייטן צו אַריינציען די פייער פון אונדזער צאָרן אין אונדזער ספּעציעלע וועג און אין אונדזער ספּעציעלע דורכפירונג אין די טשאָוזאַן צייט און אָרט. “

אבו ובאַידאַ געזאָגט אַז די ארגאניזאציע איז געווען טויגעוודיק פון ריטאַליייטינג, “און אויב איר קעריד זיך דיין פאַרברעכן דורך די מאָססאַד, מיר האָבן די וועג וואָס וועט שאַטן איר. מיר זענען נישט דאָ צו יולאַדזשייז דער שאַהיד (מאַרטער). מיר זייַנען דאָ צו זאָגן אַז נעקאָמע איז קומענדיק, קומענדיק, קומענדיק. הייַנט איר הערן דאָס אין ווערטער און מאָרגן איר וועט זען דאָס אין פייער און אַקשאַנז. “

In a televised speech from Damascus, broadcast to a conference in the Gaza Strip, Mashaal called on the world to add Israel to the list of terror organizations. He said that “the manhunt for al-Mabhouh’s murderers is in Dubai’s interest, just like it is in Hamas’ interest.”

Abu Ubaida, a spokesman for Hamas’ military wing, said during the northern Gaza conference that “the decision to seek revenge has already been made, and all that’s left for the Zionist criminals is to wait.

“Our mission is to punish you and your mission is to continue living under the fear of our response. We will be the one to determine the appropriate way and time and location. We won’t say when and where, but prepare to absorb the fire of our rage in our special way and in our special execution in the chosen time and place.”

Abu Ubaida said that the organization was capable of retaliating, “and if you carried out your crime through the Mossad, we have the way which will hurt you. We are no here to eulogize the shahid (martyr). We are here to say that revenge is coming, coming, coming. Today you hear it in words and tomorrow you’ll see it in fire and actions.”

Mitchell Bard write on his blog:

Though critics have insisted the international boycott of Hamas
is really an Israeli crime against Palestinian civilians in Gaza,
Egypt has strongly supported Israel’s efforts to prevent Hamas
from obtaining weapons and goods from which the terrorist
organization can manufacture rockets to fire at Israeli cities.
In fact, Egypt is in the process of building a wall to seal part
of the area and prevent smuggling through tunnels under the border.
These tunnels are used to bring in weapons and advanced rockets from
Iran, which are capable of striking deeper and more accurately into Israel.
Palestinian smugglers reap huge profits smuggling weapons, as an
assault rifle purchased in Egypt for less than $200 will sell in
Gaza for as much as $1,200.353
The Islamic Research Council of Al-Azhar University in Egypt,
the voice of Sunni Islam, has publicly supported Egypt’s attempts
to destroy the smuggling tunnels that run between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.
“It is one of Egypt’s legitimate rights to place a barrier that prevents
the harm from the tunnels under Rafah, which are used to smuggle drugs
and other (contraband) that threaten Egypt’s stability,” the Council said.
“Those who oppose building this wall are violating the commands
of Islamic Law.”354
Israelis support Egypt’s effort to seal the border and inhibit the ability
of Hamas to build up its arsenal. It also has not escaped their notice that
international detractors who were so outraged by their construction of a
security barrier, and efforts to prevent terror from1 Gaza, have nothing
to say about Egypt’s actions.


“By God, we will not leave one Jew in Palestine.
We will fight them with all the strength we have.
This is our land, not the Jews…”

SOURCE: http://www.adl.org/main_Israel/hamas_own_words.htm

“Hamas has been looking forward to implement
Allah’s promise whatever time it might take.
The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said:
The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them);
until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim!
there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him…”

SOURCE: http://www.adl.org/main_Israel/hamas_charter.htm


A new book examines how the Nazis

tailored their message for Arab and Muslim audiences

The Mufti of Jerusalem meeting with Hitler in 1941.

“The key themes of Nazi propaganda, accordingly, were anti-imperialism and anti-Zionism, with a sideline in anti-Communism. It may seem incredible that, at the very moment Germany was occupying almost every country in Europe—and exploiting them for slave labor—it could pose to the Arabs as a champion of native peoples against foreign rule. But in some quarters, the Arab resentment of Britain was so intense that Germany could be taken for a potential liberator.

The Nazis found a valuable ally, for instance, in Haj Amin el-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, who found refuge in Berlin after fighting the British in Palestine and Iraq. Germany’s Arabic-language radio made great use of Husseini’s speeches, such as the one he delivered in Berlin in 1943, explaining that the Jews “lived like a sponge among peoples, sucked their blood, seized their property, undermined their morals…. All this has brought the hostility of the world down on them and nourished the Jew’s hatred against all the peoples that had been burning for two thousand years.”

(The Mufti was never tried for war crimes, but returned to Egypt as a national hero.”


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